CFA Office in Library: 15-2334 HOURS: Mon-Thurs, 10:00 am - 2 pm

Office hours of specific board members (held in 15-2334):
Weiqing Xie, Chapter President: by appointment
Bonnie Thorne, Lectures' Representative: by appointment
Martin Nakashima, Faculty Rights Chair: by appointment
Audrena Redmond, Field Staff representative: by appointment


Spring 2018 events
APRIL Saturday, 4/14-Sunday 4/15 CFA Spring Assembly in Los Angeles

Friday, 5/4, 11:30am - 12:30pm lunch, 12:30pm– 4:30pm workshop Register by 5/1 (thru Bronco Direct, see below)
A Journey Into Change: Unconscious Bias Workshop
Library Special Events Room, 4th Floor
For Faculty, Staff, Program Coordinators, Department Chairs, Associate Deans, Deans and AVPs

Register inside Bronco Direct:
1.        Log in, then click on the "Employee Center" tab
2.        Under "Employee Training," click on "Request Training Enrollment"
Click on "Search by Course Number"  Course Number:  CFACPP  

   Thursday 5/17, noon-4 pm Pensions and Benefits Workshop with Jonathan Karpf
This workshop is presented by Jonathan Karpf, CFA Associate VP for Lectures-North. It is open to all unit 3 members (lecturers, tenure-track faculty, librarians, coaches and counselors) and will help you take advantage of your CALPERS benefits and retirement options. Lunch will be provided with RSVP to



Current news and newsletters

Semester conversion documents at Faculty Affairs website: Workshop for chairs and deans slides, payroll schedule shift to semester calendar

Fall 2017 Newsletter

What to do if an ICE agent shows up in your classroom. 

Cautionary advice to resisters in the classroom


About the CFA

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Archive of still-relevant documents:

Insider's Guide to collective bargaining

MPP salaries at Cal Poly Pomona, 2016, 2013 and 2012 (only those over $100K shown)
CSU executive salaries 2005-16

April 2017 Auditor's report about CSU finances-- Full report is here. Fact sheet (1 p summary) is here.

Faculty Salary Increases--2014-15
--guide to ensuring you got it this shows how to see records of any change in your compensation.
-- Letter about the Spring 2015 Campus-based Salary Equity Program

George Diehr Presentation: PERS & retirement (Feb 2013)
Survey of members about course evaluations 2012 Report
CFA Chapter Presidents' statement regarding hate speech, hate crimes and violations of academic freedom
FAQ reference from UC for DACA students

Membership FAQ (Answers to the Membership Quiz)
Howard Bunsis presents a Forensic Audit: Financial Analysis of Cal Poly Pomona (PP link is here)

Fall 2016 Benefits Quiz (Answers to the Benefits Quiz)

Newsletter archives--fall 2013 #1, fall 2013 #2, fall 2014 #3, Spring 2015 #4, Fall 2015 #5, Fall 2016 #1 , Fall 2016 #2
Winter 2017 #1 (7 Jan. 2017), Winter 2017 Issue #2 (20 Feb. 2017), Fall 2017 Newsletter

Contract and bargaining documents:

The 2014-2018 contract
Grievance guide under this contract
HEERA (Higher Education Code)
Your Weingarten rights
Class size information

2017-18 Chapter Officers

CFA Pomona 2017-18 Eboard

Back row from left: Jonathan Puthoff (Dept. Rep, ME), Norm Nise (retiree rep), Bonnie Thorne (Lecturers' rep), Denny Mosier (At-Large Rep to Assembly), Alexander (Sasha) Ortenberg (Vice President), James Swartz (At-Large Rep to Assembly);
Middle row from left: Nicholas Von Glahn (Treasurer), Dan Paan (Dept. Reps coordinator, Dept. Rep, EFL), Howard Jian (Dept. Rep, IGE), Bernard Banks (guest) Harriet Lord (Fac. Rights), Dorothy Wills (Membership), Helen Mosier (Guest), Art Sutton (Political action), Catherine Liang holding Alana Swartz (guests),
kneeling from left: Gwen Urey (Communications), Jae Min Jung (Dept. Rep, IBM), Megan McGrorty (guest), Martin Nakashima (Fac rights Chair, Secretary), Weiqing Xie (President), Audrena Redmond (CFA field rep).
Not pictured: Mon Yee (Affirmative Action Rep) and the Elections Committee (3): Kevin Farmer, John Lloyd, and Eileen Wallis.

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