College Education & Integrative Studies
Commencement Program

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

Dean's Message


Office of the Dean
College of Education and Integrative Studies

Dear Graduates,

dean peggy kellyOn behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Education and Integrative Studies, I offer my sincere congratulations for your achievement! Your degree is the culmination of your hard work, demonstration of your knowledge and skills, and development of your creative and critical thinking. It is also a hallmark event for everyone who supported you and is sharing this honor with you. Congratulations!

As a student in the College of Education & Integrative Studies, you have brought a rich heritage including cultural and linguistic diversity to our classrooms. You have challenged us to think more critically about current events, integrate the academic disciplines to insure that your experiences relate to the real world, and examine how we can contribute to equity, justice, and represent those who are unable to speak for themselves. Thank you for enriching our classrooms and challenging our thinking!

As you look back at the time and sacrifice it took to get to this moment, I hope you are cognizant of all you have given and those who have also given to help make this moment become a reality. Now, you have become the stewards of your profession. It is your time to make your mark on the world--- making the world better for the next generation. It is a heavy responsibility but one for which I know you are prepared.

You are our next generation of teachers, advocates for the under-served, and leaders in many professions. Many of you will go on to graduate school to further your education and influence. But whatever you do, you will always be “Broncos” -- members of the Cal Poly Pomona family. We will celebrate your future successes with you and know that Cal Poly Pomona will always be part of you.

Best wishes!
Dr. M.G. (Peggy) Kelly


University Quad
4:00 p.m., Friday, June 8, 2012
Dr. M.G. (Peggy) Kelly, Dean
Dr. Anita Jain, Mace Bearer

Musical Overture

Processional Dr. Anita Jain
Outstanding Advisor
The National Anthem Doreen Gutierrez

Welcome and Introduction of Platform Party

Dr. M.G. (Peggy) Kelly, Dean
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Greetings from the California State University Board of Trustees Trustee Lou Monville
CSU Board of Trustees
Presentation of Class Gift to the President Alexandra Mojado-Jimenez
Recognition of The Julian A. McPhee Honor Award For Student Excellence:
Melanie Kerr
Dean Kelly, President Ortiz
Recognition of Outstanding Advisor Dean Kelly
Recognition of Student Awards Dean Young

Presentation of Scholarship

Dean Kelly, President Ortiz
  • Charles Irby Scholarship

Sheila Goldring
Keith Graham McCoy

  • Endowed Scholarship
Dean Kelly, Dr. Patricia deFreitas, Dr. Christina Chavez-Reyes
Presentation of Candidates for the Masters' Degrees Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Masters' Degrees President Ortiz
Master’s Hooding and Handshake President Ortiz, Dean Young
Presentation of Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees Dean Kelly
Conferral of Baccalaureate Degrees President Ortiz
Closing Remarks Dean Kelly
Recessional Dr. Jain

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education

Adeyinka Oluwadamilola Ademorijimi
Nancy Anne Allen
Carolyn Jean Arberry
Gale Lynn Ard
Ramona Anne Austerman
Alan Saldua Bautista
Lindsey Michelle Blackard
Lindsay M Boyer
Marcelle Lynn Cavanagh
Claudia Cervantes
Sergio C Chavez
Irene Cheng
Sarah M Colburn
Alyssa J Curry
Mercedes Danielle Diaz
Philip Downey
Jenee Andrea Doyen
Elizabeth C Ebueng
Vanessa Felix
Aja K Fernandez
Maricela Frymark
Rebecca Galvan
Bridget Camille Gardea
Norberto Mendes Gaspar
Marco A Gonzalez
Noreen Regina Gonzalez
Steven Wesley Guiles
Diana Aurora Guzman
Karl Antoine Harris
Yvonne Kyla Hjertstedt
Alan Quinette Holmes
Kevin Albert Huotari
Laura Marie Hutton
Nicole Victoria Ingham
Sarah Louise Johnston
Britney Ann Jones-Rethwisch
Annette Renee Joseph
Rebecca Mia Kim
Bianca L Lago
Mima Simina Laptes-Frangu
Robert Stefan Lawe
Israel Leon
David C Levinson
Ming Li
Lacey Lynn Lloyd
Iliana Marina Lopez
Gustavo Madrigal
Jake Ryan Magnant
Hector Martinez
Christopher A Mathews
Lauren Marie Mathiesen
Mark James Matthews
Mary Jocelyn Acosta-Ortega McPherson
Wendy Marie Mendoza
Elizabeth Quezada Mercado
Abida Merchant
Yolando Denise Mitchell Brown
Scott Arthur Mooney
Maria Esther Mora
Ryan Justin Morgan
Kristin Amber Moz
Samia Sulieman Muhareb
Janet Marie Nasir
Samia Nasry
Rebeca Isabell Nelson
Danny Bui Nguyen

