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Dr. Mary Yu Danico

Dr. Mary Yu Danico, Weglyn ChairDR. MARY YU DANICO is a professor of Sociology and the Director of the Asian American Transnational Research Initiative at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  Her main areas of research include international migration; ethnic and racial relations; Korean American diaspora, ethnic identity and 1.5 and 2nd generation; immigrant families; Asian American youth, communities, social justice, and diaspora.  She has published many articles and book chapters, and is the author of The 1.5 Generation: Becoming Korean American in Hawaii (University of Hawaii Press, 2004), Asian American Issues (Greenwood Press, 2004), and is currently finishing up her co-edited book, Transforming the Ivory Tower: Challenging Racism, Sexism, and Heterosexism in Higher Education and is finishing up her research on low- income Asian Pacific Islander youth in Orange County. Danico is currently working on her 3rd book project: Korean American Diaspora: Constructing Communities and Fluid Transnational Boundaries based on her research as a senior Fulbright Scholar in Korea. She advocates for underrepresented students and junior scholars and is currently working with departments and organizations through- out the nation to participate in a National Campaign to read Years of Infamy by Michi Weglyn and participate in a national teach-in on or around the Day of Remembrance, February 19, 2009 and is hoping to galvanize communities to make this an annual event.


Dr. Mary Yu Danico
Director of the Asian American Transnational Research Initiative
Phone: 909-869-3115
Office: Building 5, Room 250

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