College of Education and Integrative Studies
Tom Zasadzinski

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CEISgrad07 Hoang CEISgrad07 Loera CEISgrad07 Loera2 CEISgrad07 Ortiz
CEISgrad07 Hoang.jpg CEISgrad07 Loera.jpg CEISgrad07 Loera2.jpg CEISgrad07 Ortiz.jpg
CEISgrad07 Raiszadeh CEISgrad07 Walder CEISgrad07 balloon CEISgrad07 celebrate
CEISgrad07 Raiszadeh.jpg CEISgrad07 Walder.jpg CEISgrad07 balloon.jpg CEISgrad07 celebrate.jpg
CEISgrad07 clap CEISgrad07 clover CEISgrad07 glasses CEISgrad07 happy
CEISgrad07 clap.jpg CEISgrad07 clover.jpg CEISgrad07 glasses.jpg CEISgrad07 happy.jpg