College of Engineering Commencement Program

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

Dean's Message


Office of the Dean
College of Engineering

Dear Graduates,

Dr. Mahyar AmouzegarOn behalf of the engineering faculty and staff, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to you and your family. During your time at Cal Poly Pomona we challenged you to follow our time-tested “Learn By Doing” paradigm, giving you not only training in the theoretical foundations and technologies, but also a wealth of hands-on laboratory and project experience. The degree you will be awarded today is a culmination of your remarkable effort and a testament to your resolve.

You are graduating during a time of change in the economic climate, where there are unique opportunities to innovate and build a new future in industries that can improve California and the Nation. At the same time, you are charged with meeting increasingly complex technical and socio-economic challenges posed by the ever-growing global economy. Your future contributions will help exemplify what is exceptional about our Bronco Engineers – people working together to assure future prosperity through technological advancement.

As you begin on your own unique path, take time to reflect on your experiences at Cal Poly Pomona and the people that have helped to enhance your education. From the engineering organizations that helped develop your leadership potential, to the faculty and staff who supported you throughout your educational career, and to the numerous events where alumni and industry representatives provided critical real-world perspective to help prepare you for a career in engineering. Consider future generations of engineering students and how you might stay connected to the College of Engineering and make a personal contribution to students that will follow in your footsteps. No matter where your life takes you, whether you join an industry, serve in the public sector, or prepare to seek higher academic achievements, we are always proud to call you a Bronco Engineer.

Best Wishes,

Mahyar Amouzegar, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Engineering


University Quad
4:00 p.m., Saturday, June 9, 2012
Dr. Barbara A. Hacker, Mace Bearer

Welcome Dr. Cordelia Ontiveros, Associate Dean


Also Sprach Zarathustra - R. Strauss
Liberty Fanfare - J. Williams
The National Anthem Stephany Lin Su

Introduction of Platform Party

Dean Mahyar Amouzegar
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Presentation of Class Gift Xochitl Berenice Lozano
The Julian A. McPhee Honor Award for Academic Excellence:
Nathaniel Donald Summerville
Dean Amouzegar
President Ortiz

Recognition of College and Program Valedictorians

Associate Dean Ontiveros
College of Engineering:
Aerospace Engineering:
Chemical Engineering:
Civil Engineering:
Computer Engineering:
Construction Engineering Technology:
Electrical Engineering:
Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology:
Engineering Technology:
Industrial Engineering:
Manufacturing Engineering:
Mechanical Engineering:
Nathaniel Donald Summerville
Samira Arif Motiwala
Kenneth Patrick Kelley
Nathaniel Donald Summerville
Bryce Allen Feigum
Nathan John Freiberg
Tyler John Thrane
Grigor Panosyan
Trevor Tran
Geoffrey J. Cheung
Radu Radislav Botnari
Kevin Thomas Colangelo
Faculty Honors Dean Amouzegar
Presentation of Candidates for Master’s Degrees Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President
for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Master’s Degrees President Ortiz
Presentation of Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees Dean Amouzegar
Conferral of Baccalaureate Degrees President Ortiz
Baccalaureate Presentation Dean Amouzegar
March of the Graduates Associate Dean Ontiveros
Recognition of the Class of 2012 and Families Dean Amouzegar
Recessional: Procession of the Nobles - Rimsky-Korsikov

Academic Programs of the College of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Ali R. Ahmadi, Chair

Chemical Engineering

Dr. Vilupanur A. Ravi, Chair

Civil Engineering

Dr. Francelina A. Neto, Chair

Construction Engineering Technology

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology

Dr. Massoud Moussavi, Chair

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Saeed S. Monemi, Chair

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Abdul B. Sadat, Chair

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Hassan M. Rejali, Chair

  • Master of Science in Engineering
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Engineering
  • Management, and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Engineering

Jason Michael Flattery
David Michael Ho
Rebecca Melissa Sherman
Shawn Speese Stephens

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Stephen Kyle Avon
Jared Michael Bernard
Benjamin Franklin Brantley
Christian Delgadillo
Hung Ngoc Doan
Erik Charles Ellingsen
Pieter Girard Goedhart
Micah David Hintz
Kevin Yu-Shing Houng
Xin Ji
Quang M Le

