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Curriculum Sheets & Road Maps

There are two "options" to the History major at Cal Poly Pomona: the general history option and the pre-credential option. This page contains links to the curriculum and "road map" for each option, for BOTH the quarter system (through Spring 2018) AND the semester system (2018-19 onward). There is also a special link (and list) of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the pre-credential option.

History Option

The general history option of the History Major offers a flexible curriculum for students who want a history major with maximum choice of general education courses and electives. This Option is designed for students who have career goals other than teaching at middle or high schools. It provides a foundation for those seeking pre-professional training in law, business, civil service, and graduate work leading to a master's degree or doctorate.

History Curriculum Sheet (quarter system) (PDF)

History Four-Year Road Map (quarter system) (PDF)

History Curriculum Sheet (semesters - 2018-19 onward) (PDF)

History Four-Year Road Map (semesters - 2018-19 onward) (PDF)

History Two-Year Road Map for community college transfer students (semesters - 2018-19 onward) (PDF)


Pre-Credential Option

The pre-credential option of the History Major meets the subject matter competency requirement for prospective teachers seeking a California Single Subject Credential in Social Science.  The Pre-Credential Option allows students to qualify for a fifth-year credential program and is especially suited for students who want to teach history or social science in middle and high schools.

Pre-Credential Curriculum Sheet (quarter system) (PDF)

Pre-Credential Four-Year Road Map (quarter system) (PDF)

Pre-Credential Curriculum Sheet (semesters -- 2018-19 onward) (PDF)

Pre-Credential Four-Year Road Map (semesters -- 2018-19 onward) (PDF)



The Pre-Credential FAQs will be updated shortly (April 2018) to reflect Cal Poly Pomona's conversion to semesters in 2018-19. Check back soon for more updates!