College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Pugh Poetry Contest

The Ted Pugh Poetry Award is an annual contest established by Cedric and Lorraine Rogers in memory of their friend and Cal Poly alumnus, Ted Pugh.  Ted Pugh was known as the Pomona Poet, and his poetic career blossomed after he retired from the Los Angeles Arboretum, where he had worked as a naturalist.  His poetry was strongly influenced by his close connection to the natural world and to his Welsh heritage.

Guidelines for submissions to the Ted Pugh Poetry Award are usually announced in April, and the award is made at the annual English & Foreign Languages Department Outstanding Student event at the end of Spring Quarter. Past winners have received a cash prize of up to $200. During years of exceptionally strong competition, runners-up are also named in the contest.

Recent Winners of the Ted Pugh Poetry Award:

2007   Sonja Lind "Infection"
2008 Meagin Lamson "Cheesy Knees Shooting Coffee Breath Breeze"
2010 Tonya Sherfey "Weary and Burdened"
Runners-up: Ryan Leack and Jose Alcántar