Martin Li
Albert Lopez
Robert C McDougall
Dustin Anthony Michel
Tony Nguyen
Ankit N Patel
Saeid Shakeri
Matthew Douglas Slazas
Natanael David Vall
Jeffrey Dean Winter
Meiai Xie

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Ruth Roxanne Carrillo
Kin Hang Chan
Zheng Chang
Li Dai
Matthew Nickoleen Gialich
Stephen Jack Jih
Songtao Jin
Dustin Minh Le
Jose Miguel Martinez
Hoai Mau Nguyen
Minhdao H Nguyen
Anup Harshad Popat
Youssef Safwat Rokes
Golnoosh Seyedjavadi
Johnny Cheng Han Tu
Peter Yukai Wang
Chien-Cheng Jimmy Yang
Arya Yousefi
Zhenglei Zhang

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Engineering Management

Roberto Arellano
Ricson Olisaemeka Chude
Cassie San Gaspar Cuaresma
Shahram Ghoddousi Tehrani
Joel Gonzalez
Mehrshad Ketabdar
Marisol Mercado
Teresa Rincon
Choon Kit Wong

Candidates for the Degree of Master in Mechanical Engineering

Ahmadreza Amin Bitaraf
Tadeh Avetian
Michael Jacob Calabrese
Cynthia A Carter
Farshad Daneshvar
Stephanie Nguyen Ellingwood
Risa Handa
Phornchai Kongwattanachai
Shan Liang
U.M. Sashika R Makandura
Jeffrey Tse
Andy Vo
Isaac Xin Xu

Abbreviations of Majors

  • ARO Aerospace Engineering
  • CHE Chemical Engineering
  • CE Civil Engineering
  • CET Construction Engineering Technology
  • CPE Computer Engineering
  • EE Electrical Engineering
  • ECET Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology
  • ET Engineering Technology
  • IE Industrial Engineering
  • MFE Manufacturing Engineering
  • ME Mechanical Engineering

Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Danan Pemantha Abeywardena, ME
Andrew A Abraham, CE
Jeff Adam Lloyd Ackermann, ME
Evan B Adamson, ME
Jonathan Ofori Adofo, CET
Samuel Aguilar, CE
Zachary Elliot Aguilera, CET
Jerome Dean Agustin, CPE
Ji Hoon Ahn, EE
Mohammed Zohirul Alam, EE
Norma C Alcaraz, CE
Francisco Alcocer, CE
Saud Yazid Aldegaiter, IE
Natalie Aleman, CE
Mohammad M Ali, ET
Saed Hassan Ali, CET
Mehdi Alifard, CE
Serina Alkejek, IE
Mohammed Ribhi Alkiswani, CHE
Nathaniel Arnold Allen Jr., EE
Nicole Ann Almeda, CE
Jeffrey Veluz Almonte, EE ¶
Emilio Arturo Alvarado Ortiz, CPE
Carlos R Alvarez, MFE
Jose Ricardo Alvarez, CPE
Lilliana Alvarez, EE
Pedro Alvarez Jr., CE
Ramiro Carlos Alvarez, MFE
Ricardo Alberto Alvarez, CET
Imad Uddin Ameen, ET
Hashmat Amin, IE
Fawaz Asef Ammari, CE
Reza Ryan Amoudeh, EE
Sandra Paola Andrade Hernandez, CE
Kristianto Andresen, IE
Benedict Borja Ang, CE
Eric Ejnar Anker, EE
Anthony Andrew Anziano, CPE
Erique John Cruz Apolinario, EE
Gregory Joseph Arbuckle, ME
Matthew Alan Archer, CE
Christian Arechavaleta, EE
Rolando Vladimir Arevalo, MFE
George Pete Argiriadis, ME
Ian Franco Arlantico, ET
Ramy Eshak Armenious, CHE
Emilio Armenta Jr., CET
Eugenia Sergeevna Arsyonova, CE
Stephen Jon Asfour, EE
Mathieu G Assobze Kempe, EE
Jason Won-ge Au, CE
Thomas Joseph Augustin, CE
Wilberto Avalos, ARO
Michael Justin Avila, CET
Enrique Ayala, CE
Liliana Ayala, CE
Shant Babakhanian, CE
Stephen Christopher Baca, CE
Alexandru Andrei Bangean Jr., CE
Andrew Victor Barajas, EE ,BIO
Kathrina G Barcarse, CHE
Brian Scott Barney, ME †
Fredal Fidel Barralaga, CE
Jacob Ruelas Barrios, CET
Roxana Behmaram, CE
Matt Emerson Bell, ME
Pablo David Benalcazar Alomia, CHE
Ulises Benavente Velasquez, CET
Kurt Edward Benner, EE §
Ian Andrew Berkland, CE
Ryan Wade Betts, ME
Karthick Kumar Bhaskaran, EE
Miguel Alberto Blanca, CE
Andrew Michael Blomquist, ARO

