Clinical Genetic and Molecular Biology Scientist

A licensed CGMBS performs specialized molecular diagnostic tests in hospital clinical laboratories, in commercial reference laboratories, or in research and development for biotech companies. The CGMBS program will provide both didactic and practical clinical training in molecular testing for cancers, genetic disease markers, histocompatibility types, and some infectious diseases to prepare students to sit for the CGMBS licensing exam. A CGMBS license is required to work as a CGMBS in California. Eligibility to take the exam requires a full academic year of clinical training for 52 weeks, 4 days/week, 8 hours/day as well as one 6-hour day/week of face-to-face and online classes (3 quarters of 6 units each at approximately $500/unit = $9,000). Clinical Training Affiliates for the CGMBS program will be announced on this website upon approval by California Laboratory Field Services. This program is being offered jointly by Cal State LA, Cal Poly Pomona.

Application period for the program year will open October 1, 2012.
Applications will be accepted until January 22, 2013.

For the application, you will need the following files, all in PDF format: