College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
Commencement Program

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

Dean's Message


Office of the Dean
College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Dear Graduates of the Class of 2012,

dean sharon hillesOn behalf of the faculty of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, I would like to extend to each of you and your families my heartfelt congratulations.

Today you are participating in a long and noble tradition. The robes and mortarboards you are wearing date back to the 12th and 13th century, as do many of the disciplines in this college. Today we will send you out into the world as graduates of the various disciplines in this college to seek and find your own path.

During the past few years your faculty have guided you in developing skills in critical thinking, complex problem solving, and communicating clearly and effectively. You have learned that truly educated people are ethical and fair, and you have an understanding of individuals and groups, and of social, political and economic systems. We believe that the quality of your lives will continue to be enriched by an appreciation of literature and the arts, and by an understanding of the past so that you can participate in creating the future as productive professionals and as engaged and socially responsible citizens.

Today I extend to you the same invitation extended by deans before me: Come back and share your adventures with us and with the students who will be taking your place in our classrooms next year. Keep in touch. We will be cheering for you and waiting to hear your stories.

With warm regards,
Sharon L. Hilles, Dean
College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences


University Quad
10:00 a.m., Sunday, June 10, 2012
Dr. Sharon Hilles, Dean, Presiding
Dr. Edward Rocklin, Mace Bearer and Grand Marshal

Musical Overture


Dr. Daniel Lewis
The National Anthem Diana Amaya

Welcome and Introduction of Platform Party

Dean Sharon Hilles
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Presentation of Class Gift Elizabeth Gonzalez
College Valedictorian and Recipient of
The Julian A. McPhee Honor Award: Cristina Saca
Dean Sharon Hilles, President Ortiz

Provost Award for Excellence in Service:
Dr. Faye Wachs

Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mace Bearer and Outstanding Advisor Award Recipient: Dr. Edward Rocklin
Presentation of Master’s Candidates Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Master’s Degrees President Ortiz
Master’s Hooding Department Chairs
Graduate Coordinators
Presentation of Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees Dean Sharon Hilles
Conferral of Baccalaureate Degrees President Ortiz
Baccalaureate Presentation Dean Sharon Hilles
Closing Remarks Dean Sharon Hilles

Outstanding Students

Communication Department

  • Baccalaureate

Dr. Richard Kallan, Chair Baccalaureate

  • Amy Love

Economics Department

  • Baccalaureate
  • Master of Science in Economics

Dr. Lynda Rush, Chair

  • Marc Montana
  • Xiaoyu Chen

English and Foreign Languages

  • Baccalaureate English
  • Baccalaureate Spanish
  • Master of Arts in English (TESL)
  • Master of Arts in English (Rhetoric/Composition)
  • Master of Arts in English (Literature)

Dr. Liliane Fucaloro, Chair

  • Rachel Brown
  • Diana Zapata
  • Rachel Bassett
  • Ryan Leack

  • Gino Barragan

Geography and Anthropology Department

  • Baccalaureate Anthropology
  • Baccalaureate Geography
  • Baccalaureate Social Sciences

Dr. Dorothy D. Wills, Chair

  • Katherine Flores
  • Albert Flores
  • Janine Linn

History Department

  • Baccalaureate

Dr. Amanda Podany, Chair

  • Valerie Strawn

Music Department

  • Baccalaureate

Dr. Iris Levine, Chair

  • Phillip Pitcher

Philosophy Department

  • Baccalaureate

Dr. David Adams, Chair

  • Walter Orozco

Political Science Department

  • Baccalaureate
  • Master of Public Administration

Dr. David Speak, Chair

  • Cristina Saca
  • Julius Jarrin

Psychology and Sociology Department

  • Baccalaureate Psychology
  • Baccalaureate Sociology
  • Baccalaureate Behavioral Sciences
  • Master of Science in Psychology

Dr. David Horner, Chair

  • Michael Hanson
  • Joanna Williams
  • Bradley Boyer
  • Rebecca Carter and
    Bonnie Gillaspy

Theatre and New Dance Department

  • Baccalaureate

Mr. C. Julian White, Chair

  • Nathaniel Akstin-Johnson

Provost's Award for Service

dr. faye wachsProfessor Faye Wachs joined Cal Poly Pomona in 2002 after completing her doctoral program at USC. She has served on the Academic Senate, Faculty Affairs Committee of the Senate, and the CLASS Curriculum Committee. She helped to improve the climate on campus through the Advance Grant, the Kellogg Minorities Group project, and the Faculty Center for Professional Development. In 2004, she received a three-year grant from the Department of Education to provide physical education resources, staff and training for children in Pomona. Wachs is the current president of the North American Society for Sport Sociology.

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Economics

Ahmad Mohammad Almeqren
Jose C Alvarez
Narek Vartan Bejanyan
Jonathan Joey Carrasco ✦
Kathryn May Chan
Xiaoyu Chen
Mitali Pranav Dalal
Huy Q Do
Roman Garagulagian
Edward Thomas Garcia
Isaac Hector Garcia
Kenneth James Lopez
Li-Hua Lu
Van Ly
Ana Kristel Cardeno Molina
Matthew Wai Hong Ng
Drew Matthew Robinson I
Amith Jay Shetty
Olzhas Smagulov
Jess Taosuvanna
Benjamin Emmanuel Teal
Wan Ting Tse
Peng Wang
Shawn Mel Weiss
Edmond Minhchi Wu

