Cal Poly Pomona

CET Scholarships

Construction Engineering Technology at Cal Poly Pomona has close ties with the construction industry.  One measure of industry support is the number of student scholarships  that are available to construction students. Two general types of scholarships are available:  1) In-house scholarships are donated directly to the program and are awarded  by construction faculty, and 2) Outside scholarships are scholarships that are awarded individually by construction firms and organizations off campus.

In-house scholarships come from a number of donors including: Associated General Contractors of California, The Beavers, Kasler Family Foundation, Vinnell Foundation, Washington Construction Group, and others.  In-house awards are on the order of $25,000 annually.  Students apply in the Fall quarter and are eligible for all scholarships by filing a single application.  Application forms are available in Fall quarter from the Engineering Technology Department office.

Outside scholarships are announced to students as they become available.  Off campus sources have included: Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), Home Builders Council (HBC), National Association of Women in Construction (NAIWC), Retail Contractors Association (RCA), Western Council of Construction Consumers (WCCC), and Tilden-Coil Constructors.  Separate applications are required for outside scholarships, and filing dates and application forms are announced by the faculty when they become available.