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Advising Documents and Resources

Academic advising

English Education, English Literature & Language, and Spanish majors select an academic advisor in their major/option for themselves. You should meet regularly with an advisor to review your academic progress, plan future courses, and discuss your options for after graduation. You can see an advisor during their office hours or by appointment: click here for a listing of current advisor office hours.

Before attending a meeting with your advisor, you're encouraged to have at least the next year of classes tentatively planned out in MyPlanner in BroncoDirect. To learn more about using MyPlanner, click here.

Pink Sheets from previous Curriculum Years

Your curriculum year determines your graduation requirements, and each curriculum year has its own pink sheet (curriculum sheet) for each major. It is imperative in planning your classes that you consult the pink sheet for your curriculum year. Check BroncoDirect and consult an advisor if you have questions.

English Education

English Literature



Eng Ed 17-18 (PDF) Eng Lit 17-18 (PDF) Spanish 17-18 (PDF)


Eng Ed 16-17 (PDF) Eng Lit 16-17 (PDF) Spanish 16-17 (PDF)


Eng Ed 15-16 (PDF) Eng Lit 15-16 (PDF) Spanish 15-16 (PDF)


Eng Ed 14-15 (PDF) Eng Lit 14-15 (PDF) Spanish 14-15 (PDF)


Eng Ed 13-14 (PDF) Eng Lit 13-14 (PDF) Spanish 13-14 (PDF)


Eng Ed 12-13 (PDF) Eng Lit 12-13 (PDF) Spanish 12-13 (PDF)


Eng Ed 11-12 (PDF) Eng Lit 11-12 (PDF) Spanish 11-12 (PDF)


Eng Ed 10-11 (PDF) Eng Lit 10-11 (PDF) Spanish 10-11 (PDF)