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The Collins College Of Hospitality Management

MSHM Courses

Required course

Students are required to complete these 28 units of core classes. This list does not include units for the Master’s Thesis or Professional Paper. The full descriptions follow.

HRT 601 - Research Methods in Hospitality Management (4)

This course orients students to graduate-level research in the hospitality industry, including both qualitative and quantitative methods. Students will conceptualize and analyze research models. The foundations of research design, data collection techniques, sampling, measurement, questionnaire design, surveying, and reporting will be examined systematically.

HRT 602 - Research Applications and Data Analysis in Hospitality Management (4)

This course introduces data analysis and statistical methodology, and stresses their importance for decision making in the hospitality industry. Empirical research methods used in hospitality service; how to choose and apply selective statistical methods and software packages; analysis of data and information; and reporting results are included.

HRT 603 - Hospitality Strategic Marketing (4)

This course applies the general principles of marketing to the hospitality industry to provide a foundation for those specializing in the marketing of services. Marketing research and analysis, marketing strategies, marketing plans, consumer behavior, targeting and positioning as they relate to the hospitality industry are covered in depth. Segmentation theory, niche marketing and product life cycles, pricing, principles of promotion and distribution channels are discussed. Emerging concepts such as visioning, relationship marketing, strategic alliances, database marketing and Internet marketing are studied.

HRT 604 - Hospitality Accounting and Financial Management (4)

This course covers the analysis and application of accounting and financial management principles and concepts as they relate specifically to the hospitality industry. The focus is to evaluate the financial function in hospitality firms by analyzing hospitality firm financial statements and applying financial concepts as managerial tools to examine the profitability of hospitality firms, and to make superior capital investment decisions.

HRT 610 - Strategic Management and Leadership in the Hospitality Environment (4)

This course is an integrated seminar in the principles and skills of effective leadership in a global hospitality environment, application and development of hospitality policy, and the management of a service business in a strategic environment. This course will integrate academic and practical experiences in the analysis of current economic, political, and social issues impacting the formulation, implementation, and management of advanced strategic business plans in the hospitality industry.

HRT 650 - Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry (4)

This course covers the strategies that enable companies to attract, develop, and retain high-quality employees, which include selection, compensation, performance appraisal, and career management. In each of these areas, the focus is on the return on the human-resource investment. Students will apply current sociological and psychological theories to organizational behavior, motivation, and conflict in government with focus on employee/employer relations and diversity in food service, lodging and club establishments.

HRT 676 - Hospitality Service Management (4)

In this course, students will analyze the key factors that contribute to service quality and guest satisfaction in services, and why these two objectives are so difficult to consistently achieve in tourism and hospitality. Optimal service management strategies and analysis of service delivery.

HRT 692 Hospitality Professional Paper (4) – (Professional Paper Option only)

This course is for master’s candidates who choose the non-thesis (Professional Paper) option. This course is intended for students who are interested in the field study of the various aspects of the hospitality industry and who may anticipate pursuing a professional career in the hospitality industry. The emphasis of this course is on engaging in primary or secondary research. The professional paper can be quantitative or qualitative in nature and its conceptual framework must be well grounded in the literature. The Committee Contract (PDF) must be submitted to the program director prior to registering this course.  A final professional paper defense is required (PDF).

HRT 694 Thesis Research (4) – (Thesis Option Only)

This thesis course is for master’s candidates who choose the thesis option. This course is intended for students who are interested in the scientific study of the various aspects of the hospitality industry. The emphasis of this research course is on developing the proposal of master’s thesis. Students are required to complete the first three chapters of master’s thesis: Introduction, Literature Review, and Methodology. The Committee Contract (PDF) must be submitted to the program director prior to registering this course.

HRT 696 Master’s Thesis (4) – (Thesis Option only)

This thesis course is for master’s candidates who choose the thesis option. This course is intended for students who are interested in the scientific study of the various aspects of the hospitality industry. The emphasis of this research course is on engaging in primary research and completing the master’s thesis. The thesis must address specific research question or problem and be a structured argument related to a body of literature. A final thesis defense is required (PDF).