Nathan Andrew Bolger, EE
Daniel Bonneville, IE
Daniel Warren Bosse, CE †
Radu Radislav Botnari, MFE
Greg Garbes Boyajian, CET
Jack R Boyajian, CET
Maria Kerrean Boyter, MFE
Claudia Maria Bracamontes, CHE ✩
Nathan P Braunwalder, ME
Charles Nicholas Breeden, ME
Robert John Brennan, CE
Nicholas C Broskoff, CE
Giovanni Anthony Bryden Jr., CE
Tyler Bui, CE
Michael James Patrick Burke, EE †
Nate Eugene Burton, EE
Jeremy Loring Busch, ET
Aabir M Bushara, CE
Wail Mamoun Bushara, CE
Amanda Bustos, CE
Trevor S Butler, EE
Jessica Lee Byrd, CE
Edward Justin Cabale, CE
Dean Carlo Patrick Meneses Caisip, EE
Lindsey Marie Calabrese, CET
Christopher John Caluag, CE †
Ricardo Campos, ECET
Ricardo Miguel Campos Jr., ARO
Carlos Cantoran, ME
Fernando Cantoran, ET
Alex Oliver Capatina, ME
Juan Manuel Carbajal, CE
Jesse Adam Cardoza, CE
Christopher Carey, CE †
Nicholas J Carrillo, CET
Christopher Caselli, ET
Stephen Gene Casillas, MFE
Bonnievon Edu Castillo, ME
Edgardo Castillo, CET
John Christian Castillo, CE
Eric Baraoidan Catig, CE
Jacky Ho Ting Chan, CE
Andrew Christopher Chao, ECET
Robert Louis Chapman III, EE
Pakiza Hira Chatha, CE
Orlando Rene Chavez, ME
Pedro Chavez, EE
David Chen, CE
Dennis Jian Wa Chen, IE
Benjamin Lee Chesser, ME
Geoffrey J Cheung, IE † ✥
Chidera Ugonna Chime, ARO
Nicholas K Chiu, CET
Ricky Chiu, CE
Hyun Ho Cho, CHE
Christian Chojolan, CET
Wing Yee Choy, EE
Akash Bharat Chudasama, ARO
William Ice Cochran, ME
Kevin Thomas Colangelo, ME §
Bryon Lavell Compton, CE
Sean Ryan Conant, EE
Vanessa Leanne Condie, IE
Ryan Matthew Condol, CE
Bryan Charles Connolly, ARO
Dario Contreras, ARO
Christopher Michael Cook, ME
Marvin Corado, ARO
Rene Coronel, CE
Chad James Creason, IE
Matthew Paul Cresto, CE
Frank Anthony Cruz, EE
Jose Manuel Cruz, CE
Daniel Eduardo Cuevas, EE
Gizelle Angeline Cuevas, CHE
Tyler Owen Curry, ME
Dagher Ghassan Dagher, CET
Gabriel Gabriel Dalgoff, CET
Thai Quoc Dang, CE
Bryce Howard Danker, CE
Joshua Danley, EE
Matthew Marshall Dauphinee, MFE
Peter Daniel Davi, ME
Brandon Mandel de Gracia, CE
Maria Dejesus De La Torre, CE
Timothy Lee Dean, EE
Carla Adriana DeAvila, CHE
Valerie Lee Deeter, CE §
Matthew Kyle Defrese, CHE
Cami Ella Deguzman, ME
Antonio Del Real, MFE
Christian Delgadillo, CE
Robert Delgado, IE
Eric John Delgado Ford, CE
Brandon Allen Demski, ARO
Rusita Hiteshkumar Desai, EE
Matthew Eric DeVost, ME
John Victor Diaz Jr., CE
Matthew Daniel Dickinson, CHE
Shant Dilanian, CPE
Kinney Trung Dinh, ECET
Anh Thu Le Doan, EE
Daniel Robert Dodds, MFE
Christina A Dolan, EE
Raynald Blaise Lazaro Domingo, CE
Kyle Joseph Dominguez, ARO
Anthony Scott Donohoo, CE †
Patrick James Donovan, ME
David Perry Dorsey, CE
Nathan Lee Duhe, IE
Andrew Loe Dunn, ME
Juan Raul Egas Encalada, EE
Jason Michael Ekstrom, EE
Matthew John Ellis, MFE

