College of Business Administration Commencement Program

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

Dean's Message


Office of the Dean
College of Business Administration

Dear Graduates,

dr. richard lapidusOn behalf of the College of Business Administration faculty and staff, congratulations on your academic achievement! We are so proud that we can share this occasion with you, your family, friends and loved ones.

Amid the celebration, please take some time to appreciate your accomplishment. To obtain a degree requires years of hard work, determination and commitment. Less than 30 percent of California residents have earned a bachelor’s degree and approximately 10 percent have earned a master’s degree. Indeed, your degree places you among a select group of California residents.

As you walk across the stage at today’s Commencement ceremony, also take a moment to reflect on how much you have changed in your time at Cal Poly Pomona. Whether you first walked on campus as an 18-year-old, a transfer student or a mid-career professional, you have likely experienced a number of transformative experiences here. We have encouraged your growth and broadened your perspective by providing a solid academic foundation and infusing your studies with a polytechnic, learn by doing approach to education. I encourage you to continue to build upon your education as it is your most valuable resource and will serve you well the rest of your life.

Many of you have already secured a job before today’s ceremony and many more are still searching for one. The experiences you have had in the College of Business Administration have nurtured your curiosity, built technical skills and confidence, empowered creative entrepreneurial thinking and fostered a sense of civic and ethical responsibility. I am confident that these traits, skills and abilities will position you well to serve as our future global business leaders.

Although we won’t see you regularly walking down our halls as a student, don’t forget about your Cal Poly Pomona family. Keep in touch with classmates and faculty and tap into the university’s powerful alumni network. Also, consider returning to campus as a College of Business Administration mentor and help shape the next generation of business leaders.

Dr. Richard S. Lapidus, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Business Administration


University Quad
9:00 a.m., Saturday, June 9, 2012
Dr. Richard S. Lapidus, Dean, Presiding
Dr. F. Phillip Ghazanfari, Mace Bearer

Pomp and Circumstance

The National Anthem Cindy Varghese

Welcome and Introduction of Platform Party

Dean Richard S. Lapidus
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Recognition of Student Achievement Dean Lapidus
Presentation of Class Gift Oscar Salazar
Recognition of the Valedictorian Jamie E. Linden
Recognition of the Julian A. McPhee Honor Award for Student Excellence: Ashley N. Warren Dean Lapidus, President Ortiz
Presentation of Candidates for the Master’s Degrees Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Master’s Degrees President Ortiz
Presentation of Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees

Technology & Operations Management
Computer Information Systems
Finance, Real Estate, & Law

Management & Human Resources
International Business

Marketing Management

Dr. Hassan Halati, Chair
Dr. Hassan Halati, Chair
Dr. Carlos Navarrete, Chair
Dr. Shady Kholdy, Chair
Dr. Hassan Hefzi, on behalf of Dr. Nas Ahadiat, Chair
Dr. Jeanne Almaraz, Chair
Dr. James E. Swartz, on behalf of Dr. Jerry L. Kirkpatrick, Chair
Dr. James E. Swartz, on behalf of
Dr. Jerry L. Kirkpatrick, Chair
Conferral of Baccalaureate Degrees President Ortiz
Closing Remarks Dean Lapidus

Jamie Linden, 2012 Valedictorian

jamie lindenJamie Linden, an accounting student in the College of Business Administration, has been named valedictorian for the Class of 2012. Jamie completed her studies in winter 2012 and graduated with summa cum laude honors.

After being named valedictorian at Glendora High School, Jamie attended Citrus College and graduated with highest honors. She then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona where she continued to distinguish herself with a 3.96 GPA.

While attending Cal Poly Pomona, Jamie was actively involved in Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma, an international business honor society. She utilized the College of Business internship program to get connected with the Ontario Reign and intern in their ticket sales and services department. In addition, she volunteered in student ministries at Glenkirk Church as a youth leader for high school students.

In the fall, Jamie will begin working at Ernst & Young, specializing in assurance. She strongly believes that the education she received from Cal Poly Pomona has equipped her with the skills to excel in her career. She is currently pursuing her CPA licensure and her ultimate career goal is to make partner at Ernst & Young.

Ashley Nicole Warren

2012 Recipient of the Julian A. McPhee Honor Award for Student Excellence

ashley warrenAshley Nicole Warren spent her four years at Cal Poly Pomona as a dedicated student and inspirational leader. She was selected as the recipient of the Julian A. McPhee Honor Award based on her contributions to the university, her academic achievements, and her devotion to the College of Business Administration.

She made the Dean’s list almost every quarter during her four years and has been on the President’s list from 2009-2012. She became involved on campus at the very beginning of her collegiate experience, joining Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, Professionals in Human Resources Association, and the Cancer Awareness Club. Ashley represented her sorority as sophomore coordinator her second year and also received an academic achievement award from her sorority’s state officers each of her four years.

In her current role as President of Professionals in Human Resources Association, Ashley has encouraged many College of Business Administration students to extend their professional networks and step outside their comfort zone. In recognition of her leadership and academic accomplishments, Ashley was chosen to be a Student Liaison Judge for The INTERN Season II, Cal Poly Pomona’s own competition-based reality show.

Ashley interned for McKesson Corporation and during her time working in their Human Resources group she created and implemented an employee development program for the finance department that remains in effect today. She plans to use both her professional experiences and education to pursue her goal of becoming a Chief Executive Officer.

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Business Administration

Trevor Scott Benkie
Mehak Beri
Jonathan Michael Brunasso
Gustavo Xavier Castaneda
Yu-jen Chen
Tom Vinh Chi
Kevin Daniel Dowdey
Sean Patrick Dugan
Keerthi Epuru
Joel Esparza III
Paul Eliseo Garcia
Xinchen Han
Luis Guillermo Hernandez
Tonya Hightower
Wenfu Huang
Stephan Hanh Huynh
Behnaz Jenab
Dhara Kirit Jogani
Mangesh Jolly
Sae Ill Kim
Puiho Lau
Wan-Ming Lin
Christian Arthur Lindke
Saxypat Luengaalam
Aber Turki Mandil
Joel Martinez
David John Medina
Jose L Medrano
Margaret Ann Miller
Dianna L Montgomery
Alessandro Moser
Kevin Lucien Neveu Jr
Quoc Kinh Nguyen
Andil Dinata Ong
Nirav N Patel
Pisutthida Pattanasin
Travis Le Pforr
Yi Pu
Hessam Rezaiejoo
Jessica Lynn Rodriguez
Tamna Sharma
Wai Yiu Shek
Susanta Singh
Erwin Dwitama Sosropartono
Pratima Swami
Atsushi Taira
Lin Hui Tan
Iwan Tjhai
Christopher Keith Wong
Ai Wu
Jason J. Young
Zixuan Zhao
Kristopher Navarro Zoleta

Candidates for the Master of Science in Business Administration

Yong Cao
Yuan He
Ying-tzu Lai
Yueh-Hwa Lee
Ching Hao Ryan Lin
Candace Marie McDougall
Prajesh Hemant Patel
Matthew Lee Smith
Hill Xiaozhou Zhou