Ellen Eun Mi Park
Cecilia Latrice Parker
Teresa Patel
David R Peel
Janet Perez
Jaime Antonio Pol
Gerald Bryan Rivard
Monica S Robocinski
Karina Sheri Rocha
Eliu Rodriguez
Cayce Morgan Rogers
Bonnie Michelle Ross
Sara Zeferina Ruiz
Guadalupe Sanchez
Susie Wang Sanchez
Jacqueline Ann Sanders
Tomi Ann Sena
Maria Smart
Ronalea Sue Spinks
Nancy T Than
Sneha A Tharayil ✦
Jayd Thomas
Lina Thomas
Cheryl Marie Tickamyer
Rodney Nolen Tilton
Shang-Ching Tsai
Iris Michelle Valdez
Shannon Marie Vezina
Mark Dennis Wiseman
Erin Smith Wolf
Hillary Diane Wolfe
Rainbow Wing-Po Wong
Hsiu-Wen Yang
Sarah Ting Yang
Xiao Ye
Grace Chi-Yun Yu
Erick E Zelaya

Abbreviations of Majors

  • GEMS: Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural Studies
  • LS: Liberal Studies

Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Cristina Alicia Aceves, LS
Leonard Alarcon, LS
Robin Diane Alarcon, LS †
Maria Alejandra Alcala, GEMS
Vanessa Almanza, LS †
Wendy Margarita Alvarez, LS
Patricia Isabel Amoroto, GEMS §✩
Marian Inez Anson, LS
Sharon Kathleen Antunez, LS
Elizabeth Arias, LS
Christine Marie Avila, LS
Yafa Basem Aweinat, GEMS
Brenda Ayon, LS
Jillian Lee Baker, LS

Nancy Maira Banuelos, LS
Giselle Basulto, LS
Adrian Dominique Bataclan, LS
Wendy Marie Bell, GEMS
Raquel Benitez, LS ¶
Brenda Berumen, LS
Kimberly Ann Bidelspach, LS
Melissa Alexandra Blancas, LS
Lucia Blanco, GEMS
Kristi Anne Bonifacio, LS
Ashley Dene’e Burch, GEMS †
Paulina Cabrera, GEMS
Amelia Isolda Callejas, LS ¶
Gabriela Camba, LS
Sarah Campos, LS
Esperanza Fe Candelaria, LS
Angelica Davina Cano, GEMS
Chanel Nicole Cantrell, LS
Christina Carbajal, LS
Vanessa Castaneda, LS
Jennifer Gema Cerda, LS
Howard Chang, LS
Alisha Louise Chugg, LS
Jennifer Lee Cole, LS
Alma Lorena Contreras, LS
Jennifer Stacy Contreras, LS
Leah Esther Cordova, LS
Laura Elena Cota, LS
Diana Elisa Cruz, LS
Johnna Lee Davisson, LS
Guadalupe del Rio, LS
Isaac Joseph Delgado, LS
Amanda M Desmuke, GEMS
Sarah Marie Donnelly, LS
Tawny Louise Drain, LS
Amber Rene’ East, LS §
Christa Irene Esquer, LS
Erika Libiar Estrada, GEMS,PSY
Reneanna Everling, LS
Seth Nathaniel Faeder, LS ¶
Rebecca Marie Farraj, LS
Kathryn Michelle Fickey, LS
Amber Fish, LS
Karon D Floyd, GEMS
Marissa Kelly Ford, LS
Lauren Leigh Fortelny, LS †
Amanda Marie Francis, LS §
Amber Jean Galvan, LS
Julisa Gamiochipe, LS
Godfrey Anne Gapido, LS
Cesar G Garcia, LS
Elizabeth Garcia, LS
Jann Cherie Garcia, LS
Armando Gomez, GEMS
Malerie Annette Gomez, LS
Rebecca Liliana Gomez, GEMS †
Carol Ann Gordon, LS
Jenny Guan, LS
Patricia Maria Guerra, GEMS
Sandra Guerrero, LS

