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Beyond the Kit: All Grain Brewing

All-Grains Basics

Brewing beer is both science and art. This course will teach the science of brewing while encouraging you to explore your artistic talent through one of the oldest traditions dating back to ancient civilization. Beyond the Kit: All Grain Brewing explores several types of brewing methods, recipes, history, and pairing of beers. Students will have hands-on experience crafting small batch beer and receive a certificate in Beginning Brewing at completion of the course. Whether you are interested in brewing for personal or professional gain, this course will give you a great foundation to hone your skill.

Course includes both lecture and laboratory components. Both are conducted at Cal Poly Pomona’s new Innovation BrewWorks, a working brewery, restaurant, classroom and lab.

Who Should Enroll?

Adults age 18+ who want to learn the science and art of craft brew beer. 
Minimum age of student must be 18 years on the first day of class. 
Students under the age of 21 will fall under AB 1989;
“18-to-20 year old students in enology and brewing science programs to taste alcohol as part of their classes.” Under this Assembly Bill, students enrolled in a class where alcohol tasting is part of the curriculum, those students under 21 may taste the alcohol, but they have to spit-no consumption/swallowing of alcohol will take place at any time.


The Beginner and Advanced Certificates are taught by Aaron Johnson.

Course Offerings:

Beginning All Grain Brewing (Formerly MBB210 & BS100) 
Register Course Code Hours Fees Fall Winter Spring Summer
BRW100 35 $1,200.00  
Advanced All Grain Brewing (Formerly BS200) 
Register Course Code Hours Fees Fall Winter Spring Summer
BRW110 35 $1,300.00
2 Courses Total   70 Hours Total  

BRW100: Beginning All Grain Brewing – Formerly MBB210 & BS100

If you’re brand new to brewing or trying to make the leap from extract brewing to all grain, this course will teach you everything you need to know to get started brewing all grain beer. Students will be taken on a journey around the world sampling beers from many countries and cultures. In the brewery, students will be guided through the entire grain-to-glass properly under the guidance of an experienced brewer.

Students will be awarded a Certificate in Beginning Brewing upon successful completion. 

BRW110: Advanced All Grain Brewing – Formerly BS200

Bored of brewing kit beers and clone recipes? Ever wanted to brew a beer from a recipe that you created? The advanced all-grain brewing class picks up where BS100 left off and dives head first into recipe creation and formulation. Each student will be provided with their very own copy of brewing software and will spend the majority of the lecture time working with this software. Exceptional student brews may even receive a special guest tap at the Innovation Brew Works!

Students will be awarded a Certificate in Advanced Brewing upon successful completion.