Abbreviations of Majors

  • ACC: AccountingScience
  • CIS: Computer Information Systems
  • EBZ: E-Business
  • FRL: Finance, Real Estate, and Law
  • IB: International Business
  • MHR: Management and Human Resources
  • MKT: Marketing Management
  • TOM: Technology and Operations Management

Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Aldrin Trey Abadilla, MHR
Djamilatou Abdou Rahmani, FRL
Patrick Andre Abramian, FRL
Nidhal Nasser Abu-Khalaf, CIS ¶
Beatriz Adriana Acevedo, FRL
Adin Adamian, CIS
Blake C Adham, MKT
Sherwin Aghamohammad, CIS
James Evaristo Aguila, ACC
Steven Gregory Aguilar, MKT
Elizabeth Aguirre, MKT
Victor Abraham Aguirre, ACC
Abunaser M Ahmed, MHR
Victor Wooram Ahn, FRL
Jatziri Alarcon, ACC
Maximillian Luis Alatorre, FRL
Audrey J Albarran, TOM
Libby Dorcas Albisurez, IB
Leticia Alejandrez, MHR
Marine Aleksanyan, IB
Sajid Ali, MHR
Nicholas Anthony Alirez, MHR
Luis Angel Alvarado Jr., MHR
Michael Alvarado, IB, MKT
Alexander Antonio Alvarez, CIS
Jacqueline Elise Alvarez, MKT ¶
Nathan Mario Alvarez, FRL
Marium A Alvi, FRL
Patrick Michael Alza, CIS
Ethan Francis Ambrose, IB
Kenneth Mario Ameduri, ACC
Eric David An, MHR
Sokratis Sotirios Anastasiadis, CIS §
Kathy Sonia Anderson, MKT, MUS
Joseph Michael Andrade, MHR
Elizabeth Liliana Angel, IB
Jeffrey Allen Angelito, CIS
Lucinda Antoun, FRL
Ricardo Antunez, MHR †
Rainier Guevarra Apolonio, CIS
Esthepany V Aragon, ACC
Kristin Arai, MHR
Rouhaan Shahid Arastu, FRL
Kristofer Dustin Arceo, IB, MKT
Luis Manuel Arciga, EBZ
Philip Michael Ardito, CIS
Gretta Arellano, IB, MKT
Marlon Antonio Arias-Parada, ACC
Corey Randall Arnold, MHR †
Christopher Jon Arrieta, MHR
Jaime David Arriola, MKT
Kristina Rachel Arroyo, FRL
Dawit Ateshim Asfaha, MKT
Joshua Avendano, CIS
Haikouhi Meline Avetisyan, MHR
Zulfadzli Azmi, IB, MKT
Brittney Chanell Bakion, ACC
Pedro Banuelos, MHR
Enrique Barajas, ACC
Mayra Barajas, IB
Charles Joseph Barakat, MKT
Bryan Barragan, ACC †
Nicholas Martin Barragan, FRL
Maria Guadalupe Barriga, MKT
Kyle Francis Bartol, ACC
Robert Bryan Barton, ACC, MHR
Mary Rifaat Baskaron, IB, MKT
Raffi Sean Batanian, FRL
Joshua Bauer, MHR
Michael Anthony Bautista, CIS

Adam Benjamin Bedol, ACC
Miguel Belmonte, ACC
Alissa Linn Benavidez, IB, MKT
Matthew Brandon Bennett, MKT
Michael Richard Benveniste, CIS †
Cameron David Berlino, CIS
Eduardo Juan Bernal, IB, MKT
Gileyn Bernal, MKT
Laurina Rose Betten, ACC
Rohan Harish Bhat, MKT
Sam Mounir Bibi Sr., IB
Jenny Marie Billingsley, MHR
Maher Bitar, FRL
Nathaniel James Blagg, FRL
Erik Adam Boase, MHR
Michael B Bobrowicz, CIS
Diane Marie Bolose, MHR
Sandy Joana Bone, MHR
Tatiana M Bonilla, MHR
Benjamine Charles Bontempo Jr., MKT
Kelley Noel Bonucci, FRL †
Wanitchaya Borisuthirattana, MKT ¶
Diane Boroudian, MHR
Talar Liz Boyajian, FRL
Alexander Stephen Boyer, TOM
Clinton Daniel Boyer, FRL
Scott Alan Bradach, ACC
Nicholas McDowell Brady, ACC
Erick Brian Briggs, MKT
William Derek Bright, IB
Matthew Gene Bringas, IB
Rudy Andres Briseno, FRL §
Travis Michael Brockmeier, FRL
Jordan Thomas Brooks, TOM
Shayna Elaine Brooks, MHR
Brandon Beersheba Brown, FRL
Emerson Bryant-Tabone, IB, MKT
Mario Albert Buenrostro, TOM
Jamilee Nina Bugay, ACC
Stephanie Sierra Burgess, ACC
Kenneth Anthony Burrell, CIS
Seleang Buth, FRL
Blake Anthony Byrne, MKT
Margarita E Cabrera, FRL
Maria Lorna Asis Cadena, ACC
Vanessa Janelle Caldera, MKT
Joshua Conrad Caldwell, FRL
Owen James Caldwell, CIS
Tyler James Caldwell, MKT
Joshua Douglas Cameron, IB
James Soriano Canalita, MHR
Verra Candiago, MKT
Robert Phillip Cangiano, MKT 
Charveda L Cantley, MHR
Jaimie Louise Sanchez Carlos, FRL
Johanna Carlos, MHR
Juan Manuel Carmona Jr., IB
Gregory Daniel Carpentier, MHR
David M Carr, CIS
Steven Henry Carr, TOM †
Liliana Carrillo, TOM
Mario Carrillo, TOM
Mayra Casas, IB, MKT
John Andrew Cashion, CIS
Melissa Marie Casillas, FRL
Ricardo Casillas, CIS ¶
Jessica Lauren Castellanos, IB, MKT
Kristen Linnea Castillo, ACC
James Castro, CIS
Julian Castro, TOM
Lydia Denise Castro, MHR
Adrianna Christina Louise Catania, MKT
Andrew Philip Caustrita, MKT
Christopher Masahiro Cavanaugh, EBZ
Francisco Javier Ceja, ACC
Lyris Ariana Ceja, ACC
Archie Fontillas Cerdenola, TOM
Pedro Cervantes, MHR
Jacquelyn Chacon, ACC
Peter Michael Chacon, ACC
Iljoo Chae, CIS
Jeremy Joseph Chafatinos, MHR, MUS
Chun Wai Mars Chan, MHR
Julie Haymarmon Chan, ACC
Sheung Chan, ACC
Andrew Chang, TOM

