College of the Extended University

Tuition & Fees

Effective Fall 2018, the MSSE tuition rate will be $895.00 per unit. Each four unit course is $2,685.00 and the program consists of a total of 30 units. Total tuition for the program is $26,850.00. 

The MSSE program is also subject to campus auxiliary fees including the student union fee, ASI fees, health center fees, and the student success fee. 

Please refer to the mandatory auxiliary fee page for current fees.

Fall 2018 Refund Timeline
Before August 23 100% Refund
August 24 - 30 90% Refund
August 31 - September 6 80% Refund
September 7 - 13 70% Refund
September 14 - End of the Term No Refund Given