Thesis-option students must complete 12 units of elective coursework. Professional-track students must take 16 units of elective courses. These classes are not offered every term. Students must consult BroncoDirect for course availability.

HRT 515 - Advanced International Tourism Management (4)

This course serves as an advanced forum for the discussion of tourism organizations, tourism suppliers, tourism policy issues, examination of the role of the tourist, and the role of the host community. Case studies provide students knowledge of global issues facing the tourism industry.

HRT 520 - Advanced Club Management (4)

This is an advanced seminar in club management. Topics include leadership in club operations, strategic management in clubs, club governance, ethics and trends in clubs.

HRT 525 - Advanced Hotel/Resort Operations Management (4)

The focus of this course is on the analysis and research of interdependent nature of major departments within a hotel. Competency-based skills developed by student analyses, written reports, and on-site learning opportunities in major departments of a hotel/resort: General & Administrative, Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, Sales & Marketing, and Sports & Activities.

HRT 584 - Advanced Food Service Management (4)

This course uses a case study approach for students to analyze current challenges, the process of decision making and the impacts of corporate decisions in the food service industry. Students will analyze the strategic issues facing the foodservice industry utilizing qualitative and quantitative tools. Students will learn to communicate the results of their analysis in a clear manner.

HRT 585 - Advanced Culinary Product Development and Evaluation (4)

This course covers the development of products for commercial/retail food manufacturers and foodservice operations from conception, market analysis, and sensory evaluation to launch. Students are required to develop and design the tools for evaluation of an original product. Related topics include taste panels, market testing, market research, and patents.

HRT600 Independent Study (4)

The selection and completion of hospitality research study that is of mutual interest and benefit to the student and the faculty advisor.  The academic rigor will be typical of a graduate level class. The outcomes of this course are to be determined by an assigned faculty advisor in which most outcomes will differ. With your independent study advisor, select a topic for the independent study, one which will be of value to you and The Collins College of Hospitality Management. The topic selected will be related to the hospitality industry.  For registration, please submit the Proposal for HRT600 Independent Study (PDF) to the graduate program director.  For the completion of your independent study, final work along with the Final Report Form (PDF) must be submitted to the graduate program director.

HRT 605 - Convention, Exhibition and Special Event Management (4)

The objective of this course is to provide students with an in-depth look at the convention, exhibition, and special event business as it applies to the hospitality industry. Advanced research topics in convention planning, economic impact, and destination marketing will be discussed and a research project in those areas will be explored.

HRT 630 - Hospitality Information and Technology Management (4)

In this course, students will examine and analyze management information systems used in the hospitality industry. Exploration of current and future uses of technology to address the opportunities and challenges found in the hospitality industry. Students will investigate approaches to measuring and fostering the business value of information systems in the hospitality industry.

HRT 640 - Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry (4)

In this course, students will analyze the impact of daily legal issues regarding hospitality operations with an emphasis on hotels, restaurants, resorts, and associated businesses. This course is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of the law, legal concepts, and their application to the hospitality industry.

HRT 641 Graduate Internship in Hospitality Management (1-4 units)

On-the-job training in some phase of hospitality management. The experience must be new to the student.  Analytical reports are made periodically to the faculty coordinator. One unit of credit is granted for each 100 hours of training. See the Graduate Internship Guidelines (PDF).

HRT 660 - Hotel/Resort Planning and Development (4)

This course is an in-depth look at hotel and resort development. The course will cover planning and design issues for a wide variety of lodging product types in both domestic and international locales .Topics will include site selection, site planning, cultural and political sensitivities, the entitlement process, the form and function of hotel design, market feasibility studies, facilities planning, and hotels in mixed-use developments.

HRT 685 - Healthy Menu Development and Evaluation (4)

In this course, students will develop healthy menu items for a commercial foodservice operation from conception, market analysis, and sensory evaluation to launch and promotion. Related topics include areas of market research including taste panels and market testing.

HRT 699 Master’s Degree Continuation (0)

Enrollment in this course allows master candidates that have enrolled in the maximum number of thesis units (8) to maintain resident status in order to receive university service.