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Estela Ballon — Pestela ballonrofessor
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from A-Es

Liberal Studies majors have the opportunity to walk across the artificial boundaries of traditional academic disciplines. Thus, as border-crossers, LS majors can see our world in unique ways using multiple lenses and senses.

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christina reyes
Christina Chavez-Reyes — Professor, Department Chair
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from Eu-Lo; 

Being a Liberal Studies or liberal arts major is hugely relevant today in our knowledge-based, global society. As department chair, I want to make a liberal arts curriculum relevant to the 21st century life as well as to include Liberal Studies majors' voices in departmental policy and practice. I hope to help students recognize and realize the power of a college degree to both personal and professional development.


In class, I provide a rich and active interdisciplinary learning environment, with a social science emphasis. Using digital instructional technology, the Socratic method and small group activities, students can expect to connect enduring themes and seminal works in the humanities, social science and natural science to current issues to develop critical thinking, interdisciplinary and a curiosity to know beyond the classroom. I want students to learn who they are and how they want to enact their Liberal Studies mindset to be engaged,socially responsible professionals and citizens.

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karen langlois

Karen S. Langlois — Professor
Faculty Advisor to Liberal Studies Students with Last Names from Lu-Re

"It is important to foster individuality for only the individual can produce new ideas." --Albert Einstein

I am ideally qualified to teach in the Liberal Studies Department given that I have both broad based interdisciplinary education and a wide range of teaching experience. I have an M.A. in English, an M.A. in American Studies, and a Ph.D. in American Intellectual History. I have taught all of these subjects, as well as Women's History and Feminist Studies. I have an extensive record of scholarly research, publication, and professional activity. I enjoy teaching in the Liberal Studies Department and I love working with Liberal Studies students. I think Liberal Studies is the perfect major for students who are imaginative, creative, interested in the world around them, and hoping to make their unique contribution by identifying and advancing their personal interests, skills, educational goals, and career objectives.
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deborah meadows

Deborah Meadows — Lecturer Emerita

Students of Liberal Studies ask what it means to be human, study the nature of knowledge and signification. We critique injustice in social structures and seek to further ethical understanding. We value ideas, free thought, and skeptical approaches to authority. Our studies examine underlying assumptions and seek tentative solutions that avoid resolving the lived contradictions of our lives.

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Howard Jian - Instructor 

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rebecca briseno

Rebecca Briseno — Administrative Service Coordinator

I have been working for the Liberal Studies Department since I was a freshman in 2000, when I worked as a student assistant helping the department coordinator with office work and answering student questions. With thirteen years of experience now, I enjoy working with the Liberal Studies faculty and guiding and assisting students to achieve their goals. I personally enjoy fishing, watching movies and spending time with my family.

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