Check List for MA in Education Students

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  • Contract- All M.A. in Education students MUST have a course contract on file.  If you do not have a contract on file, please contact your advisor ASAP, to get this processed.  You will not be able to graduate if this requirement is not meet.
  • Graduate Academic Petition – This petition only needs to be filled out if you have deviated from your original contract.  i.e. your contract  states GED 506 and you took GED 599 in place of. 
  • Petition to CHANGE/ADD Graduate Degree objective.  Students must be classified as Masters in Education. If you have come over to the MA program from the credential program, you need to fill out the Change Petition, to add the MA degree.
  • Project/Thesis Committee ContractAll students need to have a Committee contract on file.  This contract needs have your “CHAIR’S” name along with your readers (members).  The Chair of you committee must be a Cal Poly Instructor in the Dept. of Education.  The readers/members must have a Master’s Degree and be proficient in your research/field. 
  • MA in Special Education candidates – you must verify with your advisor, Dr. Wizikowski (, that you hold a teaching credential prior to beginning your culminating activity (project/thesis/comprehensive exam). The university will not issue an MA degree without a valid teaching credential.
  • GRADUATION CHECKALL students must fill out a Graduation Check! You must turn in your graduation check the quarter before you intend to Graduate.  It takes at least 90 days for graduation checks to be completed, so the earlier the Grad Check is in, the better for you!!!  The first 3 weeks of the prior quarter is preferred. 
  • GRADUATION APPLICATIONALL students are required to turn in a Graduation Application.  This MUST be done the quarter you intend to Graduate.  There is a $55.00 fee for the Graduation Application.  Graduation Applications are done online through your Bronco Direct Account. Here is the link on how to apply: (PDF)
  • Report of Culminating Experience – this form gets turned into the University’s Graduate Studies Office when you take your Project/Thesis in for binding.  This is after you have your final Project/Thesis approved by the library and your Project/Thesis Chair.  You can call the Graduate Studies office at 909-869-3331, to make an appointment.  A Report of Culminating Experience is also required if you plan on taking the Comprehensive Exam.  Kelly Mitchell has pre-signed forms available her office, you will just need to have your project/thesis chair sign off on the RCE before it can be turned in. 
  • Grades - Please be pro-active when it comes to your grades.  Check your unofficial transcripts for any RP’s you may have received.  You will need to have these cleared before you degree can post. 
  • ****GED 695 (Project)/696 (Thesis) unit limit is 6****.  You can only receive a grade for one 6 unit course of GED 695/696 per university regulations.  If you have taken the course more than once, you will only receive a grade for one quarter of the course.  The other quarter’s grade will become a No Credit (NC)   If you need more time to complete your Master’s Project/Thesis then you must enroll in GED 699.
  • Graduate Studies Support Coordinator– Please feel free to contact (909) 869-2081 if you have any questions.