Chongung Chang, MHR
Derek MacGyver Sze Chang, MKT
Harrison Chang, CIS †
Kun-Yueh Chang, ACC, FRL
Lily Chang, ACC
Kurihi Christopher Chargualaf, ACC § 
Andrew Leng Chau, CIS
Hin Chuck Chau, FRL
Daniel Chavez, MHR
Jessica Michelle Chavez, ACC
Jorge Daniel Chavez Jr., IB
Jorge Luis Chavez Jr., ACC
Nikhil Chawla, MHR
Lei Che, MKT
Mengthy Cheam, FRL
Benjamin James Cheffers, MHR
Calvin Shan-hao Chen, CIS
Frank Chen, MKT
Jintien Chen, CIS
Li Jiao Chen, ACC
Nancy Chen, FRL
Shao Jimmy Chen, MKT
Wei Chen, CIS
Yun You Chen, ACC
William Thien Chen-tran, MHR
Chi Hang Cheung, ACC
Kam Van Chhan, CIS
Josephine Chi, MKT
Joseph Anthony Chiaromonte, CIS
Andy Chin, FRL
Chenghsin Chin, MHR
Mandy Ching, MKT
Jerry Chi Chiu, ACC
Chan Mi Cho, MHR
Erica Eun Choe, FRL
Joshua Min Choe, MHR
John Paul Choi, IB
Sung Jin Choi, ACC
Justin Chan Chong, CIS
Ki Lun Chong, MKT
Kevin Chou, MHR
Vincent Chung-wing Chow, MHR ¶
Chien Ru Chu, ACC
HsiChieh Chu, MKT
Nicholas Man Chun Chu, MKT
Richard Chu, IB, MKT
Samuel Joshua Chu, TOM
Jaime Chu Loo, MHR
Jae Won Chung, TOM
Yoonho Chung, CIS
Kai-Hsin Chuu, FRL
Cynthia Cifuentes, ACC
Magdiel Cisneros, MHR
Andrew Timothy Clark, IB
Ian M Clark, CIS
Anna B Claybrooks, ACC
James Earl Coats, MKT, GD
Stephanie Danielle Coba, MKT
Jacquelyn Signe Coello, MHR, BT
Angelica Collins Quintero, ACC
Christopher Glen Colosimo, CIS
Roderic Jason Concepcion, CIS †
Joel Contreras, CIS
Valerie Rose Contreras, MHR
Kelsey Lyn Cooper, MHR
Monica Isabel Cordero, ACC
David Salvador Cornejo, ACC
Alexandra Nicole Corning, FRL
Anthony Salvatore Corrao, MHR
Andrew Rodolfo Cortez, ACC
Edward Jim Cortez, ACC
Joel A Cortez, MHR
Ronald Anthony Cox Jr., FRL §
Jhoanna Craig, MHR
Brittany Rose Crawford, MKT
Jessica Cruz, ACC
Alonso Cuevas, ACC
Lina Dai, IB
Brian Daniel Daily, IB, MKT
Lisa G Dameron, MHR
David Xuyen Dang, FRL
James Quoc-Anh Dang, MHR
Kyle H Dang, ACC
Holly Cristina Daquila, MKT

Jonathan Davey, TOM
Bryan James Davis, CIS
Shara Davoodi, MKT
Alexander A De Anda, MHR
Beatriz Elena De Anda Isas, MKT
Felicia Gillian de Groot, MHR §
Jeremiah Durante De Leon, CIS
Andrea Yvonne DeCoudres, MHR
Ernest Jonathon Del Real, FRL
Anthony Delgadillo, CIS
Junyuan Deng, ACC
Luolina Laura Deng, MHR
Benny Joseph Denice, FRL †
Joseph Michael Desmarais, CIS
Vicky Marie Desmuke, ACC
Tamer Desouki, MKT
Novi Kartika Dewi, ACC
Matthew Vincent Di Stefano, FRL
Maria Lorena Diaz, ACC
Marques Jamaal Dickson, ENG, FRL 
Kevin B Diep, ACC
Phong Diep, MHR
Terrence Diep, CIS
Sevana Dimijian, MHR
Roswald James Dionicio, FRL
Dominic Minh Do, FRL
Johnny Do, FRL
An Kiet Doan, MKT
Elizabeth Ann Doeling, ACC
Ping Dong, ACC
Donald S Drake, MHR
Jonathan Andrew Drayer, MHR
Hong Shu Du, ACC
Julia Duan, ACC
Jacqueline Elsa Duenas, IB, MKT
Maria Guadalupe Duenas, MHR
Isabel Madelen Dungca, ACC
Erika Ashley Dunn, MHR
Kevin Dunn, IB, MKT
Bich Nga Thi Duong, MHR
Ruben Arthur Duran Jr., IB
Lang Chea Ear, MKT
Esteffi Villegas Edulan, ACC †
Antonius Effendi, MHR
Derek Jacob Eide, IB
Melissa Maxine Ellerbeck, MKT
Andrew Joseph Ellis, MKT
Adam Elsayed Elramly, IB
Bilal Adnan Elreda, CIS
Franklin Delay Emerson II, FRL
Yancy Gabriela Engleton, MHR
Annabelle Mae Ercillo, MHR
Anthony Ryan Erigio, FRL
Alexandria Marie Escobedo, MHR
Monserrath Escobedo, FRL, MKT
Sheila Esparza, MHR
Enedina Espinoza, ACC
Marleni Esquivel, TOM ¶
David James Evans, TOM
Miki Eileen Ewens, ACC §
Trisha L Eyer, MKT
Yazin Fareez Fakhoury, TOM
Ceci Huijun Fan, IB
Min Fan, IB
Collin Xiang Fang, MHR
YuanYuan Fang, IB, MKT
Hebba Sabra Fares, MKT
Noe Farias, MHR
Erik Daniel Farmer, MKT
Maria B Fernandez, FRL
Michael Ryan Fernandez, ACC §
Robert Fernandez, FRL
Matthew David Ferns, MHR
Peter Matthew Ferris, MHR
Aaron Thomas Feterl, MHR
Steven Francis Flathers, MKT
Kyle Galen Fletcher, MHR
Herminia Fletes, IB
Jason Robert Floren, CIS
Debbie Flores, MHR
Gregory P Flores, MHR
Patricia Darlene Flores, TOM
Kit Fong, ACC, FRL
Andrew Lance Formentera, IB