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts in English

Hilda Carmen Alvarez
Gino Barragan
Rachel Irene Bassett
David Robert Bryant
Brandon D Castrejon
Eduardo Dominguez
Brittney Marie Flynn
Stephanie L Fuller
Jenny Galvan
Zsolt Szasz Girba
Dresden Felicity Hauck
Kara Lee Hunter
Veronica T Lam
Ryan D Leack ✦
Paul George Lehman-Schletewitz ✦
Ashley Elaine Matyn
Audrey Arinina Meyer
Michelle Mitchell
Antonio Javier Montanez
Peter Michael Newlove
Isai Orozco
Adriana Sanchez
Matthew Allan Whitney
Selena Marie Zeledon

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts in History

Robert John Alvarez
Allison Steffen Blythe
Luis Diaz Jr.
Daniel Robert Genung
Jalyn Avy Guidangen-Barnard
Leticia Renee Hilton
Cherilynne Hollowell
Philip Michael Kasinski
Aaron M Loomis
Patricia Ann Morgan
Ngatha Felice Nyaggah
Jason Garrett Parker
Kelly Grace Poelstra
Carolyn Jean Power
Kellen Matthew Quinto
Nathaniel Rivera
Edwin Leroy Rumsey

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Psychology

Claudia Cristina Avila
Christine Michelle Bowers ✦
Rebecca Ashley Carter
David Felix
Bonnie Kathleen Gillaspy
Leticia Guzman
Amber Jean Hebb
Nafisa Husain
Wendy Sue Johansen
Mary Virginia Pacheco
Randi Lynn Riedell
Armando Michael Rivera
Breanne Lyn Unruh
Natalie Jae Vincent

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Public Administration

Elena Alvarez
Brandon Jared Bullock
Reuben Anthony Chavez
Becky Bing Chen
Nancy Thanh Diep
Helen Hoang Ho
Julius W Jarrin
Ryan S Johnson
Jane B Kim
Ramon T Lomingkit II
Victoria M Menzies
Beatrice Tabizon Musacchia
Jacqueline M Natividad
Bradford Everett Netherton
Abimbola Mobolaji Odusoga
Maria Emily Perez
Michael Jay Pierce
Jerry Lee Price
Daniel Carlos Rosas Jr.
Carolina Sanchez
Tahira Singh
LaShonda LaNiece Smith
Danielle Julia Tellez
Aradhana Vilas Tiwari
Vanessa Wiarco
Richard Phillip Woo
§ Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00 (GPA)
¶ Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79
† Cum Laude 3.50-3.64
 President’s Council Scholar
 Ronald E. McNair Scholar
 Keith and Jean Kellogg Honors College

Abbreviations of Majors

  • ANT Anthropology
  • BHS Behavioral Science
  • COM Communication
  • EC Economics
  • ENG English
  • GEO Geography
  • HST History
  • MUS Music
  • PHL Philosophy
  • PLS Political Science
  • PSY Psychology
  • SSC Social Sciences
  • SOC Sociology
  • SPN Spanish
  • TH Theatre

Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Britnee LeeAnn Abbott, HST †
Joseph Alden Abella, COM
Daniel Acuna, COM
Jacklyn Alpuerto Agor, MUS
Amy Judith Aguero, PSY
Jessica P Aguilar, COM
Noelle Rebecca Aguilar, COM
Joshua Jay Aguilera, GEO
Matthew Stephen Aguirre, MUS
Nathaniel Thomas Akstin-Johnson, TH ¶
Ellen Alamilla, SOC
Marielle Caragao Alcasid, SOC †
Melanie Haven Alcorn, MUS
Barret Thomas Alexander, PLS
Lauren Marie Alexander, ANT
Grecia Alfaro, MUS
Justin Adam Alle-Corliss, ENG †
Elaine Alluin, ENG
Alfred Ikenna Amadi, PSY
Diana Carolina Amaya, MUS †
Jacquelyn Marie Andersen, PSY
Christopher Neil Anderson, MUS
Kathy Sonia Anderson, MUS, MKT
Cinthia Rosario Angulo, PSY
Cindy Aparicio, HST
Kimberly Elisabeth Arbogast, PSY
Anthony Mychal Arcaro, ENG
Elizabeth Nicole Arcila, PSY ¶
Melissa Morgan Area, SOC ¶
Claudia Stephanie Arguelles, SOC
Stephanie Jessica Arias, HST ¶
Chelsea Marie Arme, COM
Gabriela Arteaga, PSY
Marlene Asdourian, ENG
Cecil Christopher Ashley, SOC
Anna Athanasoulis, PSY
Desiree Avila, SOC
Alyssa Victoria Avila-Dillon, PSY
Vanessa Carolina Ayala, SOC
Loren-Loyd Bacallo, PSY

