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Congratulations to our Faculty!

Mio provost
Congratulations to Dr. Jeffery Mio who received the 2016 Provost's Award for Academic Excellence in Service.
Dr. Jeffery Scott Mio, a professor in the psychology and sociology department, joined Cal Poly Pomona in 1994 after earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois, Chicago and a decade of teaching at other universities. Mio’s service has a remarkable scope and influence. It includes service to Cal Poly Pomona, his profession and the community.

At Cal Poly Pomona, Dr. Mio serves at the department and university level, with particular contributions to the AsianPacific Faculty, Staff & Student Association. At the national level, he made many contributions to the American Psychological Association and the Asian American Psychological Association. At the community level, Mio was president of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans, a media watchdog group.

Anthony Ocampo

Dr. Anthony Ocampo, assistant professor in Sociology in the Psychology and Sociology department has been awarded the prestigious Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship! Eighteen Ford Foundation Postdoctoral fellowships were awarded this year, and Dr. Ocampo was the only sociologist to receive the honor.  In addition,  Dr. Ocampo's first book The Latinos of Asia: How Filipinos Break the Rules of Race is forthcoming with Stanford University Press. His groundbreaking research challenges the way we  examine and discuss race.  Dr. Ocampo highlights  the way Filipinos negotiate  their ethnic identity within an emerging Latino-Asian racial spectrum, illustrating that race in America is not just a black-white binary, but one that is contested, constructed, and reimagined.  Congratulations, Dr. Ocampo!