Leslie Frausto, MHR
George Luke Freeman, IB
Brian Christopher Frees, TOM
Jacqueline Klnae Frencher, MKT
Elise Sara Frontino, MHR
Wade Garret Fueconcillo, MHR
Eric Matthew Fuehrer, MHR
Angie On Shun Fung, MHR
Bonnie WaiHan Fung, ACC
Stephen Michael Gabriel, CIS
Wendy Marie Galarneau, MHR
Margaret Galatiano, ACC
Rita Iliana Galvan, MKT
Abraham Garcia, MHR
Anthony Louis Garcia II, MHR
Francisco J Garcia Jr., FRL
Joanna Mary Garcia, ACC
Justin Anthony Garcia, CIS
Justin Tojado Garza, MHR
Nicholas Jed Gasteiger, TOM
Richard Joseph Gatewood, CIS ¶
Hector Manuel Gavino, MHR
Kevin Kaiyan Gee, MHR
Paula Elise George, MHR
Jeanette Alicia Gerardo, MHR
Tristan James Gerber, FRL ¶
Stepan Vardan Gezalyan, MHR
Seyed Mohammad Reza Ghazavi, CIS
Marjan Ghorbanian, CIS
Guylynn Xane Gia, MKT
Charles Joseph Giampietro Jr., MKT
Douglas Giang, CIS
Crystal Faye Gibbons, MKT
Tracy Gil Lemus, CIS
Kari Kathryn Gillette, FRL
Susanna Gin, MHR
Tami Marie Gloe, CIS
Marc Paul M Go, MHR
Roanne Mae Go, ACC
Molly Elizabeth Godfrey, MHR §
Heather Jean Godinho, FRL
Ryan Jon Gold, CIS
Alma Renee Gomez, MHR
Daniel Gomez, MKT
Miguel Angel Gomez, EBZ
Yesenia Gomez, ACC
Joey Anthony Gonnella, MHR
Ricardo Andres Gonzales, CIS
Christie Tracee Gonzalez, ACC
David Gonzalez, CIS
Rafael Gonzalez Davis, MKT
Vanessa Loren Gonzalez, FRL
Gregory James Goodwine, MKT
Malori Lynn Gorgone, MKT
Dalon Richard Graham, MHR
Angie Lorraine Granville, MHR
Stuart Charles Gray, ACC
Darren Michael Greenberg, ACC
Kenneth Richard Greer, FRL
Akilah E Groce, MHR
Ya Wen Guan, MHR
Silvia Maricela Guardado, ACC
David Guerrero, MHR
Wendy Samantha Guillen, IB, MKT
Glenn Michaele Gunawan, MKT
John Ronald Isla Gungon, MHR
Tao Guo, MHR
Yuening Guo, ACC
Sean Patrick Gurley, MKT
Jeronimo Gutierrez Jr., MHR
Manuel Gutierrez, MHR
Yessenia Ruby Gutierrez, IB
Gloria Maria Gutierrez Palomino, IB
Cornelio Guzman, CIS
Fabian Guzman, MKT
Nidhal Bassam Haddad, MKT
Arvin Kurniawan Hadisurya, IB
Alana Monet Hadley, MKT
Jordan Daniel Haines, ACC †
Crystal Han, MHR
Grace Jihyun Han, MHR
Lu Han, MHR
Na Han, ACC
Oliver Han, ACC

Seung Kyu Han, MKT
Frederick J Hansen, MHR
Afia Haque, ACC
Alicia Patrice Harris, MHR
Rex Vogel Harrison, IB, MKT †
Joshua Bryan Hatfield, MHR
Ian David Hayman, EBZ
Cuihong He Sr., ACC
Cuiping He, FRL
Jeff Michael Headley, MHR
Timothy S. Heinrich, MKT
Imari A Henderson, MHR
Roshonda Denise Hendricks, MKT
Brian Christopher Henry, TOM
Kaitlin Margaret Hensch, MHR
Alejandro Hernandez, MKT
Eriberto Hernandez, FRL †
Heriberto Hernandez, ACC
Loyda Abigail Hernandez, MHR
Freddy Daniel Herrera, CIS
Carlos R Hidalgo, CIS
Kathryn Renee Higgins, IB, MKT
Sara Elizabeth Higgins, TOM
Daney Melaine Hill, MHR ¶
Jessi Hinestrosa, TOM
Harrison Daniel Hinton-Hardin, MHR
Jacqueline Pamela Ho, IB, MKT
Kiet Ho, MHR
Krystal Ho, MHR
Sherry Ho, MKT
Allen Wai Hoang, FRL
Christopher John Hoffman, MHR
Stacy Ann Hoilett, ACC
Jason Allen Holt, IB
Leslie To Hong, MHR
Steve C Hong, CIS
Jason Richard Hoogeveen, CIS
Tamira Blackwell Hopkins, MHR
Irene Hosokawa, IB, MKT
Chih Wei Hsu, CIS
Gary Fu Hsu, ACC
Steven Nhac Hua, IB
Annie Huang, ACC
Robert T Huang, ACC
Yuxiang Huang, IB
Sabrina Binte Huda, IB, MKT
Kyle William Hulsey, MKT
Douglas Alan Huntsman, ACC
Andres E Hurtado, IB
Syed Munir Hussain, CIS
Brian Huynh, ACC
Chau Anh Huynh, TOM
Kevin Khien Huynh, CIS
Lily Huynh, MKT
Tuyen Quang Huynh, CIS §
Joon Ho Hwang, CIS
Jose Alonso Ibarra Cardenas, MHR
Naureen Ibrahim, MKT
Tom Raymond Ing, FRL
Farrah Intarattana, ACC
Shawn Michael Irvin, CIS
Cameron Irvine, MHR †
Luis Fernando Iturriaga, IB, MKT
Breanne Alea Iwakiri, IB
Brittani Rae-an Jackson, MKT
David Marcel Jackson, CIS
Leslie Elaine Jackson, TOM
Hamzah Jacques, MHR
Hasan Jaffri, MHR
Joseph Manuel Jaime, FRL
Yong J Jang, IB
Ryan Esequiel Jaramillo, MHR
Gilberto Jauregui, FRL
Joshua Angel Jauregui, IB
Andrew Christopher Jaymes, MKT
Cheryl Elizabeth Jefferies, IB
Scott Michael Jefferson, CIS
Renee Andrea Jett, ACC
Zi Han Jiang, ACC
Robert Gregory Jo, CIS
Warren Francis Jocson, MKT
Ronald N Johnson, CIS
Stephen Michael Johnson, MKT
Steven Verne Johnson Jr., MKT