Christy Young Mi Bae, PSY
Mariam Bagdasaryan, SOC
Katie M Baker, PSY †
Amy Riye Barrera, COM
Ashley Lauren Barrios, ENG
Alexandria Anais Barron, PSY
Eric Scott Barron, PSY
Abigail Sue Bauer, TH
Yesu Baymus, ENG
Carey Louisa Beach, PSY
Shawnice Zurimary Beal, PSY
Michael AdamsFrame Bearden, MUS
Jamie Grace Bell, ENG
Sean ThomasJamesWilmont Bell, PSY
William E Bender, PSY
Sam George Benjamin, PLS
Emily Elizabeth Benson, PLS
Brenda Roxanne Berber, PSY
Shane Richard Berger, HST
Holly Janeen Bergk, MUS †
Lina Bhambhani, COM
Kristaps Janis Birznieks, GEO
Robert James Black, EC
Tracy Blackman, MUS
Ryan Dana Blakely, ENG
Allen Mario Blanco, ANT
Nicole Kathleen Bolton, ENG
Jacob Tyler Bow, HST
Katrin Bower, HST
Charles Howard Bowyer IV, PLS §
Bradley Steven Boyer, BHS †
Jeffrey D Boyle, EC
Daniel Bravo, TH
Ellen Marie Brennan, MUS
Chandra Nicholle Brenner, TH
Rebecca Noelle Brinker, HST
Chad Michael Brooks, MUS
Justin Lamar Brooks, PSY
Joshua Paul Broschat, PHL
Forrest Bourque Brown, GEO
Gregory Brown, HST
Howard Russell Brown Jr., SOC
Jasmine Nicole Brown, PSY
Rachel Lynn Brown, ENG †
Samantha Noelle Bruce, EC
Cristina Bueno, BHS
Andrew Bugarin, SOC
Clayton Joseph Burke, HST
Vartan Bursalyan, GEO
Jade AlyssaNicole Cagalawan, TH
Virginia Bernadette Cain, ANT
Azalia Jenjivive Caldera, SOC
Jazmine Camacho, SOC
Stephanie Camarena, SPN
Jasmine Chanel Cameron, SOC
Janae M Campbell, ANT
Carlos Antonio Campos, PSY
Miguel Angel Canto Jr., COM
Cheyenne I Cantu, SOC
Theresa Bui Cao, PSY †
Karla Cardenas, SOC
Ashley Marie Carlson, HST
Erik Hunter Carr, COM
Alice Esperanza Carranza, ENG ¶
Jack Ryan Carter, PSY
Tony Robert Castellano, COM
Danielle Celeste Castillo, ANT
Elvia Castro, HST
Brenda Luz Catarino, ANT
Angela Zuniga Cayabyab, COM
Andrew Aaron Cedergren, ENG
Rebekah Ann Celaya, ENG
Noel Cerda, PSY
Lorrina Marie Cervantes, PSY
Edna P Cervantez, BHS
Erika M Chacon, COM
Yuliya Rezayeva Chacon, PHL
Jeremy Joseph Chafatinos, MUS, MHR
Lara Tony Chahine, PSY
Lily Chan, PSY ¶
Michelle Debbie Chan, ENG
On Nei Chan, SOC
Andrew H Chang, HST †
Shawn Colleen Chang, PSY
Lasonja Denise Chatman, ENG
Susana Chavez, PSY
Valerie Lily Chen, COM †
Valen Cheung, PSY ¶

Wesley Chi-Yet Cheung, PSY
Alyssa Jane Christiansen, SOC †
Daniel Chun, MUS
Jasmine J Chung, COM
Kenneth Richard Churning III, SOC
Justin Daniel Clark, PHL
Meighan Ashley Clase, ENG ¶
Danielle Leigh Cofer, ENG
Kevin Anthony Cohn, GEO
Luis Alberto Concha, PLS
Kelsey Rae Cone, COM
Catherine Carolina Conrado, ANT
Ana Bertha Contreras, BHS
Raymond Contreras, ANT
John Braxton Conway, HST
Kymberly Yvonne Cooper, SOC
Brittany Danielle Corkery, COM
Monica Lynette Cortes, ENG
Edward Patrick Cortez, PSY
Rosio Corza, COM
Nicholas Michael Costanza, SOC ¶
Corinne Jordan Costello, ANT
Maureen Jameson Cox, SOC
Jennifer Elaine Cryer, EC, PHL § ✦
Nicholas Albert Cuddihy, MUS
Carla Maria Cuellar, SOC
Tania Elizabeth Cuellar-Santos, PSY
Juan Antonio Cuevas, BHS
Dai xi Cui, PSY
Robert Lowell Dabbs III, PSY
Syuzanna Daibyan, PSY
McKenzie William Dalton, GEO
Jacqueline Antoinette Daneri, MUS
Shonte Monique Daniels, PSY
Amanda Kristine Davis, GEO
Andrew Donavon Davis, GEO
Bettyeruth Annette Davis, PSY
Brett Parker Davison, SOC
Chandra Siena Dawson, COM
Farheen Dayala, COM
Monique Kristine De Barry, PSY
Jacqueline Magdangal De Guzman, COM
Mireya Pilar De La Cerra, COM
Cristal De LaTorre, PLS
Lewis Nolan De Vera, SOC
Brandi Nicole Del Real, SOC
Camille Marella Delgadillo, PSY
Michael Julian Delgado, MUS
Andrea Maria Diaz, ENG
Nicole Katherine Diaz, SOC
Teresa Diaz, SOC
Marques Jamaal Dickson, ENG, FRL ✩
Ryan Nghiep Hong Dieu, GEO
William Robert Dinwiddie, TH
Thomas Do, PLS
Pauline Sylvia Dominguez, PSY
Mari Ashley Donaldson, SOC
Hannah Celeste Dreyfuss, COM
Michelle Irene Duarte, SOC
Korbyn Christopher Dubois, HST ¶
Leslie Duenas, PSY
Theresa Helene Dunipace, TH
Amber Nicole Duran, COM
Rebecka Rae Durflinger, ENG
Paul Dwyer, PLS
Daniela Ida Dykes, PLS § ✥
Virginia Irene Eads, PSY
Jason Ebueng, MUS
Keisha Kamille Ebueng, PSY
Andrea Marie Edwards, ENG
Tyson Robert Edwards, PSY
Deborah S Eggeman, PSY, TH
Ali Souheil Elachkar, PLS ¶
Rudaina Sami Elalami, SOC ¶
Scott M Elder, GEO ¶
Jet Evan Elfman, MUS
Victoria Elias, EC
Chris John Encinas, PSY
Samantha Shannon Engle, ANT †
Eric Escobar, GEO
Cristal Maria Esparza, PSY
Stacey Senette Espinoza, PSY
Erika Libiar Estrada, PSY, GEMS
Eva Marie Estrada, PLS
Neda Etemadian, PSY
Sheri C Evans, ENG
Zackary A Fahl, MUS
Diana Atef Fakhoury, SOC

