Admissions Process

Process of Admission into the Credential Program

STEP 1 of 3: Graduate School Admission, Cal Poly Pomona

Students must complete the CSU Graduate/Postbaccalaureate Application. Students apply on-line at

Admission to Cal Poly Pomona requires a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA) in the last 90 quarter units attempted. Applicants who do not meet the minimum GPA university requirements for university admission may apply for Special Consideration. To apply for Special Consideration, the applicant must schedule an interview with the Teacher Education Department Chair, and submit a written statement at the time of interview, addressing reason(s) for Special Consideration.

STEP 2 of 3: Credential Program Application and Approval Process

  • Requires admission as a post-baccalaureate student to Cal Poly Pomona.

  • Requires attendance at a TED 405 Credential Orientation.

  • Requires submission of the Program Admissions Packet to the Credential Analyst.

The following Prerequisite Courses must be completed or in progress, the same quarter as the Program Admissions Packet is submitted:

Course Number

Course Name


TED 405

Introduction to Contemporary Schooling (15 hours observation)

4 Units

GED 400/400L

Foundation of Educational Computer Literacy

3, 1 Units

TED 406

Educational Psychology (15 hours participation)

4 Units

TED 407

Education in a Diverse Society (15 hours observation)

4 Units

Subtotal: 16 Units


  1. When requesting substitution of equivalent courses from another institution, students must complete a Course Equivalency Request form with a copy of official transcripts, a copy of the catalog course description from the year the course was taken and the syllabus. This form and supporting documents is to be submitted to the Credential Analyst.
  2. Program Admissions Packets will be accepted every quarter, provided the prerequisites are in progress or have been completed. See posted deadlines for each quarter on the college website.
  3. When taking required exams, please arrange for Pearson to send your scores electronically to Cal Poly Pomona. Please also be prepared to provide a copy of the original scores you receive in the mail.

STEP 3 of 3: Application and Approval to Clinical Practice (requires a separate application)

To find out more about Clinical Practice, please visit the Clinical Practice Site.

Program Admissions Requirements

Grade Point Average (GPA):

To apply to the program students must meet the required GPA of 2.67 overall, or 2.75 based on last 90 quarter units. If the GPA falls below the minimum requirement, an Exceptional Admission option is available.

A written Exceptional Admission statement must be submitted which addresses:

  1. The circumstances that contributed to not meeting the GPA requirement
  2. Experiences in the field of education (completed since graduation from college)
  3. Your potential for success in the Teacher Education Program and
  4. Status of subject matter requirements for the Multiple Subject Credential


(Valid for 1 year) Applicants will participate in group interviews and on-demand writing samples.

Basic Skills Requirement

There are several options available online at

Subject Matter Competency

All Multiple Subject Credential Applicants must meet subject matter competency through passage of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) for Multiple Subjects. Apply online at

Please note: CSET exams expire after 5 years. If you have not applied for and received your credential within this time frame, you will need to retake the CSET.

Field Experience

Course Number

Course Name

Hours Required

TED 405

Introduction to Contemporary Schooling

15 Hours

TED 406

Educational Psychology

15 Hours

TED 407

Education in a Diverse Society

15 Hours

45 hours observation total

Recommendation Forms

(Valid for 1 year) Two recommendation forms are required (forms are in the Program Admissions Packet). One recommendation form (academic), must be completed by a university or college professor who has been your instructor. The second form (work experience) is to be completed by a professional who has directly observed you as a volunteer, or as an employee, in a K-12 school setting for a minimum of 20 hours.

Statement of Purpose

(Valid for 1 year) In a thoughtful, carefully edited statement: Discuss the personal and professional qualities you possess that will enable you to become an effective teacher in a multicultural classroom, and state your expectations of Cal Poly Pomona's Teacher Education Program.

TB Clearance

Current Negative TB Test (offered at Student Health Center). TB clearance is valid for four years and must remain valid throughout Clinical Practice.

Certificate of Clearance (Application and Fingerprints)

A copy of a Certificate of Clearance document granted by the California Commission on Teacher Credential in (CTC) must be submitted as part of the Program Admissions application process. A California Teaching Credential or Emergency Permit may be submitted in lieu of the Certificate of Clearance. The issuance date must not exceed 5 years.

A copy of your document can be downloaded and printed from the CTC website within 60 days of your application submission.

If you have not yet obtained a Certificate of Clearance, questions regarding the process may be answered by proceeding to the "Online Certificate of Clearance" information link at Online Certificate of Clearance. Any further questions may be answered by contacting the Commission Information Services Unit by telephone at 1-888-921-2682 (between 1:00 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. weekdays), or by email at

Student Program Plan

Candidates will be directed in TED 405 to make arrangements with their Credential Program Faculty Advisor to meet and complete the Student Program Plan. A copy of this plan must be submitted with the Program Admissions Packet. If a TED 405 equivalent course has been approved, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with your Advisor to complete the Student Program Plan.

Processing Fee

There is a $25 credential application processing fee required with the Program Admissions Packet. The fee may be submitted via BroncoDirect , to the cashier's office, or checks/ money orders can be made payable to: Cal Poly Pomona and included with the Program Admissions Packet.

Exceptional Admission Process

If your GPA falls below the required 2.67 overall or 2.75 based on last 90 quarter units, you will have to write an exceptional admission statement addressing the following: circumstances that contributed to your inability to meet the GPA requirement, experience related to the field of education completed since graduation from college, including your potential for success in the Teacher Education Program.