Chemistry Minor

The Chemistry Minor requires a minimum of 29 units, 12 of which must be upper division chemistry courses (300-level or above).  Declaring the minor allows you to track your progress via the degree progress report in BroncoDirect.  The minor can only be declared if you can complete its requirements with no more than 36 units on top of the units required for your primary degree (and any other major or minor you may have also declared). 

Please also see “Policy on Minors and Double Majors”, the university policy governing these matters at

Click here to print the Academic Plan for Chemistry Minor

Courses required for the minor are shown below:

Lecture Units

Laboratory Units

CHM 121 (3)

CHM 121L (1)

CHM 122 (3)

CHM 122L (1)

CHM 123 (3)

CHM 123L (1)

CHM 201* (3) or CHM 314 (3)

CHM 250L* (1) or CHM 317L (1)

CHM 221 (2)

CHM 221L (2)

CHM 301/A(4), CHM 304/A(4) or CHM 311 (3)


5 units of 300 or above chemistry courses, 6 units if CHM311 taken


*increases to 9 units if you take CHM 201/250L which are not upper division courses).