College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Kent L. Dickson

Professor | Latin American Literary Studies

Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, UCLA, 2005.

Areas of Specialization

Peru and Mexico, 19th-21st centuries.

Research Interests

Surrealism in Mexico and Peru, Peruvian fiction and theater of the independence and republican periods, indigenismo, fictional portrayals of Peru’s Sendero Luminoso violence, Mexican poetry of the pre- and post-Revolutionary periods (1890-1950).

Course Information


SPN 499--Special Topics (Spanish American Detective Fiction)
SPN 499--Special Topics (Spanish American Poetry)
SPN 480--Spanish Capstone
SPN 456--Latin American Women Writers
SPN 455--Literature of Mexico
SPN 454--Spanish Golden Age Literature
SPN 358--Survey of Latin American Literature
SPN 356--Survey of Spanish Literature
SPN 355--Contemporary Latin American Civilization
SPN 350--Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPN 256--Introduction to Modern Fiction
SPN 253--Intermediate Spanish Conversation=
SPN 251--Intermediate Spanish
SPN 151--Elementary Spanish


ENG 576--Studies in Poetry