Faculty News (Fall 2017)


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Faculty News (Fall 2016)


Dr. Steve Campbell is currently working on a book manuscript entitled Banking on the Press: Newspapers, Financial Institutions, and the Post Office in Jacksonian America, 1828-1834.


Dr. Mahmood Ibrahim was awarded the 2016 George P. Hart Award for Outstanding Faculty Leadership at Fall Conference 2016, the annual year-opening set of events on the Cal Poly campus. This prestigious award has been given annually since 1996 to one faculty member at Cal Poly Pomona who has demonstrated exceptional leadership. Dr. Ibrahim is the second History Department faculty member to receive the award, after Emeritus Professor John Moore received it in 2007. He also was awarded by the U. S. Department of Education a Fulbright Group Project Abroad Grant to lead, along with Dr. Faiza Shereen, a group of educators on a five week seminar-tour of Morocco. The educators include six Cal Poly Professors, 3 I-Poly high school teachers, and three graduate students who are high school teachers. Finally, he completed a book chapter, "Health and Hygiene in Early Mamluk Damascus, 1250-1348,"  for the book Bilad al-Sham: From Saladin to Selim I (Forthcoming, University of Bonn). 


Dr. Rob Lewis completed final edits and approved the final proofs for his book, The stadium century: Sport, spectatorship and mass society in modern France, which will be published in December 2016 by Manchester University Press. (Click here for the link!) He also did archival research on a new project with a colleague at the University of Queensland that examines the history of “useful” memorials (stadiums, pools, etc.) created in Australia and the United States after the First World War.


Dr. Georgia Mickey gave a paper, "Mediating the Global and the Local: The Bank of China, 1912-1918," at the Western Conference of the Association of Asian Studies, on September 23, 2016, at the University of Montana. 


Dr. Amanda Podany gave a paper at the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale in Philadelphia in July 2016. An article on the same topic, namely the insights to be gained about society and religion from an ancient Syrian offering list, will be published in 2017 in a book of collected essays. She has been asked by The Great Courses to create a video and audio course on ancient Mesopotamian history for them--she's currently writing the lectures, which will be taped in 2017. Her new research project will explore the concepts of friendship and trust in the ancient Near East as reflected in personal correspondence.


Dr. Eileen Wallis is writing an article on the history of urban agriculture in southern California and developing a new project on the history of Pomona’s Lanterman Development Center, now CPP Campus South.


Dr. Elise Wirtschafter presented a paper, Russia, the General Alliance, and the Russo-Ottoman War Scare of 1821-2,” at an international conference (“The Price of Peace. Modernising the Ancien Régime? Europe 1815-1848") that took place at the University of Kent- Paris in August 2016.


Dr. Zuoyue Wang saw the publication in April 2016 of Fang Lizhi in the Humanities: A Memorial Collection that he co-edited (Fang was a Chinese American astrophysicist and human right advocate). He also delivered talks on transnational history of science at conferences in Taiwan, mainland China, and Mexico in 2015-2016. He gave the American Institute of Physics’s Trimble Lecture on "Physicists as Diplomats" in March 2016; his interviews with the AIP can be seen here and here (on Youtube!). He also organized a "Symposium on Modern Science and China" in June 2016 on the Cal Poly Pomona campus, and spent one and half months in China in summer 2016 lecturing and conducting research in China on Chinese American scientists.


Student News

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