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Service Learning

Community service learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which university students engage in meaningful community service complimented by instruction and reflection. Through community service learning, students enrich their learning experience, practice civic responsibility, and strengthen the communities surrounding them.

SPN 451S – Spanish Applied Linguistics

Students in Dr. Amàlia Llombart’s Spanish Applied Linguistics class study topics in linguistics including the following:

  • how languages are acquired and developed both in naturalistic and academic contexts;
  • the role of families in language and literacy development;
  • bilingualism in children's linguistic and affective development;
  • bilingualism as an element of societal hierarchies and prejudices;
  • bilingualism as a valued skill that serves a role in society. 

The in-class components of the course engage students in structured opportunities to reflect on the impact language and linguistic knowledge has on society, as well as to identify societal / community needs. The community service learning aspect of the course provides them with the opportunity to put the knowledge of linguistics they have developed to use in a very practical way through active engagement with the community.

Spring 2016 Community Partners and Service-Learning Projects

  • Self-Help Legal Access-Pomona: Working with qualified legal experts, students provide assistance on legal matters in Spanish and help with document translation.
  • Think Together: Working in an afterschool program in a dual immersion school, students do Spanish language and literacy activities with children.
  • Pomona Public Library: Students conduct bilingual reading circles with children, thus modeling strategies for language development through reading for their parents.    
  • AATSP SoCal: Additional Spring 2016 only opportunity. Students help plan the program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese-So Cal Spring conference hosted by Cal Poly Pomona.

Service Learning in Action: Students in Prof. Llombart's SPN 451S

Service Learning in Action: Students in Prof. Llombart's SPN 451S.