Hersy Joy Fabia Enriquez, CE
Maria Cecilia Eriksson Villacres, CE †
Ulises Escalona, CE
Oscar Rodriguez Escobedo, EE
Nick Esfahani, EE
Myles D Esmele, EE
Abanehita J Esoimeme, CHE
Jorge Ernesto Espinoza Coronado, CE
Daniel Richard Tran Esquer, EE
Castulo R Estrada, CE
Ryan Lee Evelo, ET
Michael Kevin Fairbanks, EE
Wilson Gabriel Fajardo Molina, ARO
Enad F Fakhouri, ARO
Brian Arciaga Famularcano, ECET
Mazen Fanash, EE †
Wissam Farah, EE
Rifat Lisa Farzana, CE
Matthew G Feeley, CE
Bryce Allen Feigum, CPE §
Gilberto Feliciano Cabrera, ECET
Jorel L Fernandez, ET
Ruben Sandoval Fernandez, ME
Teodoro Fernandez, CE
Kevin Ferrer, CE
Sandra Figueroa, CE
Dustin Graham Fisher, ME
Nathan Oscar Fishman, CE
Alfredo Flores, CET
Danny R Flores, CE
Freddy Flores, CET
Jorge Roberto Flores, ME
Violet Flores, CE
Gregory Adam Fogg, CET
Ryan E Fong, ET
Daniel Thomas Forgette, ME
Jean-Philippe Maloles Fortune, CPE
Christopher Robin Frank, ME
Nathan John Freiberg, CET ¶
Tyler C Frisbie, CHE
Kevin Honlam Fung, EE
Michael Kamal Gadalla, CE
Maria Concepcion Galdamez, EE
Anthony Ramos Galvan Jr., ME
Jason Rene Gamboa, ME
Armando Garcia, EE
Gary B Garcia, CE
Gilbert Anthony Garcia II, CE
Jorge Garcia, EE
Jose R Garcia, CET
Rafael Nicolas Garza, ME
Kyle LaRoque Gatchalian, EE
John Allen Gates Jr., ME
George J Gatus, EE
Fatoumata Gaye, EE
Fady Adel Ghabrial, ARO †
Hazim Ghanim, ME
Ryan D Gin, ECET
Michael Brandon Goetz, ARO †
Angelica Gomez, EE
Anthony Felipe Gomez, CET
George Luis Gomez Jr., CE
Macedonio Gomez, CE
Saul Gomez, ME
Vicente John Casugod Gonzaga, ME
Reinaldo Gonzales, ET
Stephen Cepeda Gonzales, IE
Adrian Valentin Gonzalez, EE †
Alonzo Gonzalez, ARO
Cody Gonzalez, ARO
Daniel Gonzalez, CE †
Jose Gonzalez, CE
Joshua Fidel Gonzalez, ECET
Marcos Gerardo Gonzalez, CE
Maricruz Gonzalez, CE
Miguel Angel Gonzalez, ARO
Omar Gonzalez, CE
Ashley Danielle Goodro, ET
John Michael Grant, ME
Christopher Michael Gray, CET
Kevin Daniel Gray, CHE
Joseph Richard Green, ARO
Carter Marcus Griffin, CHE
Michelle Fredrika Grow, ME
Robert Bruce Gruemmer, EE ¶
Stephanie Joy Brinas Guadalupe, ARO
Kenny Jing Guan, CE
Shi Qiao Guan, EE
Christopher Guardado, ME
Miguel Guerrero, ME
Aida Susana Guido, CE
Jonathan David Guillot, ECET †
Malak Mikhael Guirguis, CHE
Kyle Anthony Guiriba, ME
Christopher Michael Gumbleton, ME
Frank Oliver Gundran, ME
Cesar Gutierrez, CET
Jason Jose Gutierrez, MFE
Christopher T Guzman, IE
Marco Antonio Guzman Jr., CHE
Saul Guzman, ME
Edward S Ha, CPE
Greg Daniel Hager, ECET
Christian Arden Hainds, CE
Nazanin Hajaty, CE
Saman Halabian, ME
Jeffrey J Halliwell, ME
Troy Andre Hamilton, ME
Nicholas Aaron Hammervold, CPE
Myo Han, CE
Arek Sarkis Harmandayan, CE
Kameron James Harmon, CHE
Joseph Carl Harper, EE § ✥
Shane Matthew Hastain, CE †