Winston Ryan Falkenstein, ENG
Loren Stephany Farias, PSY
Samantha Marylynn Fauria, PSY
Stephanie Anne Fehrmann, COM
Alma Beatriz Felipe Ochoa, TH
Elizabeth Jasmin Fernandez, PSY
Nicholas Perez Ferreira, PSY
Jonathan Andrew Fetzer, MUS
Abdiel Jose Flores, PSY ✦
Albert Peter Flores, GEO ¶
Herman Flores Jr., SOC
Joe Flores III, SOC
Jorge U Flores, TH
Katherine Elizabeth Flores, ANT § ✦ ✥
Bricklin Phillip Foley, SOC
Laura Michelle Foley, ENG
Michael John Fonseca, SPN
Billy Dino Fotopoulos, ANT
Brittney Marie Foutz, ENG
Christine Alyse Fox, MUS
Daniel James Fox, ENG
Emily Shante Franklin, PLS
William Davis Fredericks, GEO
Matthew Thomas Freeland, HST †
Jacqueline Freyre, PSY
Amelia Ann Fritsch, PHL
Henry John Fuentes Jr., PLS
Kimberly Jessica Fuentes I, SOC
Kristen Suzanne Fuerch, EC
Lia Maria Fulgaro, ENG ¶
Patricia Elizabeth Galeas, COM
Christopher Michael Galindo, PSY
Dianna Valeria Galindo, PSY
Zach Philip Gallegos, EC
Geneva Denise Gallman, SOC
Jose Manuel Gamboa, HST
Lizzet Rachel Gamboa, SOC
Alana Garcia, PSY
Christopher Lee Garcia, HST
Demarco A Garcia, HST
Diana Elisa Garcia, COM
Evelyn Garcia, PSY
Francisco Garcia Jr., PHL †
Iris Analy Garcia, COM ¶
Jesus R Garcia, PSY
Joseph Nicholas Garcia, SOC †
Leslie Ann Garcia, PSY †
Luis Angel Garcia, SOC
Michael Lou Garcia, MUS
Nancy L Garcia, SPN
Karina Garcia Lizarraga, SOC
Karla Garcia Tapia, SPN
Jasmine Y Gasca, SOC †
Amanda M Gauthier, ENG
Timothy Gavilanes, PSY
Sergio Ramon Gaytan, SOC
Brittney Monea Gentry, SOC
Geramaldi Geramaldi, GEO
Leila Bill Ghosn, PSY
Kamilla Lynn Gibson, HST
Kurren Singh Gill, PLS
Nicolette Fay Gillespie, PSY
Robert Keith Goetz, COM
Daniela Gomez, SOC
Jessica Lizzet Gomez, PSY †
Matthew Erik Gomez, PLS
Nathaniel Jason Gomez, SOC
Bianca Carissa Gonzales, COM
Ian Anthony Gonzales, MUS
Ananezie Gregoria Gonzalez, SOC
Christine Gonzalez, PSY
Damaris Alexa Gonzalez, BHS
Daniel Gonzalez, PSY
Danielle Krisitina Gonzalez, PSY
Elizabeth Gonzalez, ANT
Gloria Leticia Gonzalez, COM
Jeddith Kalina Gonzalez, MUS
Andrea Marie Goodwin, PSY
Christopher Kian Gorgani, SOC
Joanne Granados, SOC
Andrew John Graves, TH
Donald D Graves, SOC
Christine A Gray, COM
Irene Marie Grogan, PSY
Logan James GrosJean, SOC ¶
Vanessa Maria Guerra, PSY
Lance T Guerrero, COM
Maria Lluvia Guerrero, PSY

