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Directed Self-Placement Survey

Three Course Stretch: ENG 100, ENG 106, ENG 107

This sequence is designed for students who—to be successful in the university—need to build a solid foundation for their reading, researching, and writing abilities. It is an opportunity for students for whom English has never been their strongest subject to address longstanding issues and finally master them. Students will get lots of practice in the areas below.

Sections numbered 30-39 (e.g, ENG 106, sec. 33) are specially designed for multilingual speakers.

  • Strategies for understanding writing prompts and developing ideas.
  • Reading comprehension strategies.
  • Vocabulary development.
  • Sentence structure and style, including significant attention to grammar.
  • Organizational strategies.

The above abilities will build a foundation that will lead to the same strategies covered in the other sequences, just developed over a longer period of time.

Two Course Stretch: ENG 108, ENG 109

This sequence is for average or above-average writers who are ready for college-level work but who need to further develop reading, researching, and writing skills. It is designed to develop strategies and skills that will transfer to work in other disciplines to help students be successful in whatever major they choose. Students will develop the abilities below.

Sections numbered 30-39 (e.g., ENG 108, sec. 33) are specially designed for multilingual speakers.

  • Fluency in timed writing and other quick-turnaround situations.
  • Reading strategies that will identify main points, as well as assess arguments and supporting material.
  • Research strategies that will access authoritative academic sources to support arguments on any topic.
  • Strategies for documenting sources and for integrating material using quotes, paraphrases, and summaries.
  • Rhetorical strategies for use in analyzing persuasive techniques in articles and for revising one’s own writing.

An ability to build on this skill base to develop similar strategies for use in other disciplines and genres.

First-Year Composition: ENG 110

This is a rigorous, fast-paced course designed for very confident writers who can already do the academic tasks listed below.

Sections numbered 30-39 (e.g., ENG 110, sec. 33) are specially designed for multilingual speakers.

  • Write three error-free pages on almost any topic in forty-five (45) minutes.
  • Read assigned readings with ease, quickly assessing main points, supporting arguments, and evidence.
  • Use library databases to find sources on any topic.
  • Integrate source material into their own writing using properly punctuated and framed quotes and paraphrases.
  • Understand basic rhetorical strategies for persuading audiences.

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