Vahe Hayrapetian, CE
Arsham Hayrikian, CE
Charles William Heineke, CPE
Amanda Marie Heise, CE ¶ ✥
Ryan M Hejka, CE
Magnus Channath Heng, CE
Anthony Alexander Hermann, CET
Alfonso Hernandez, CE
Francisco Hernandez, ME
Rolando Hernandez, CE
David Herrera, CPE
Ruben G Herrera, CE
Paul Tyler Herrmann, CE †
Kevin Michael Hicks, EE †
Jeffrey A Hild, CE
David Hoang, CE
Kevin Hoang, ME
Vinh Quang Hoang, CE ¶
Ivan Leroy Hoffman, EE
Junseo Hong, EE
Victor Honore, CE
Lucia Horta, IE
Keito Hosokawa, ME
George Weichih Hsu, IE
Peter Kang Hsu, EE
John Hua, EE
Eric Anthony Huizar, EE
David Joseph Hull, CE
Andy Huynh, ECET
Man T Huynh, CE
Michael Huynh, CE
Quincy Huynh, EE
Tuan Anh Huynh, ET
Constanza Hwang, CHE
Jun Sik Hwang, ME
Chandler K Hwe, ME † ✥
Tasnim Hyder, CE
Caselyn Iglesias, IE
Bejan Ijadi-Maghsoodi, ME
Andrew Petrus Ioan, EE
Clayton Ka-Luen Ip, EE
Sevak Isakhanyan, CE
Brett Aron Isen, CE
Brett Masahiro Ishibashi, CE
Justin Lee James, CET
Steven Anthony Jasso, ME ,PHY
Vera Marie Javier, CHE ,BIO
Gregory Paul Jelic, ARO
Lauren Bree Jewett, CET
Eric Mathew Johnson, ET
Jihawna Deleese Johnson, CE
Keane Makoto Johnson, EE
Troy Anthony Johnson, CE
William Keith Johnson, EE
Bino Jose, ARO
Andrew Lee Joslyn, ME
Benjamin Juarez, EE
Israel Juarez, CE
Shafkat Kabir, EE
Jan Christopher Kaspar, ME
Kenneth Patrick Kelley, CHE § ✦
Georgy Keseyan, ARO
John Thomas Kessler, ME
Melodi Khameneyan, CET
Mustafa Khan, ME
Jason Khong, ECET
Brian Allen Killeen, ME
Christopher Sung Kim, CE
Daejin Kim, CHE
Hyunsu Kim, EE
Sunghee Kim, CE
Terrence C Kirby, IE
Mikki Elizabeth Klee, CE
Steven Michael Knarr, CE
Hiraku Kobayashi, CHE §
Daniel Kennedy Koch, EE §
Jordan Paul Koch, CHE
Niall Anthony Koefoed, CE
Cassandra Krystle Koepp, CE
Samuel Harry Kondourajian, CHE
Terence L Krall, ME
Tom Francis Krenek V, ME
Dylon Boyd Kruger, ME
Ravin Arvin Kumar, ME
Vincent Kurniawan, IE
Shaun Paul Kury, ME
Armen Kutyan, ME †
Kevin Yang La, EE
Andrew Thomas LaBine, CE
Matthew Lee Laninovich, CE
Jake Warren Lappert, CE
Kurtis Ronleigh Larson, ME ,MAT
Melissa Patricia Latimer, ARO §
Elijah Noel Laub, ET
Jedidiah Charles Laub, ET
Andrew Thien An Le, CE
Christopher Nam Le, CHE
Dang Hai Le, CET
Franklin D Le, CET
Son Xuan Le, EE ¶
Tuan Anh Le, CHE
Michael James Lebrun, ARO
Allan Lee, ECET
Chang yun Lee, CHE
Christopher K Lee, EE
Jason Lee, CE
Lawrence Lee, ARO
Michael Lee, CE
Peter Chang Lee, CE
Sang Min Lee, ME
Spencer S Lee, MFE
Suk Hyung Lee, ARO †
Tae Kyun Lee, EE †
Wooseung Lee, ARO