Richard Frank Guerrero, PLS
Mary Alice Guillory, COM †
Jacob Oscar Gurley IV, PLS
Ahide Sarahit Gutierrez, SOC, GEMS
Arlene Gutierrez, COM
Doreen Samantha Gutierrez, MUS
Jacqueline Marie Gutierrez, SOC †
Karen Angelica Gutierrez, PSY
Melissa Gutierrez, COM
Shannon Camille Gutierrez, SOC
Melissa Christine Guzman, PSY
Noor Sama Haddad, SPN ¶
Amber Lynn Hagen, SOC
Jocelyn Y Hahn, HST
Nicholas Adam Hall, SOC
Karlie Ann Halverson, COM
Lauren Michelle Hamm, SOC
Christina S Han, SOC
Ji Yon Han, TH †
Michael James Hanson, PSY §
Diana Lizbeth Hardin, COM
Amanda Krystal Harnen, PSY
Emily Michelle Harris, MUS, TH
Diana A Hassen, MUS
Samantha Suzanne Hathaway, ENG
Jennifer Luzano Hawkins, ANT †
Ambryss Rishana Haymond, COM
Megan Elizabeth Fujiko Heger, PSY, PHL
Ali Katherine Heiss, PLS
Kirk Wing Chew Hemans, COM
Laura Mae Hendrick, COM
Alisha Barbra Hendry, PSY
Christina Marie Hennings, PSY
Jennifer Ann Hermann, HST †
Britney Alexis Hernandez, COM
Daniel-Jason Hernandez, ENG
Digna Jannette Hernandez, SOC
Kristen Lynn Hernandez, COM
Melinda Coreen Hernandez, GEO
Rafael Adrian Hernandez, ENG
Rebekah Darlene Hernandez, SOC
Samantha Christina Hernandez, SOC
Rizzalynne Joy Barros Herrera, SSC
Vanessa Angelina Herrera, PSY
Melissa Morgan Hershey, MUS
Megan Noelle Hewko, HST
Natalie Rose Hewko, ENG
Blake Anthony Hill, MUS
RaNeshia Shaunta Hill, SOC
Natalhy G Hinojosa, PSY
Brian Phillip Hjelmervik Jr., HST
Renee Kathleen Hlavka, ANT
Benjamin Culick Ho, ENG
Alexander Kavon Hodjat, PSY
Mia Sara Hollister, PSY
David Alan Hood, GEO
Dominique Mori Hooper, COM
Carolyn A Horning, HST
Meghann Nichole Horton, HST
Leah Marie Houdetsanakis, SOC
Rebecca Hsu, COM
Walter Lim Hsu, SOC
Angelina Hu, MUS
Kaylie Hue Hua, EC
Jessica Huang, SOC
Sarah Ann Huisman, ENG
Ana Alicia Huizar, SOC †
James A Hunt III, TH
Briana Alyssa Hunter, COM
Ali Nazir Hussain, EC
Cassandra Rose Hutchinson, PSY
Susie Myung Hwang, PLS
Clifford C Ignacio, PLS
Renee Anais Isagholian, PHL
Hannah Marie Isom, PSY
Allison Elizabeth Jansen, HST
Robert John Jansen, GEO
Sariy Jaradat, MUS
Frankie Monique Jauregui, PLS
Jeff Vasco Javier, TH
Ashley Megan Jenkins, COM
Kristen Kathleen Jensen, PSY
Diana Carolina Jerez, SOC
Sapna H Jethani, ENG ¶
Timothy Aaron Jewell, ENG §
Kellie Lauren Johnnie, SOC
Aaron Johnson, COM
Amanda Velvet Johnson, PSY

Christopher Lovell Johnson, SOC ¶
Christopher Russell Johnson, COM
Matthew Dylan Johnson, PLS
Spencer Allen Johnson, PSY
Stewart Johnson, PSY
William James Johnson, PSY
Karyn Escotillo Jones, PSY ¶
Jazmine Monique Joseph, SOC
Jose Antonio Jovel, EC
Judy Elizabeth Juarez, SOC
Jonathan Scott Jung, PLS †
Michael Hunil Jung, MUS
SooHyun Jung, PSY
Michael Yong Junne, COM
Warda Kabir, PLS
Caitlin Nicole Kaller, COM
Dana Kanchana, PLS
Danielle Sheppard Kelly, ANT
Cory Bruce Kessler, COM
Payla Kevorkian, PSY
Saad B Khalid, PLS
Patric Sam Khiev, PLS
Jinsil Nancy Kim, COM
Akilah Kenya Kimble, COM
Samantha Nicole Kinzle, PSY
Christine Noelle Kitamura, ENG
Jessica Lynn Koffler, TH †
Kiley Danielle Kolb, PSY
Dmitriy Mikhailovich Konopatskiy, COM
Alexei A Krassovsky, MUS
Kyle Allen Krueger, PLS
Shannon Rae Kuklovsky, MUS, AS
Kavita Devaki Kumar, SOC
Lauren Nicole Kyle, PSY
Daniella Alexandra Lafkas, HST
Ina Laguerta, HST ¶
Khoa Jim T Lam, ENG
Lauren Lynn Lamandia, PSY
Brittany Allison Lamson, PSY
Edward Donald Lanter, HST †
Eric Donald Lanter, HST
Jose Luis Lara, HST
Carlos Enrique Larios, SOC
Claire Janet Larson, HST
Josh Alan Laub, COM
Mandy Law, PSY
Arthur Jyn Lee, HST
Chantel Kristy Lee, COM
Han Byul Lee, PSY
Jason Yee Lee, PSY
Monica Jennifer Lee, COM
Sarah Yongkyung Lee, SOC
Ida Havila Legesse, PLS
Kristin K Lehigh, ENG §
Dustin J Leicht, HST
Christina Angelique Leonard, PSY
David Paul Lepore, TH †
Simon P H Leung, PSY
Lydia Stephanie Lewis, HST
Ming Liao, PSY
William Frank Lieffers, PSY
Nok Yan Bianche Lin, COM
Janine Rochelle Linn, SSC
Adriana Lira, SPN
Maria R Liwanag, MUS
Lizette Lizardi, PSY
Christina S Lo, PSY
Alexandra Vera Loakes, SOC
Lorena Loera, SOC
Jennafer Louise Long, ANT
Berenice Lopez, PSY ¶
Brittany Loren Lopez, PSY
Daniel Alexander Lopez, PHL
Eric David Lopez, SOC §
Jocelyn Lopez, COM, PSY
Karina Ramos Lopez, COM
Lilia Gonzalez Lopez, PSY
Luisamaria Lopez, SOC
Marcelo Lopez, PHL
Ricardo Lopez, SPN
Steve Lopez, SOC
Yesica Lopez Arroyo, PSY
Amy Jean Love, COM ¶
Jocelyne Luna, SOC
Phil Khai Luong, COM
Jenny Luu, PSY
Ivan Luviano, PLS
Adriana Macias, SOC

