Cal Poly Pomona

Tanya Faltens

Tanya Faltens

Tanya Faltens, Lecturer

Office: 17-2110

Phone: 909-869-2634


Degrees and Professional Registration
PhD - Materials Science and Engineering, 2002 - UCLA
MSc - Materials Science and Engineering, 1998 - UCLA
BS - Materials Science and Engineering, 1994 - UCLA

Areas of Interest
My research interests mainly lie in the synthesis of new and unique materials with the sol-gel method. The sol-gel method has gained tremendous attention in the last 15 years. In the last two years alone,over 2000 scientific articles were published on this subject. Although my research experience has mostly been in electrical and electrochemical materials, I also have a strong back-ground in polymer science, ceramics, and inorganicchemistry. Future projects that I am interested in include electronically conducting polymers, acousticallyinsulating aerogels, organic/inorganic hybrid materials,and the synthesis of biomaterials through the sol-gel method

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