College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Tom Zasadzinski

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CLASSgrad07 crowd CLASSgrad07 diploma CLASSgrad07 diploma2 CLASSgrad07 diploma3
CLASSgrad07 crowd.jpg CLASSgrad07 diploma.jpg CLASSgrad07 diploma2.jpg CLASSgrad07 diploma3.jpg
CLASSgrad07 diploma4 CLASSgrad07 diploma5 CLASSgrad07 grad CLASSgrad07 graduates
CLASSgrad07 diploma4.jpg CLASSgrad07 diploma5.jpg CLASSgrad07 grad.jpg CLASSgrad07 graduates.jpg
CLASSgrad07 happy CLASSgrad07 happy2 CLASSgrad07 happy3 CLASSgrad07 one
CLASSgrad07 happy.jpg CLASSgrad07 happy2.jpg CLASSgrad07 happy3.jpg CLASSgrad07 one.jpg