Our Vision, Mission, and Values


The Education Department prepares outstanding, caring and professional educators, administrators and practitioners who apply leadership and expertise to enable and inspire diverse learners to reach their full potential.


The mission of the Education Department of the College of Education and Integrative Studies is to prepare highly qualified educators, school leaders, teacher scholars, and practitioners to serve the needs of diverse learners in a changing global society. We are committed to integrating collaboration, active learning, application and critical thinking in the practices of teaching, learning, research, and scholarship. We value innovation and social justice through the practices of equity, access, advocacy, and inclusion in the educational process.


We value:

  • Our responsibility as educators to lead
  • Teacher-Scholar-Leader Model of Excellence
  • Leadership by example
  • Our diverse community of Teacher-Scholar-Leaders
  • Reciprocal accountability
  • Students as the focus of our work
  • Continuing professional growth and development
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Diversity, global perspectives, and the development of human potential
  • The opportunity to shape the future
  • Innovative technologies as added tools for learning and accessibility
  • Systematic assessment