Christopher J Lefler, ME †
Marcos Lemus, EE
Corwin Hoyin Leung, ME
Eric Kin-hung Leung, CE
Erick Yi Li, ARO
Ken Li, EE
Kevin Chan Lien, CHE
Helen Chiam Lieng, ME
Binh Vien Lieu, CE
Allen Lim, ME
Cory Dean Lindsay Jr., EE
Stephen Theodore Lindseth, CET
Yunxin Ling, EE
Chuanye Liu, ME
Dong Xu Liu, CE
Yang-Hung Liu, EE
Yu Ming Liu, EE ¶
Johnny Chun Lo, MFE
Hugo A Loaiza, ECET
Victor Manuel Loera, ARO
Jannet Loera Gutierrez, CE ¶ ✦✥
Benjamin J Logsdon, ME †
Arturo Lopez, ME
Daniel Gerardo Lopez Sr., EE
Jose Lopez Jr., EE
Kevin Lopez, EE
Lance Carlyle Lopez, EE
Joel S Lozano, CE
Xochitl Berenice Lozano, CE †
Hung Vu Lu, EE
Glenn Roy Lubbe, CE
Andrew Phillipp Luevano, ET
Andrew Louis Luistro, EE
Kusnadi Luo, ME
Danny Luu, CE
Alexander Loung Ly, CHE †
Anthony Richmond Maatubang, CE
Bianca Michelle Machuca, CE
Fabio M Macias, CE
Marco Luciano Maggiora, ECET
Jerome Cipriano Magsino, CE
Ahmad Alhassan Mahdi, EE
Muhammad Iyas Bin Mahzan, ARO †
Michael Mak, EE
Mehnaz Amin Malek, CHE
Kaveh Maleki, CE
Mohammad-Saad Gyasuddin Malim, CE
Kaylen Aileen Malley, IE †
Ernie Jordan Bandola Manimtim, ET
Anthony Jaca Manliguez, EE
Lusine Manucharyan, CET
Andrew L Marcos, EE
Matthew P Marion, ME
Matt Ryan V Marquez, EE
Elvia Martinez, CHE
Hunter Thomas Martinez, ARO
Joseph George Anthony Martinez, EE
Luis Angel Martinez, CPE
Saul Martinez Jr., CET
Ulises Martinez, CE
Omar Martinez Morales, CE
Jeanaye Dominique Mason, CHE
Jordan Randolph Mason, ME †
Brian Avila Mauleon, ME
Diane Salo Mc Kinney, CE
Colleen Alyce McAvoy, ARO ¶
Scott Alexander Mcclure, ARO
Wesley Scott McCormack, EE
Matthew Alan McDannel, EE
Harrison McHugh, ME
John Mchugh, CE
Chaz Anthony McKinney, ME
David Alan McKinney, ARO ¶
Benjamin Allen McNamara, CE
Derrick David McQuinn, CET
Fidel Mendez, ME
Hugo Cesar Mendoza, CE
Jorge Mendoza, EE
Kristoffer Hernandez Mendoza, ME
Alex Arden Mensen, CE
Bernardino Mercado, CET
Daniel H Miersma, ME
Mina Mikhael, CE
Amber MarieAntoinette Miller, CE
Holly Crystal Miller, EE
Jeffrey Aaron Miller, EE
Josef Ely Miller, CE
Mg Soe Min, EE
Hovik Mirzakhanian, EE
Farjad Mohammadi, CE
Robert Molina, ECET
Ivan J Montano, CE ,GEMS
Matthew Ferrer Montano, CHE
Jason Wade Montgomery, CET
Gabe P Moorman Jr., CE
Juan A O Moreira, ME
Jaime Isaac Moreno, ECET
Salvador Moreno Jr., EE ,PHY
Richard L Morrow, ME
Sterling Eugene Mosley, CE
Samira Arif Motiwala, ARO § ✥✥
Aidan Mousavi, CE
Chris S Mui, IE ,CIS
Brent V Mullen, ME
Patrick John Mullen, CET
Mark Anthony Munoz, ME
Trisha N Munoz, CE
Daniel Munsterman, CE †
Marc Adam Munzing, ME ¶
Daniel Edward Murrieta, CHE
Anthony Edward Myers, CET
Ahmad Ibrahim Nabulsi, CE
David E Natal, ME
Eric Jordan Neer, ARO

