Purpose of Chi Epsilon
Personal Qualities    
Scholarship, Character, Practicality, and Sociability are the fundamental requirements for membership in Chi Epsilon. Success in undergraduate academic work, which is called SCHOLARSHIP, is a fundamental requirement for chi Epsilon members. High Scholastic achievement suggests an unusual fitness for positions of responsibility and leadership. Your initiation into Chi Epsilon lays upon you the responsibility of extraordinary service in the advancement of our profession. CHARACTER is that integrity of nature which inspires respect and confidence. It is that quality which leads individuals to support worthwhile activities, both in college and after graduation. CHARACTER is the primary quality of a successful Civil Engineer. Loyalty is part of CHARACTER, and we require that, throughout your life, you maintain your loyalty to the principles of Chi Epsilon. PRACTICALITY is the ability to apply the basic principles of scientific knowledge to the problems which continually confront the practicing Civil Engineer. The desire and the ability to join freely with others, to share in their activities and contribute to them, are factors which lead directly to personal success and happiness. This faculty is SOCIABILITY. You will recognize that these qualities which Chi Epsilon seeks in its members are the attributes which contribute to successful living.
In the Spring of 1922, a group of seniors and a group of juniors at the University of Illinois independently originated the idea of organizing a fraternity that would recognize the student who excels in the fundamental qualities of the successful civil engineer, and who would use those abilities constructively in advancing the civil engineering profession. When the two groups learned of each other’s existence, they joined under the name of Chi Epsilon. Chi Epsilon has always had a conservative attitude toward expansion, feeling that groups from prominent engineering schools would solicit membership without encouragement. When the Chi Epsilon Room was dedicated at eh United Engineering Center in New York City in 1961, it represented a gift to the civil engineering profession from Chi Epsilon’s 51 Chapters. In 1996 Chapter #120 was installed, and membership surpassed 78,000. Chi Epsilon continues to grow soundly, adding 1-2 new chapters and approximately 2500 initiates each year.
Why Join    

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