Bertha Alicia Maciel, PSY
Nicole Danielle Madrid, COM
Christina Marie Maine, SOC
Meghan Petrina Maldonado, HST
Natalie N Maldonado, GEO †
Richard Maldonado, PSY
Dayna Christine Mallett, ENG
Mernyll A Manalo, EC
Lisa Mondae Manriquez, PSY
Phillip Phina Mao, EC
Shai Maor, SOC
Raymond Joseph Markel, MUS
Guadalupe Fabiola Marquez, SOC †
Jose Marquez, ENG, PLS
Tiffany Ann Marrufo, COM
Alejandro Viramontes Martinez, PLS
Cinthya Ivonne Martinez, ENG, PSY ✥
Daniel A. Martinez, MUS
Ericka Martinez, PSY
Maria Delpilar Martinez, EC
Elizabeth Kathleen Coulam Martinkovic, EC
Joseph Frederick Martone, COM
Matthew Michael Matsumoto, COM
Brittni Elizabeth May, COM
Daniel Vary May, COM
Lisseth Denise Mayorga, BHS
Amber Lynn Mc Dermott, HST
Christopher Matthew McCarthy, COM
Nicole Irene McClain, GEO
Derriea De’Sean McGlothern, HST
Kathleen Ellen McLean, MUS
Lael Alexandra McLeod, PSY
Kristin Simone McNeese, PSY
Brittany Vanee Mcquinn, COM
Jaycee Cristobal Medina, COM
Jennifer Elizabeth Mejia, PSY
Nick Mele, PSY
Alisia Mendez, PSY
Manuel Roger Mendez, EC
Marcus Mendez, SOC
Corina Michelle Mendoza, PSY
Jasmine Herminia Mendoza, PSY
Sewit Araya Mengisteab, PLS
Valeria Mercado, SOC
Jonathan Merino, HST
Anne Marie Mesko, HST
Zachary Christophercole Metzinger, HST
Amanda Marie Meyer, PSY
Brett David Meyer, PLS
Chase Jonathan Michaels, PSY
Tamara Michel, SOC
America Miguel Martinez, PSY
Kayce Nicole Miller, COM
Arin Minasian, EC
Irma Carmela Miramontes, PSY
Pedro Miranda, PLS
Jennifer Manami Miyawaki, HST, PSY
Shoeb Mohammed, PLS
Jane Allison Molina, MUS
Caitlin Rachelle Molinari, COM
Brent Michael Monacelli, HST
Denise Montalvo, SPN
Marc Christopher Montana, EC §
Carmen Aracely Montenegro, PSY
Marie Ellene Montgomery, COM
Megan Sara Montoya, PSY
Adan Alberto Morales, PSY
Jessica Megan Moran, SPN
Sophia Selema Morelli, SOC
Eduardo Antonio Moreno, HST
Matthew Anthony Moreno, PSY
Yazmin Moreno, SOC
Michael V Morreale, HST
Jonathan David Moxley, GEO
Elizabeth M Muehlmann, PHL
Christina Jean Mugg, MUS, ACC †
Aaron Thomas Muller, HST
Paul Andrew Munoz Jr., SSC
Jessica G Murillo, PSY
Breann Kristen Nagy, SOC
Diego Rafael Napoles, MUS
Edith Guadalupe Narez, SPN
Oscar James Narro, MUS
Carlos Navarrete, SPN
Desiree Ileana Navarro, PSY
Rocio Navarro, SOC
Valeria Navarro, SOC
Michael John Neff, COM

Morgan Blythe Nelson, MUS †
Samantha Lynnette Nelson, SOC
Amanda Noel Newfield, COM
Nicholas Anthony Newton, MUS
Eric Kaon Ng, TH
Andy Nguo, TH
Duy Minh Nguyen, EC
Kathy Dinhphi Nguyen, COM
Ryan-Quang Ba Nguyen, HST
Emile R Nijmeh, ENG
Charlotte Danielle Noonan, PSY
Katelyn Jessica Norris, COM ✥
Jennifer Novoa, EC
Maria Elena Nunez, SOC
Keith Eric Nyeholt, SSC
Adrian Lopez Obeso, PSY
Eunice Ocampo, SOC
Mariana Ocampo, SOC
Brenda Edith Ochoa, SOC
Claudia Liszeth Ochoa, ANT
Patrick Shawn O’Connell, ANT
Dale Francis Ogden Jr., PHL ¶
Lindsey Anne O’Gorman, COM
Rocio Ojeda, SOC
Jason James Oldani, GEO
Corey Olsewski, SOC
Michael Joseph Olvera, PLS
Chioma Onyekachi Onyekwere, SOC †
Nicole Rae Totanes Ormeo, MUS
Walter Orozco, PHL §
Anthony Ablola Orque, PLS
Bryant Orta, MUS, FRL
Ariana Ortega, PSY
Elissa Ortega, ENG §
Maximeno David Ortega III, SOC
Ana I Ortega Garcia, GEO
Joseph Louis Ortiz, PSY
Kevin Scott Ortiz, PSY ¶
Agustin Ortiz Jr., ANT
Angelica Kristine Osuna, COM
Alana Marie Overstreet, PSY
Sarah Analiese Owen, GEO
Jessica Elaine Palacio, SOC
Megan Rebecca Ianthe Pandy, SOC
Monica Paniagua, PSY
Regina Michelle Pantoja, COM
Victoria Pantoja, ANT §
Michael John Parada, MUS
Christopher Sunjae Park, PLS
Olivia Marisa Park, PLS
Marissa Gabriela Parra, SOC
Marco Joshua Pastrana Jr., PHL
Jessica Nicole Paz, PSY
LaRhonda Carmelle Peaches, COM
Darlene Joanne Peceimer, SPN
Gregory Edward Peer, COM §
Jovanny Pelayo, SOC
Vincent Edward Pena Jr., SOC
Becky A Pepping, COM
Dana Noel Peralta, PSY, LS
Sari Denise Peralta, SOC
DeeAnn Patricia Perez, HST
Evelyn Perez, PSY
Evan Austin Perkins, COM
Taylor Alexander Perrett, MUS
Michael Mai Phan, COM
Cody Alan Phelps, EC †
Shane Griffith Philipps, COM
Cammi Ann Pierre, PSY
Jeanette Pinedo, BHS
Marlyn Pinedo, PLS
Melissa Pinedo, SPN
Marissa Nicole Pinon, PSY
Phillip Andrew Pitcher, MUS, ECE ¶
Ana Gabriela Pizano, PSY
Katherine Elizabeth Plank, COM
Christopher Philip Plant, PSY §
Rebecca Plazola, SOC †
Kimberly Elaine Pluth, COM
Nathan Roberts Pope, HST
Elizabeth Portela, HST
Laura Brittany Pozzi, PLS
Joel F Prado, MUS
Kaitlin Sarah Presley, ENG †
Brittney Shelton Price, COM
Samantha Marie Printy, COM
Nick James Proctor, MUS
Krisha Jean Pruhs, ANT § ✦ ✩

