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College of Education & Integrative Studies

Program Options

 Sign post with option names and sunset in background       As part of semester conversion, the department is

  restructuring options to simplify the Liberal Studies Program

  into two options: General Studies and Pre-Teaching. The

  Liberal Studies Advisor will work directly with students

 on the BA Credential, Pre-Credential, and the Bilingual options

  for each to plan their completion of their degree after the

  campus converts to semesters.


General Studies - a broad liberal arts education that allows students to partially design the degree to their interests and passions

Pre-Teaching - a degree to gain the subject matter knowledge to prepare for the California State Exam for Teachers (CSET) for those interetsed in becoming elementary education teachers; the current four options BA Credential,  Pre-Credential, and the Bilingual options for each are subsumed in this option.

    Regardless of option, all Liberal Studies majors will take 8 LS-prefix courses (core courses) where they will develop the knowledge and abilities associated with the core values. Both tracks will have the same learning outcomes as indicated on the Liberal Studies Curriculum Map.