CFA Pomona executive board 2015-16
office name email CFA Pomona Eboard
From left: Gwen Urey, Nick von Glahn (Treasurer), Martin Nakashima (Fac rights, Secretary), Eileen Wallis (Elections), Howard Jian, Norm Nise (Retiree rep), Dorothy Wills (Membership), Jackie Teepen (CFA field rep), Bonnie Thorne (lecturers' rep), Alexander (Sasha) Ortenberg (Vice President), Art Sutton (Political action), Weiqing Xie (President).
President Weiqing Xie
Vice President Sasha Ortenberg
Secretary Martin Nakashima
Treasurer Nick von Glahn
Affirmative Action Chair Mon Yee
Delegate at large to CFA Assembly Denton (Denny) Mosier and James (Jay) Swartz
Lecturer Delegate Bonnie Thorne
Membership Committee Chair Dorothy Wills
Elections Committee Chair Emma Gibson
Elections Committee Kevin Farmer
Eileen Wallis
John LLoyd
Faculty Rights Chair Martin Nakashima
Department Rep Coordinator Da'an Pan
Political Action  Art Sutton
Retired Rep. Norman Nise
Retired Rep. Harriet Lord
CFA Staff Jackie Teepen
CFA Office Mgr. Marissa Keck