Ashley Christina Pruitt, ENG
Heidi Lynn Pyka, SOC
Andrew Ernie Quezada, EC
Fatima Lourdes Quinones Martinez, SPN
Megan Marie Ramaglia, COM
Nestor Alejandro Ramirez, PSY †
Shirley Yesenia Ramirez, BHS
Elia Iris Ramos, PSY
Erika Christine Ramos, PSY
Christina Marie Ramsdell, PSY
Matthew David Razo, ENG
Tracy Elizabeth Rey, PSY
Cyndi Reyes, HST
David Micheal Reyes, TH ¶
Dinora Judith Reyes, PSY
Jorge Armando Reyes, MUS
Maria Lourdes Reyes, PLS
Monica Renee Reyes, PSY
Vanessa Medina Reynaga, HST ✥
Nathan Sterling Rhodes, HST
Tyler Paul Rich, PSY ¶
Jonathan Timothy Richmond, PLS
Christopher Benjamin Rios, PSY ✩
Jaime Benjamin Rivera, MUS
Mario Adalberto Rivera, PSY
Esther Maria Roa, SOC
Bianca Alyce Robinson, PSY
Colin Michael Robinson, HST
Franklin A Robinson, PSY
Lisa Marie Robles, COM
Raquel Robles, HST †
Reginaldo Robles, PLS
Kale’ Kapoli Rodrigues, MUS
Adalberto Rodriguez, COM
Briana Luz Rodriguez, PSY
Efren Rodriguez, MUS
Elsa Rodriguez, SOC
James Charles Rodriguez, MUS
Mianna Renae Rodriquez, ANT †
Larry Arnold Rojas, SOC
Vanessa Romero, SOC
Angel Romo Jr., ANT
Jeffrey Richard Ronayne, SOC
Amparo Rosales, PSY
Paul Andrew Rosales, COM
Teresita Viviana Rosas, SOC
Stephen Robert Rose, ENG
Sharnel Leiann Ross, MUS
Alejandra Rothenhausler, PSY
Shane Arthur Rowles, GEO †
Carina Ruiz, PSY
Markoneo F Rutledge, COM
Robert Olsen Ruud, PHL
Stephanie Rocio Ryczek, ENG
Caryn Bryana Sabeh, SOC
Paul Rances Sabordo, GEO
Cristina Maria Saca, PLS § ✦ ✥
Luis R Saco, SOC
Nadin Sam Said, PHL †
Ruben D Salas, ENG
Veronica Salazar, PSY
Anthony Salerno, MUS
Adrian Rene Samora, COM
Tanya Natasha Sanabria, SOC ¶ ✦ ✩ ✥
Anthony Michael Sanchez, PLS
Clementine Rose Sanchez, GEO †
Jose Guadalupe Sanchez Castro, SPN
Adriana Sandoval, SOC
Candice Catherine Sandoval, ENG
Denise Eva Santamaria, COM
Janet Santana, MUS
Alicia Diane Santos, TH
Mariel Grace Santos, ENG
Monique Venice Santy, SOC
Ryan Mitchell Sarancha, ENG
Maria Theresa Sazon, PSY
Brigette Delfina Scarborough, PSY
Ami-Rose Elizabeth Schmidt, ENG †
Kris Schulte, HST
Emily Victoria Schwieters, COM
Melissa Darlene Scott, SOC
Danielle Kirsten Seibel, PLS
Derek Taylor Sellers, HST
Andrea Serrano, PSY
Brian Raul Servin, HST
Erin Marie Sexton, GEO
Tyler William Shaffer, GEO
Holly Marie Shaftel, COM ¶