Chandler Loraine Jones, MHR
Claudia Aida Jones, MHR
Clint D Jones Jr., MKT
Bryan Jovicevic, ACC
Leah Joyce Jurilla, IB, MKT
Allison A Jusko, MHR
Rami Chad Kalbakji, IB, MKT
Ian Thomas Kanewski, MKT
Kevin Kang, EBZ
Yu-Han Kao, CIS
Lamees Karout, IB
Corey Michele Kelley, MKT
Frank James Kelly, TOM
Stephen Michael Kent, MHR
Chiminh Keo, MHR
Ka Ho Keung, IB
Amanda Michele Key, MHR ¶
Azim Adrian Khan, ACC
Nabeel Aijaz Khan, MKT
Adis Khatchatourian, FRL
Nima Shawn Khodai, MKT
Steve Khou, IB
Amit Manohar Khushalani, MKT
Christopher Chase Kidd, IB
Crisho Kim, MHR
Israel Kwangwun Kim, IB
Jaewoo Kim, CIS
Liet Trung Kim, MHR
Sun Young Kim, MKT
Sung Kim, CIS
Tae Jun Kim, ACC
Michael Allen Kirihara, MHR
Ashley E Knoblach, MHR, MIC
Solomon Ko, MHR
Crystal Koestartyo, ACC
Vahan Koltukhchyan, IB, MKT
Catherine Kong, IB, MKT
Carmen Koug, EBZ, MKT
Stephen S Krechmery, CIS §
Pao-Heng Ku, IB, MKT †
Lawrence Kung, CIS
Misato Kurohagi, ACC ¶
Edward Kusuma, ACC §
Wendy Winglam Kwan, MHR
Annie Wing Gi Kwok, CIS
Brian Kwok, MHR
Nguyen Nguyen Thao La, MHR
Sylvie Kim La, MHR §
Toan Chi La, ACC
Paul Aquino Lacanlale, EBZ
Joeson Winghei Lai, MKT
Jessica Lam, MKT
Kevin Lam, MHR
Lily Wai Lam, MHR
Steven Tai Lam, CIS
Thang Quoc Lam, ACC
Toby Sk Lam, MKT
Yu Shuen Silvia Lam, IB, MKT
Jorge Rodrigo Landauro Canales, IB
Alexander Lang, EBZ, TOM †
Alice Ching Lang, MHR
Allen H Lau, ACC
Melissa H T Lau, ACC
Cory Steven Patrick Laughery I, ACC †
M Kimberly Law, MHR
Matthew Phillip Lawler, MHR
Jon Michael Lawrence, MHR
Christine Caibigan Laygo, MKT
Lyle Lai Le, FRL
Ngathien Le, FRL
Vivian Le, IB, MKT
Vu Ky Le, MKT
Sean Patrick Leahy, MHR †
Nancy G Leal, MHR
Travis Dean Lebsock, CIS
Andrew KengGainYee Lee, FRL ¶
Chao Nan Lee, CIS
Eric Man Kit Lee, MKT
Jesse Lee, MKT
Kenny Lee, CIS
Ker-Sing Lee, FRL §
Min Ah Lee, ACC
Paul Sangin Lee, ACC
Shanglin Lee, EBZ, TOM

Yuan An Lee, CIS
Kraig Philip Lefrancois, TOM
Benjamin James Lehan, MHR
Brett J Lehar, FRL
Harry Lei, TOM
Joseph Lei, MKT
Sin Tong Lei, MHR
Eric Jorge Leon, ACC
Evan Masayoshi Leong, MKT
Dennis LeTendre, TOM ¶
Rachel Leyba, MHR
BinFeng Li, FRL
Jiongliang Li, ACC ¶
Li Li, ACC
Qian Ting Sophia Li, IB, MKT
Ronald Li, ACC
Sze Wan Nancy Li, MKT, AMM
Yanming Li, ACC
Yanrong Li, CIS, IB, MKT
Cheung P Liang, ACC
Elaine Hoyan Liao, MHR
Manuel Erasmo Licea, MHR
Alexander Lim, ACC
Glenn Kendrick S Lim, ACC
Stanley Lim, MHR
Brian Limon, MHR
Adam Lin, FRL
Yun-chieh Lin, ACC, FRL
Evan Jon Lindbeck, CIS
Jamie Elizabeth Linden, ACC §
Joshua Daniel Linden, MKT
Alan Ling, CIS
Christie Nian Liu, MKT
Jiahong Liu, ACC
Kevin Liu, ACC
Shi Ming Liu, ACC †
Shuai Liu, IB, TOM
Steven Liu, MKT
Xiaohan Liu, ACC
Xin Yi Liu, MHR
Henry Lo, MKT
Victor Lo, TOM
Cynthia Michele Locke, MHR
Laura Loera, ACC §
Amanda Nicole Long, MHR
JingJing Long, ACC
Monique Yolanda Longoria-Valdez, MHR
Alexandra Diana Lopez, MHR
Alma Lisbeth Lopez, IB, MKT
Arturo Lopez Jr., ACC
Christa Julieta Lopez, MHR
Cynthia Annette Lopez, MKT
Jorge Chavez Lopez, IB, MKT
Mauricio Michael Lopez, FRL, IB
Kristina Nicole Louie, MHR
Wendy Louie, MHR
Laurissa Danielle LoveLady, MHR
Kristin Alexandria Loya, MHR
Cindy Jacqueline Loza, MHR
Sarah Lynn Lozano, MHR
Christopher Y Lu, ACC
Steve Qui Lu, CIS †
Andrea Lucero-Ramirez, ACC
Dany Ali Luevano, CIS
Jessica Nicole Lugo, MHR
Nicholas David Lugotoff, MKT
Felipe Luna, IB, MKT
Laura C Luna, MHR
Ramon-Monico Loon Luna, EBZ
Omar Alejandro Lupercio, CIS
Nhi Hue Luu, ACC
Steven Ho Luu, ACC †
Trung D Luu, CIS
Amy B Ly, ACC
Annie L Ly, ACC
David Kiet Ly, CIS
Jason Ly, ACC
Jenny Ly, MHR
William Lynch, MHR
Benson Ma, ACC
Jason Ma, EBZ
Meng Ma, ACC
Yan Pei Ma, CIS
Calvin B Macaraeg, CIS

Robert Alexander MacKay, IB
Erin Jewel Mackey, MKT
Joseph Hamilton Madoo, CIS
Ingrid Madrigal, IB, MKT
Danielle Nichole Maggio, MKT
Nina Trang Mai, ACC †
Nafissatou Y Maiga, IB
Stephen Bill Makia, FRL ¶
Ovais Malik, CIS
Byron Thomas Malolot, TOM
Gloria Malveaux, MHR
Wan Sze Man, ACC
Michael Anthony Mancuso, MKT
Claudia Marina Manion, FRL
Mark Manlapaz, MHR
Adrian Manzo, MHR
Darren Thomas Mar, IB, MKT
Taron Marcos, MKT
Ryan Wesley Marks, FRL
Tatiana Nazari Marques, MHR
Hunter Bruce Marteney, FRL
Matthew Michael Martin, IB, MKT
Joseph Paul Martinazzi II, IB
Adrian Hermes Martinez, MHR
Javier Martinez Jr., CIS
Maria Angelica Martinez, ACC
Matthew Charles Martinez, MKT
Sandra Elizabeth Martinez, ACC
Tiffany M Martinez, MHR
Victorino Jesus Martinez, ACC
Karay Marje Masin, MHR
Kyle Heagen Mason, MKT
Christina Lina Masso, MHR
Brandon Joseph Matlock, MHR
Kevin William Matsumoto, MKT
Robert Nobuyuki Matsuura, MKT
Teresa Michele Maxwell, MHR
Eric Thomas Mayberry, CIS
Anne Kelsea Maynard, MHR
Ashley Brijette Mayo, MHR
Leonard Mayorquin, FRL
Lesley Ann McCarty, MHR
Amanda Marie McDonough, IB, MKT
Frank Donald Mclin III, CIS
Susan Areta McNeill, FRL
Shane Taylor Mcnulty, ACC §
Preston Ross Mecham, CIS †
Elsa Medina, FRL
Noemi Merari Medrano, IB, MHR
Andrew Mejia, TOM
Joaquin Mejorado, MHR
Marcos Eduardo Melendez, FRL
Yasmin N Melendez, IB, MKT
Jorge Armando Melgoza Jr., FRL
Andrea Mendez, MKT
Rafael Benjamin Mendez Garcia, MHR
Matthew Ernest Mendoza, MHR
Reyna Victoria Menendez, MHR
Tuo Meng, IB, MKT
James Aldrin Mercado, ACC
Daryl Ryan Merkel, MHR
Devon Joseph Meyer, MKT
Katherine Evelyn Meyer, MKT † 
Edwin Arturo Meza Jr., MHR
Erica Jasmin Meza, MHR
Kathryn Anoush Mgrdichian, ACC
Therese Nicole Militante, IB
Rob Albert Millard, ACC
Daniel Thornell Miller, CIS
Jason Travis Miller, ACC
Xing Ming, CIS §
Noelle Elena Miraglia, MKT
Charles Lawrence Miranda Jr., ACC
Maral Mirzayan, CIS
John William Mishima, IB, MKT
Tamara Monisha Mitchell, MHR
Tanisha Michelle Mitchell, ACC
Terri Lee Mitchell, MHR
George Raja Mitwasi, MHR
Maryam Moaddel, ACC
Matthew Edward Mobilia, MHR
Raymond Mok, CIS
Arjun Monga, ACC
Ahlyzik C Monroe, CIS, EBZ