Moises Nevarez, ME
Andrew DangHuu Ngo, EE
David Hoay Ngo, ARO
Danny Nguyen, CHE
David Van Nguyen, CPE
Dumaine T Nguyen, EE
Duy Duc Nguyen, CHE
Harry Thanh Nguyen, CE
Henry Quang Nguyen, CHE
Jasmine Nguyen, CHE ¶
Jeffrey Nguyen, CE
Minh Thuc Nguyen, CE
Phillip Tran Nguyen, ARO
Thang Nhat Nguyen, CE †
Tracy Thanh Tra Nguyen, CHE
Vy Minh Nguyen, EE
Heather Lynn Nielsen, CE
Christopher L Nieto, CE
Blake Douglas Niggli, CET
Alireza Tahriri Niksefat, ET
Jennifer Kenna Nishida, CE
Brian SungKoo Noh, CHE
Jose I Noyola Chavez, ME †
Saul O Nunez, ET
Steffi Cusi Octaviano, CE
Jason S Oh, CE
Risa Okano, CE
Ryan Andrew Okerson, ME
Alexander Olit, ARO
Darren Joseph Olson, CPE
Dan V On, ME
Wilson Anibal Ordonez Jr., CE
Jaime Estif Ceballos Orozco, CE
Jose M Ortiz, ARO
Jorge Andres Ortiz Cardenas, CE
Kelly Rose Osullivan, CE
Temitayo Ololade Owoeye, CPE
Anthony Padilla, ME
Michelle Ellen Painter, ME
Angel A Palma, CE
Grigor Panosyan, ECET †
Matthew Robert Papilli, CPE
Joven-Cid Dolor Parco, ET
Jose Miguel Paredez, CE
Jin Sup Park, ARO
Bradley Alan Parke, ME
Noe Parra, CE
Hansvi Patel, IE
Sagar Vinod Patel, CE
Isaias Jonathon Pedroza, CE
Robert Jonathan Fernandez Peralta, ME
Alan Perez, ME
Francisco Javier Perez, CE
Javier A Perez, ME
Ricardo Perez, CE
Sael Perez, EE
Doi V Pham, CE
Minh N Pham, EE
Peter DuyVan Pham, CHE
Phong K Pham, CET
Dat-Nhan Ba Phan, ME
Mathew Louie Picardal, CE
Carlos Alejandro Pineda, ARO
Phillip Andrew Pitcher, CPE ,MUS ¶
Eric C Placzek, EE
John Anthony Pollock, CE ¶
Mark Anthony Ponciano, MFE
Aaron B Poplar, ME
Kristopher-Michael Joseph Powers, EE
Kevin Bryant Pedro Prieto, CE
Christopher Benjamin Pylant, CE
Min Sok Pyon, IE
Tony Quach, EE
Hector Anthony Quevedo, CHE
Michael Lawerence Quigley, EE
Randy John Quintal, CET
Andres Augusto Quiroga, ARO
Carlos Edson Quispe, CE
Brandon Jared Quon, EE
Ithayachandran Rajuendran, ME
Scott Allan Ralston, CE
David Ramirez Jr., CE
Joshua J Ramirez, ET
Valeria Ramirez, IE
Noah A Ramos, CE
Suzanne Emlyn Nanquil Ramos, CE
Steven Patrick Rawlings, ME
Ryan Ronald Rebick, ME
Arthur F Retana, EE
Edgar Reynaga, CE
Ramin Rezaei, ARO
Nabeel Riaz, EE
Robert Joseph Rineer, CE
Christopher Michael Rini, ME
Alfonso Rios, ME
Heather Rios, ECET
Charles Everett Ritenour, EE
William E Ritner, ME
Miguel Rivas, EE §
Jonathan Hansley Robel, ME
Paul Catbagan Robinson, MFE
Cody Neal Robison, ME
Elizabeth Robles, CET
Omar Ruben Robles, CET
Leticia Dolores Rocha, ME
Sterling Josephmartin Rodney III, EE
Bianca Christina Rodriguez, CE
Jason Christian Rodriguez, EE
Jhonny Rodriguez, CE
Luis Javier Rodriguez, EE
Samuel Rodriguez, ME
Sergio Rodriguez, ME
Justin Daniel Rogers, CE
Jonathan David Rojas, ARO