Ahide Sarahit Gutierrez, GEMS,SOC
Kellie Rachelle Hall, LS
Kevin Richard Harmel, LS
Koby Kinsella Harris, LS
Shawn Adam Harris, LS
Tim Kinne Hendershott, LS
Daniel Christopher Hernandez, LS †
Tiene Thao Ho, LS
Daisy To Hong, LS
Aaron Mitchell Hopson, GEMS
Jonathan Huang, LS
Janene Marie Jarvis, LS †
Melanie Lynn Kerr, LS §
Candice Lee Kirkham, LS
Trisha Leigh Kleinschmidt, LS †
Michael Thomas Knight, LS
Lauren Ashley Lacayo, GEMS
Rebecca Marie Laredo, LS §
Jade Young Lee, LS
Morgan Rachelle Leinen, LS
Jennifer Ann Lindsey, LS
Johanna Stephanie Lopez, LS
Maria Teresa Lopez, GEMS
Nancy M Lopez, LS
Stephanie Lopez, LS
Joannasuong H Luu, LS
Carly Brianna Mackliff, LS
Tony Lawrence Magnon, LS
Gale Elaine Malloy, LS
Rosmery Manuyco, GEMS
Rico Marshello, LS
Rebekah Janice Martin, LS
Joanna Campos Martinez, LS
Justin M Mcdowell, LS
Kallie Michelle McKenzie, LS
Michelle Medina, LS
Erica Mercado, LS
Kevin Tsutomu Mochizuki, LS
Alexandra Nicole Mojado, GEMS
Ivan J Montano, GEMS,CE
Stephanie Montejo, GEMS
Monica Denise Montes, GEMS
Stephanie Morales, LS
Veronica Elaine Morelos, LS
Andrea Sophia Moreno, LS
Alfonso Munoz, GEMS
Carmen Fabiola Murtada, LS ¶
Tania Samir Musharbash, LS
Geneva Lorain Nation, LS
Mary Grace Nordine Menchaca, LS
Norma D. Nunez, LS ¶
Ines Nuno, GEMS
Stacey Ju Eun Oh, LS ¶
Melody Nicole Paez, GEMS
Marichris Deguzman Palmera, LS
Natalie Park, LS
Lorena Patino, GEMS
Kelli Renee Pederson, LS
Jennifer Lynn Peecher, LS,HRM
Dana Noel Peralta, LS,PSY

Carbell Leonel Perez, LS
Vianey Carolina Perez, LS †
Brielle Ann Phillips, LS
Ethan Terril Phillips, LS †
Bryan Michael Porter, LS
Vanesa DelCarmen Portillo, GEMS
Angela Nicole Presentadi, LS
Jade Adine Puicon, GEMS
Yvonne Felicita Ramos II, LS
Heather Kathrine Ramsey, GEMS
Amelia Renteria, GEMS
Yunuen Marcela Reyes, LS
Rebecca Marie Richardson, LS
Sarah Elizabeth Riley, LS †
Maricela Rodriguez, LS
Angela Jessica Romero, LS
Melissa Nadine Romero, LS
Maria Eugenia Rovirosa, LS
Jennifer Lynn Rumfola, LS
Maria Jazmin Salas-Garcia, LS
Cynthia Paula Samayoa, LS
Jessica Sanchez, LS
Lauren Alyssa Saunders, LS
Amber Monique Schonder, LS
Allison Scott-Erving, GEMS
Ashley Marie Serl, LS
Edgar Servin, LS
Jonathan Michael Shaw, LS
Jenna Michelle Skulski, LS ¶✥
Lisa Diane Slater, LS
Kathryn C Smith, LS †
Lucia Soriano, GEMS
Alexandria Marie Stahl, LS
Maria Lucia Stone, LS
Lily Michelle Such, LS ¶
Judy Tang, LS
Nadine Tecson, LS
Rachel Kathleen Terry, LS
Sarah Rose Thomas, LS
Julie Elisa Thorpe, LS
Bailey Alice Tripp, LS
Lou Verna Cao Trujillo, LS ¶
Morgan Siobhan Twiggs, GEMS
Gina Nicole Valdespino, LS
Nicole Marie Valenzuela, LS
John A Valero, LS
Erika Michelle Vallejo, LS
Guadalupe Vargas, GEMS
Claudia Carolina Vasquez, LS
Kandice Mischelle Vega, GEMS
Hadil Villalobos, LS
Tamara Stephanie Ward, LS
Ivana Michelle Wiarco, LS
Kevin Daniel Williams, LS
Carissa Noel Wilson, LS
Allison Mary Wolgat, GEMS ¶
Melanie Mei Wong, LS
Ellie Leigh Wood, GEMS § ✦
Jessica Yang, GEMS §✩
Zabrina Rochelle Ziemba , LS
§ Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00 (GPA)
¶ Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79
† Cum Laude 3.50-3.64
 President’s Council Scholar
 Ronald E. McNair Scholar
 Keith and Jean Kellogg Honors College


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