Leah Beebe Montano, MHR †
Glenda Montecino, FRL
Sophia Marie Montiel, MHR
Rosanne Marie Montoya, MHR
Claudia Mora, MHR
Stephen Gilbert Morales, MKT
Matthew Robert Moreno, IB
Victor Moreno, ACC, MHR
Jasmin Anayeli Moris, FRL ¶
Christopher Joseph Morris, MKT
Amanda Ruth Moseley, MKT
Jonathon Duane Mosqueda, MHR
Erika Marie Mota, MKT
Juan Luis Moya, IB, MKT
Christina Jean Mugg, ACC, MUS †
Chris S Mui, CIS, IE
Stepan Gary Mujukian, FRL
Prasangi Manuransi Munindradasa, IB, TOM
Carolyn Marie Munoz, MHR
Luis Antonio Munoz, MHR
Kira Marina Murakami, ACC
Jasmine Muratalla, MHR
Vanessa Taleen Naccara, MKT
Patricia Nam, FRL, IB, MKT
Julian Eric Nan, FRL
Sergio Nava Jr., MKT
David Navarro, MKT
Javier Navarro, CIS
Sakura Wendy Negishi, ACC
Vivian Irene Nerio, ACC
Karen W Ng, IB, MKT
Sylvia PoYing Ng, FRL
Yu Man Ng, MHR
Omar Ngeonsangphun, CIS
Linh Thuy Ngo, MHR
Trinh Jenny L M Ngo, MHR
Amy Nguyen, EBZ
Amy Nguyen, MHR
Andrew T Nguyen, CIS
Anhluan Thai Nguyen, MHR
Diep Thi Ngoc Nguyen, ACC
Duy Linh Nguyen, FRL, TOM
Elise Nguyen, ACC
Johnson Thanh Nguyen, TOM
Kevin Nguyen, CIS
Kimberly Nguyen, ACC ¶
Mai Han Thuy Nguyen, FRL
Michael The Nguyen, MKT
Nghia Phuong Nguyen, ACC
Rosalyn H Nguyen, MHR
Thai-Hoa Thi Nguyen, ACC, HRM
Thuy Thi Nguyen, EBZ, TOM
Tommy Nguyen, CIS
Tra Mi T Nguyen, ACC
Vivian Nguyen, ACC
Wilson Bang Nguyen, CIS
Angela Hongtien Nguyenbui, ACC ¶
John Quan Nham, ACC †
Ryan Eugene Nichols, MKT †
Natalie Sharon Nieves, MHR
John Ning, EBZ
Hiyori Nirasawa, TOM
Noelle Maryann Nyberg, ACC
Aaron Charles Oakden, CIS
Bryan Anthony Obeso, MHR
Henry Obialisi, CIS
Timothy Rosendo Ocampo, IB, MKT
Michelle Hiromi Ochi, MHR
Jeffrey Venzon Ochoa, CIS
David Alex O’Connor, ACC
James Oh, MHR
Gabriel Olea, MKT
Steven Ma Ong, IB, MKT
Georgia Uchenna Onyemem, MHR
Sophana Ork, FRL
Osasu Martins Oronsaye, MKT
Wyatt Andrew Oropeza, FRL
Kristin Ann Orosco, IB
Bryant Orta, FRL, MUS
Arturo Ortega, IB
Andreas SeHun Ortiz, FRL
Arturo Berumen Ortiz, TOM
Elder Ortuno, CIS ¶
Karl David Osaki, MKT

Richard William Otto, ACC
Ryan Wilbur Owens, MKT
Cesar Alejandro Padilla, IB, MKT
Qimin Pan, ACC
Raymond Pang, ACC
Yuk Tin Pang, MKT
Jennifer Pangburn, CIS
Lorenzo Paredes, MKT
David Park, FRL
Peter Gin Park, MHR
Ronnie Park Jr., IB
Samuel Park, EZB, MHR
Joseph David Parker, ACC, FRL †
Marlen Zanetti Partida, ACC
Megan Elizabeth Partida, MHR
Darwin D Pascua, CIS
Mitchell Ian Pass, MKT
Lita H Patel, MHR
Raj B Patel, ACC
Jayrald R Pedro, MKT
Matt Scott Peich, ACC
Wendy Wan Ting Peng, ACC
Augusto Peraza III, MHR
Alexander Benjamin Perez, CIS
Brenda E Perez, ACC
Cameron Emilio Perez, MHR
Gabriel Perez Jr., MKT
Jose Angel Perez, TOM
Julio Cesar Perez, MHR, TOM
Saul I Perez, FRL
Brandon Kinichi Perluss, ACC ¶
Erika Marie Perrine, ACC ¶
Joshua Deane Peters, TOM
Erik Michael Peterson, ACC
Grace Caitlin Peterson, MKT
Lan Claire Peterson, MHR
Austin D Pham, CIS
Christina Pham, IB, MKT
Justin Dang Pham, CIS
Nguyen Cong Pham, MHR
Michelle Trang Phan, MHR
Orlando Cam Phan, IB
Ricky Hieu Phan, FRL, MHR
Thanh Van Phu, CIS
Henry Phung, MHR
Samuel Vincent Piazza, IB, MKT
Manuel Alphonse Pichardo, TOM
Jason A Pico, MHR
Landon Luke Pikkel, ACC
Jose Martinez Pila, IB, MKT
Gabriel Orlando Pineda, ACC
Jaime Pineda, MKT
Leana Marie Pinedo, ACC
Armida Patricia Plascencia, MHR
Julian Steven Plateado, IB
Emilio Ponce Jr., MHR
Kyle Richard Porter, FRL
Candice Helene Price, MHR
Alysa Nickole Prieto, MKT
Vikki Mike Prohoroff, FRL
Haley Rae Proulx, MKT
Amanda Christine Pulley, MHR
James Ian Pulliam, CIS
Anjan Amul Purohit, TOM
Kimberly Qian, ACC
Alan Quach, ACC
Kevin C Quan, CIS
Harvey Querubin, ACC
Guillermo Quezada, CIS §
Miya Quinn, MKT
Ernesto Quintanilla Jr., MHR
Adriana Perez Quiroz, MHR
Samantha Lee Quisenberry, MKT
Richard Ra, EBZ
Jason Alexander Radovic, MHR
Tahsina Rahman, IB, MKT
Cameron R Raisedana, MHR
Mayra Ramirez, MHR
Brittany Nichelle Ramos, MKT
Daniela Joanna Ramunno, IB, MKT
Molyda V Ran, IB
Alendy Said Rangel, MHR
Shane Gregory Rasmussen, ACC
Gregory WilliamPerry Ray, CIS

