College of the Extended University

Assistant Brewer Training Program

Are you interested in the brewing industry? Have you always been passionate about beer? Do you want a job brewer beer in the industry, but don't know where to start?

Cal Poly Pomona's College of the Extended University is proud to now offer the Assistant Brewer Training Program as part of its ongoing partnerships with Cal Poly Pomona Foundation's Innovation Brew Works (IBW).

An Assistant Brewer is a key position in many breweries as this person is often considered an apprentice, or right‐hand, to the Head Brewer. Certified Assistant Brewers are highly sought after in the brewing industry across the United States. Our program is designed to train and prepare individuals who passionately want to pursue a career in the brewing industry.

Our Assistant Brewer program, often referred to as the "Cellarman" program for short, allows an individual to first learn about the basics and train as an intern at the University's brewery, Innovation Brew Works. Students will use the University's signature "Learn‐by‐Doing" approach to gain the experience needed to be a successful Assistant Brewer in the industry.

Student performance is evaluated by a supervisor to monitor their progress and will be based on the individual successes and failures of the required skills at the facility. If the student chooses to continue, they will have the opportunity to enroll into the paid externship course upon completion of the internship. This 80‐hour externship will be fulfilled at an affiliated brewery of their choosing at the student's leisure. This will be your chance to show newly developed skills and prove you have the necessary talent to be part of a brewing team!