Courtney Michelle Shearer, SOC
Pasha Sheik, PLS
Megan Susann Shepard, MUS
Robert Curtis Shields, TH
Stephanie Sohee Shim, COM
Eric Hope Shin, HST
Derek Edward Shu, COM
Jessica Susan Singer, PSY
Jan Sarah Sink, COM
Nicole Geraldine Skinner, PSY
Tesia Sloan, PSY
Andrea Marie Smith, COM †
Brittany Shannon Smith, HST
Bryan Smith, MUS
Jacqueline Smith, PSY
Maya Pilar Smith, PSY
Felicia Dominique Snyder, ENG †
Jamie Loretta Solis, PHL
Antoinet Marie Solorio, HST
Jorge Solorio, HST
Darrell Gilbert Solorzano, PLS
Fabiola Jennesse Solorzano, SOC
Claudia Soos, SOC
David Sor, SOC
Adriana Sotelo, HST
Elena Isabel Soto, SOC
Sean Dean Stanley, HST
Charles Kenneth Stec, PLS §
Daniel Antoine Stehr, PHL
Desirae Leann Stermer, PSY †
Gregory P Stiasny, PHL
Stevi Marie Stiffler, PSY
Spenser Keith Stilgenbauer, PSY
Tyrone Stokes, COM
Valerie Leigh Strawn, HST §
Carlos Christopher Suarez, PLS
Grace H Sun, TH
Yasmeen Vanessa Surio, SOC
Katy Carrere Sutherland, ANT § ✥
Richard Gene-Oliver Sweet, PLS
Evelyn Tafolla, PSY
Erwin Duke Tafoya, HST
Ayumi Taira, SOC
Kevin Michael Tajii, PSY
James A Tan, SOC
Denise Tapia, SOC
Ellalorraine Villasenor Tarnate, SOC
Joshua L Tatum, COM
Jeffery Rene Taylor II, PHL
Richard Andrew Telan, PHL
Veronica Diane Tessler, SOC
Saphap Thach, SOC
Akilah Ain Theragood, ENG
Erica Paige Thompson, PSY
Tiffany Patricialouise Thompson, PSY
Gionello P Tiano, PSY
Yen Thi To, MUS
David Alejandro Toledo, COM
Victoria Ton Nu, ANT § ✥
Naoko Torao, MUS
Jenzen Robert Torres, SOC
Jersain Torres, SOC
Greg Toumassian, COM
Duong N Tran, SOC
Steve Tran, SOC
Gohar Rose Trdatian, PSY
Tiffany Francesca Tringali, COM
Anneliese Trujillo, SOC
Erika Grace Trujillo, PSY
Jason Yuh Tsai, PSY
Daniel Shawn Tsen, PSY
Sayaka Tsuda, ANT
Darrell Chung Tung, MUS
Rachel Marie Turner, PLS ¶
Ace Ubas, ENG
Danny JoonSun Ueo, EC
Steven Alejandro Urenda, PHL, PLS
Vanessa Ureno, ENG
Rabia Usman, SOC
Teiko Kara Uyekawa, COM
Elizabeth Nicole Vagenas, PSY
Diana Valadez, ANT
Frank Valdez Jr., BHS, MIC †
Johanna Sue Valdiviezo, PHL
Darlene Lugue Valencia, COM
Monica Lizeth Valenciano, PSY
Kelli Nicole Valenti, PSY
Alejandra Patricia Valenzuela, PLS

Christina Valenzuela, COM §
Vincent Van, EC
Brian David Vanderwyk, ANT
Aimee Lee VanHavermaat, ANT ¶
Gabriella Marie Vargas, PSY ¶ ✩
Jeffrey Fabian Vargas, PSY
Cindy Marie Varghese, MUS, MKT
Cristina Vasquez, ANT
Frida Vazquez, SOC
Luis Raul Vazquez, SOC
Jessika Elaine Velador, PHL, FMA ¶ ✦
Selina Marie Venier, COM
Julius Manahan Vergara, ENG
Alysia Jordan Verhagen, PSY
Joseph David Villa, SOC
Marcelo Dejesus Villa, COM
Jaymin Cena Villaluz, COM
Andres Celestino Villatoro, PSY
Alfonso Villegas, COM
Carlos Matthew Villegas, PSY
Matthew Vivanco, PLS
Vivian T Voong, PSY
Danielle Ashley Vorce, COM
Lisa Thi Vu, COM
Dylan Mark Wallace, TH
Brittany Ann Wanland, PSY
Matthew James Ward, COM
Robert Thomas Ward, PLS †
Shaun Eujean Moses Ward, ENG
Maria Elena Lamelas Waring, SPN ¶
Diane Michelle Warren, HST †
Ryan Alexander White, PLS
Joanna Sarah Williams, SOC § ✦
Trevor Philip Wills, COM †
Kimberly Marie Wilson, ANT
LaCreatia Irene Wilson, TH
Maleta Beth Wilson, BHS
Candice Azeneth Wong, COM
Christopher Phillips Wong, PSY
Jaylenn Jeremy Wong, ENG
Kaigee C Wong, PSY
Wing Kin Woo, COM
Christopher James Woodburn, PLS
Lesley Erin Wooding, ENG †
Samantha Jasmine Woodington, ENG
Gregory Thomas Wootan II, PSY
Terri Jo Worthington, COM
Shari Lazalle Wright, HST
Qiu yan Wu, EC
Lindsay Ann Wylie, EC
Ai Yamanaka, MUS †
Jaclyn Marie Yanez, PHL
Jessica Herin Yang, ENG
Kevin Yang, SOC
Eric K Yoon, SOC
Andy Young, PSY
Aysha Yousuf, PLS
Sarafina S Yuen, PSY †
Jonathan Daniel Yustman, PSY
Brenda Angelica Zacarias, SOC
Daniel Zapata, SPN
Diana E Zapata, SPN †
Annel Guadalupe Zavala, PSY
Giselle Evelyn Zayer, SOC
Kenneth Gordon Zich, MUS
Shayda Rosario Zomorrodian, MUS
Lorenzo C Zubieta, PSY


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