Vishnu Muddasani Reddy, FRL
Jacob Cory Reed, MHR
Michael Alan Reed, MHR
Rochelle Mae Regner, FRL
Jessica Reich, ACC
Marisa Adriana Retes, IB
Chanel Monday Revelez, MHR
Alexander Johnathan Reyes, TOM
Claudia Cecilia Reyes, FRL
Cristine Marie Reyes, MHR
Jerome Christopher Reyes, MHR
Max Marco Reyes, FRL
Patrick Avelino Reyes, ACC †
Romyn Paul Rezapour, TOM †
Tara Lea Ricksen, FRL §
Ryan Joel Rico, CIS
Christine Elaine Rivera, ACC
Melissa Emperatriz Rivera, IB
Alexandrea Nicole Robertson, ACC
Andrew Wallace Robertson, MHR §
Stacey Morgan Robison, EBZ
Carla Robles, ACC
Felipe Benjamin Robles, IB, MKT
Martin C Robles, IB, MKT
Natalie Robles, MHR
Marta Zulema Rocha, ACC
Jennifer Ann Rodil, ACC
Andres Roberto Rodriguez, MHR
Anthony Rodriguez Jr., FRL
Dustin James Rodriguez, MHR
Elizabet Rodriguez, MHR
Isabel Cristina Rodriguez, MHR
Jose Ulices Rodriguez, MHR
Justin Calios Rodriguez, IB
Melissa Renee Rodriguez I, ACC
Silvano Rodriguez, MKT
Nicholas Zalapa Rojes, MKT
Edgar Eduardo Roldan, MHR
Jason Edward Roman, MHR
Jessica Martha Romero, ACC ¶
Karla Maria Romero, MHR §
Maria Lourdes Romero, IB, MKT
Nshan Rostomyan, IB
Raymond Eluis Rueda, MHR
Dolores Ruiz, CIS
Francisco Ruiz, MHR
Vincent Joseph Ruiz, TOM
Brillian Rusli, TOM
Nicolina Enjoli Russo, ACC § 
James Ruvalcaba, FRL
Iden Sadeghieh, MHR
Rudy Saenz, FRL
Jason Safa, ACC
Nadine Ayoub Saikali, FRL
Tamar Sakadjian, MHR
Daniel Salazar, ACC
Joslin Shawn Salazar, FRL, TOM †
Oscar Salazar, MHR
Andrea Alejandra Salgado, TOM
Matthew Fayek Salib, IB, MKT
Elizabeth Salyrosas, FRL
Alondra Monique Sanchez, MHR
Denice Lauren Sanchez, MHR
Javier Sanchez, IB, MKT
Jeremy Joseph Sanchez, MHR
Maricel Osera Sangalang, ACC
Aaron Santa Cruz, FRL
Elias Miguel Santana, ACC
Jordan James Santana, FRL
Earvin Soriano Santos, CIS
Froilan Santos, MKT
Jose Luis Santos, ACC
Kathryn Sue Saracho, MHR
Ruth Sarinana, IB
Raj Shankar Sarkar, ACC
Drew Allen Savage, ACC
Geoffrey Ulanday Sayoc, ACC
Eric Michael Scheirer, MHR
Carly Nicole Scheuer, MHR
Jaclyn Nicole Schindler, MKT
Erik Ryan Schneider, FRL
Robert Edward Schubert IV, MHR
Erica Renee Scott, MHR
Denise Secaida, MHR

Clark Edward Selters, FRL § 
Ronald Martin Seng, CIS
Jihoon Seo, ACC
Steve D Seo, MHR
Spencer Russell Serafin, TOM †
Lucas Arthur Serrano, MKT
Donald Daniel Servan, FRL
Jeffrey R Seymour, MHR
Kamal M Shah, IB
Brent Jacob Shannon, MKT
Amit Sharma, MKT
Vinay S Sharma, MHR
Lindsay Nichole Shawver, MKT
Jason Andrew Shea, FRL †
Edmund Lizhi Shen, MHR
Gary S Shen, ACC
Harvey LuHao Shen, ACC
Brian Wen Sheu, TOM
Aki Shibata, IB
Eric Shin, MHR
Peter Dongkun Shin, FRL
Justin M Shore, MHR †
Sameer Naim Siddiqui, FRL
Kevin Edward Sillona, FRL
Nicolas Matsuo Silva, FRL
Ashley Elizabeth Simmons, MHR
Natalia Marie Simpson, MHR
Marc Steven Sims, MHR
Stefan Simsih, CIS
Haig Eduardo Siranosian, FRL †
Thomas James Sirchia III, MKT †
Ben Peng Situ, FRL
Sing Leung Siu, MHR †
Amber Marie Slankard, FRL
Alexandra Rae Smith, IB, MKT
Jessica Leighann Smith, ACC
Tiffany Marie Smith, FRL
Mark David Snow, MHR
James Thomas Snyder, MHR
Perla Solchaga, MKT
Cynthia Solis, MKT
Jessica Solis, ACC
Paul Lun Solomon Jr., ACC
Zachary Michael Spolar, MHR
Andrew Michael Spousta, FRL ¶
Austin Kristofer Sprague, TOM
Salvatore Joseph Stassi, FRL
Karyn Lindsey Stel, IB, MKT
Ohan Kamal Stephan, ACC
Reginald Leon Stewart, MKT
Megan Leslie Stiegelmar, MHR
Rebecca Anne Stites, MKT
David Andrew Strack, CIS
Shannon Nancy Strain, IB
Stacy N Stucker, MKT
Elizabeth Suen, TOM
Evan Masashi Sugita, MKT
Kristina Marie Surek, FRL
Alan Sutrisno, ACC
Raquel Swan, MKT
Jeffrey J Sy, MHR
Wilson Szeto, FRL
AmirArdalan S Tabrizi, MHR
Artin Tahmassian, MHR
Christopher Tai, FRL
Erin Keiko Takao, FRL
Katherine Kimiko Takeshita, MKT †
Tara Talebi, MHR
Kenneth Tam, ACC
Kousuke Richard Tamaki, ACC
Darryl Paul Lopez Tan, ACC †
Irene Tan, ACC
Jason Tan, MHR
Christine Tang, MHR
David Tang, FRL
Andrew Tangsirichareon, MHR
Cynthia Tapia, MKT
Elena Tapia, ACC
Adnan Tascic, MKT
Ramzi Riad Tashman, MHR
Hilary Glynn Tavolazzi, MHR
Wassef Tawachi, FRL
Joseph Mina Tawfik, CIS
Mina Maher Tawfik, CIS

