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Curriculum & Course Offerings

Curriculum Sheets and Road Maps

Here is a link that will take you to the "Curriculum Sheet and Road Map" page of the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, where you can find information on the Anthropology (ANT), Geography (GEO) and Social Science (SSC) programs.

 Curriculum Sheets and 4-year Road Maps

Curriculum Sheets are also known as "Pink Sheets" and print versions of the current sheets are available in the hallway outside of the departmental offices. Curriculum Sheets from the current and earlier academic years (e.g., 2009-2010) are available through the link above.

2-Year Road Maps (for Transfer Students) are linked below:

2-Year ANT Major ANT Option   2-Year ANT Major CRM Option

2-Year GEO Major GIS Option   2-Year GEO Major ENV Option   2-Year GEO Major GEO Option

Roadmaps provide a guide to selecting your courses in order to complete a degree program in four years. All students are strongly encouraged to review these roadmaps while planning their schedules.

Information on other C.L.A.S.S. degree programs is also available through this link.

Planned Course Offerings

Below are links that will provide you with the department's current plans for course offerings in upcoming academic years. However, since the budget situation is uncertain, we cannot guarantee that all these courses will be offered as scheduled even though we will do our best. The links provide you with a list of the courses scheduled to be taught during the indicated academic year. If you are uncertain what is taught in a particular course, see the links above or refer to the university catalog.

PLEASE NOTE: Many courses are taught only once each year while others are only taught every other year. Students are strongly encouraged to review the projections here and to enroll in required courses without delay.



Curriculum Maps

The links below will take you to the current curriculum maps for Anthropology and Geography (none available for Social Sciences).