College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences


German Studies for the Professions Certificate

The EFL Certificate Program in German Studies for the Professions offers students an opportunity to develop spoken and written competency in German, and to acquire a broad introduction to various aspects of culture, business, arts, politics, history and economics in areas where German is spoken. The program is designed for students who intend to pursue a career in the private or public sectors, for which knowledge of German and the command of the language are useful or necessary, and also for students who intend to pursue a graduate program in which such knowledge and competency are required.

Certificates may be earned concurrently or following award of the baccalaureate degree. A granted certificate provides formal recognition by the EFL department and the University that the course of study involves substantial exposure to the field. Courses taken to meet the requirements of the EFL German Studies certificate program may also be used simultaneously, where applicable, to meet General Education requirements of cooperating departments.

Upon completion of courses and before receiving the certificate, students must pass a Proficiency Examination in the German language. To insure success in the examination it is recommended that students maintain a B or better average in the language courses.

A. German Courses (choose 3)

  • FL 211 Intermediate German
  • FL 212 Intermediate German Reading
  • FL 213 Intermediate German Composition and Conversation
  • FL 317 German Civilization

B. Restricted Electives (choose 1)

  • FL 299 Special Topics FL 499 Special Topics
  • EC 413 Economic History of Europe
  • EC 404 International Trade Theory and Policy
  • EC 442 Economywide Country Studies-International Fields Studies
  • ENG 340 Myth as Literature
  • ENG 311 Arthurian Romance
  • ENG 322 Development of Modern English
  • ENG 408 The Epic
  • HIST 327 Europe since 1945: Cold War, Unity and New Order
  • PHL 316 Nineteenth Century Philosophy

Note: Students may take appropriate equivalent online courses at other CSUs.

C. Oral Exam

Exam demonstrates language proficiency at the intermediate level.