Ronnesha Shontay Taylor, MHR
Joanna Camille Tecson, MKT
Yamili Tello, ACC
Nathan Michael Ten, CIS
Natasha Tep, CIS
Somnang Thach, CIS †
Zachary Joseph Thachet, CIS
Chandler Thai, FRL
Nancy Thai, MHR
Brendan James Thaler, IB, MKT
Elisa H Thamavit, ACC
Erdi Themelko, ACC §
Amanpreet Singh Thind, FRL †
Chelsea Nicole Thomas, MHR
Matthew Gunn Thompson, IB, MKT
Jennifer Marie Thorne, ACC
Luis Alberto Toapanta, ACC
Caroline Mary Toby, MHR
Erika Yesenia Togual, MHR
Justin Brandon Tom, TOM
Jenny Giselle Toribio, ACC
Jason Christopher Torrado, IB, MKT
Lakisha R Torrence, MHR
Andrew Eusebio Torres, CIS
Antonio Torres, MHR
Elizabeth Ann Torres, MHR
Johnathon Roswell Torres, IB
Kevin Roland Torres, FRL
Kevin Duc Tran, CIS
Kevin Tran, ACC
Lam Kien Tran, ACC
Peter Tran, ACC
Tracy Tran, ACC
Abigail Trejo, IB, MKT
Amy Theresa Tremmel, MHR †
Grace Trinh, FRL
Reyna Yanzi Trinidad, IB, MKT
Shelly Marie Trombley, IB
Jacqueline Trujillo, IB, MKT
Derrick Thien Truong, IB, MKT
Jerry Lee Truong, CIS
Kevin Truong, CIS
Loanne H Truong, MHR
Trinh Ngo Kieu Truong, FRL §
Duong Anh Tsan, ACC
Deborah Tsao, MKT
Lauren Shuian Tse, IB, MKT †
Anthony Kosem Tu, CIS
Kai Tu, ACC
Kathleen Gay Tucker, ACC
Gabrielle Olivia Tungate, ACC
Ditmara Leonor Turner, MHR
Kenechi Udengwu, ACC
Ronnie Lee Underwood, TOM
Cynthia Ung, MHR
Phi Yong Ung, FRL
James Marcus Urbina, IB
Shanel Inci Uriarte, ACC ¶
Alicia Saleha Vajid, MHR
Ronaldo Rey Lizondra Valdez, MHR
Octavio Fabian Valdivia, MKT, TOM
Acdaela Valencia, MHR
Maria Isabel Valencia, MHR
Steven Carlos Valenzuela, MHR
Lucia Valles, MHR
Taylor Joseph Vallone, FRL †
Sarina Vanmali, MHR
Vysal Vann, CIS
Cindy Marie Varghese, MKT, MUS
Dominic Manuel Varona, IB, MKT
Alice Vasi, CIS
Jonathan Daniel Vasquez, CIS
Maria Vasquez, MHR
Gustavo Adolfo Vazquez, IB, MKT
Jaclyn Vazquez, MHR
Mayra Velasco Mejia, ACC †
Edith Patricia Velasco-Pikkel, ACC
Saidah Marie Velez, ACC
Andrew Aric Verdugo, MHR
Shantal Verduzco, IB, MKT
Eliseo Cuahutemoc Villanueva, MHR
Gerardo Villanueva, ACC
Randy-Christian W Villanueva, MHR
Martin Villapudua, MHR

Diane Villarreal, MHR
Rebecca Suzanne Vincent, IB, MKT
Quoc-Anh Quang Vo, MKT
Jimmy Vong, ACC
Wildon Vong, MHR
Raymond Wakiyama, IB, MKT
Boshi Wang, CIS
Elynne Yilin Wang, FRL
Gina Xintong Wang, MKT
Hsun Wang, ACC
Ivy Lin Wang, IB, MKT
Jerry Wang, TOM
Joe Z Wang, MHR
John Tzu-Yung Wang, ACC
Justin D Wang, ACC
Kenny Wan-Hsin Wang, MKT
Lulu Wang, ACC
Xin Wang, IB
Xuan Wang, IB
Yujun Wang, IB, TOM †
Kevin Charles Warnecke, FRL
Ashley Nicole Warren, MHR
Jeffrey Carter Warren, MKT
Corey Akira Watanabe, MHR
Jeanne Ellen Webb, MHR
Steven Dwaine Wenger, MHR
Brendon William Wepplo, FRL
Cassandra Lynn Holly White, MHR
Arturo G Wibawa, MKT, GD
Robert Nelson Wickman Jr., MKT
Frederick Kusuma Widjaja, CIS §
Jason Wijaya, MKT †
Pradana Adi Wilianto, MHR
Erica Emily Wilson, MHR
Matthew Michael Wingert, FRL §
Jennifer Mee Wong, IB
Jiann Herng Wong, CIS ¶
Ka Ho Wong, ACC †
Kalda O. Wong, MHR
Kin-Man Wong, MHR
Raymond Wong, ACC
Schumann Wong, ACC
Shania Lui Wong, ACC
Sin Yi Wong, FRL
David Judson Wood, TOM
Christopher T Wu, MHR
Josephine Wu, MHR
Raymond Wu, MHR
Vincent Huynh Wynn, MHR
Zilin Xie, EBZ
Henry Xu, MHR
Christian Ya, IB
Michelle June Yadegari, FRL
Chan- Yeol Yang, FRL
Cheng Yang, ACC, CIS †
Hongjie Yang, FRL
Angel Christian Yao, IB
Maher Abdel Majid Yassine, FRL
Matthew Ricky Yates, ACC
Justin Ryan Yee, MKT
Kam Lin Yee, MHR
Sabina Sol Yi, MHR
Sharon Yi, MKT
Shufei Yin, ACC †
Eric Young Yoo, MHR
Elizabeth Yoon, MKT
Hitoshi Yoshihara, IB
Jeffrey C Yu, IB, CE
Jingjing Yu, FRL
Jonathan Christopher Yu, IB, TOM
Jasmine Yuk-yee Yung, IB, MKT
Jennifer Zambrana, MKT
Gabriel Zavala, CIS
Cinthya Zeballos, IB, MKT
Chadi Imad Zein, IB, MKT
Cesar Daniel Zepeda, TOM
Duanhong Zhang, ACC
Xu Zhang, FRL
Yayan Zhang, ACC
Yue Zhang, ACC
Wenjun Zhao, TOM
LuHua Zhong, IB, MKT
Suzhen Zhou, ACC
Junhui Zhu, ACC
David Zimerman Jr., CIS
Adrian Zuloaga, FRL
§ Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00 (GPA)
¶ Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79
† Cum Laude 3.50-3.64
 President’s Council Scholar
 Ronald E. McNair Scholar
 Keith and Jean Kellogg Honors College


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