Carlos Armando Romero, CET
Jesus Enrique Romero, EE
Travis Robert Romeyn, CE
Edgar Romo, CE
Kyle Patrick Ronan, ME
Osvaldo Roque, CE
Marius Rosca, ME
Christopher J Rossi, ME
Bob Hermann Roy, CPE
Edgar Alan Ruballos, EE
Brandon Lawrence Rudolph, EE ¶
Raul Ruiz, CET
Edwin Gillette Runner III, ARO
Eduardo Ruvalcaba, CE
Kevin Matthew Ryan, CHE
James Christopher Sabio Jr., ME
Michael N Sabsook, EE
Eugene Wesley Sahagun, CPE †
Barcin Saiyadian, EE
Ronald Melvin Salas Jr., ME
Andy Miguel Salazar, EE ✦
Robert Rome Samonte, CE
Damian Sanchez, CPE
Jesus Martin Sanchez, CE
Manuel A Sanchez, CE
Marcos Sanchez, CET
Matthew Agustin Sanchez, CE
Jesus Eusebio Sanchez-arellano, ME
Jaimen A Sanders, ME
Jayson Robert Avalos Sanders, ECET
Jonathan Sandoval, CE
John T Sanks, ME
Samuel Francisco Santos, ARO
Ali Sarraf, ARO
Farid Reza Sarraf, CHE
Michael David Schantz, ME
Alexander William Schickling, ME
Andrew M Schissler, CHE
Aaron Jon Scribner, ME †
Steven Ray Seal, CE
Rayjee Lim Sebastian, CE
Ryan A Selvius, ME
George Micheal Semaan, EE
Sara Senanian, ME
Jang W Seo, ARO
Monica Joy Serafico, EE
Otilio Gerardo Serna II, CHE
Ramis Shahrokhshahi, CPE
Lena Albert B Shammas, CE
Kaveh Shamuilian, IE
Adam Valek Sharp, ME
Adel Ayoubayyad Shehata, CE
Iain Patrick Shevlin, ME
Ryan Kenji Shimizu, CE
Sam Shin, EE
Anita Shokouhi, ARO
Yogendra Shrestha, ARO
Timothy Alan Shuck Jr., EE
Andrei Shymanski, ME †
Miguel Angel Sigala, EE
Sean Paul Silos, CE ¶
Angel J Silva, ARO
Joseph Martin Simmons Jr., ME
Christopher James Simpson, ME
Jaberpreet Singh, CET
Aaron WeiJien Siow, ME
Jonathan I Sison, ECET
Elizabeth Ann Siswath, CE
Piotr Jan Slusarz, ME
Damond Maurices Smalls, ME
Aubrey T Smith, CE
Augustine Mathew Smith, ME
Kevin Matthew Smith, CHE
Nicholas David Smyth, ME
Ying Lam So, CE
Gary Soegijono, IE
Miguel Sotomayor, CET
Jason Jeffrey Sotto, CE
Ismael Souley, CE
James D Spence, ME
Paul Leon St Pierre, CE
Aaron Lee Stafford, CHE
Karl Timothy Stafford, ME
Luke William Stankiewicz, EE ¶
Trevor Douglas Stark, ME
Stephen Mathew Staudinger, MFE
Andrey Stebikhov, EE
Jeremy Paul Steffen, ARO
Daniel Scott Steger, EE
Jimmy Darrel Stevens, CET
Christopher Ryan Stone, CE †
Ross Michael Stringham, ME
Egan Alexander Strom, CE
Keith Harely Strong, ME
Stephany Lin Su, EE
Garry Clarke Summers, IE
Abigail Kate Summerville, CE
Nathaniel Donald Summerville, CE §
Kyle Larson Sundberg, CE
David Soo Sung, ET
George Takahiro Suzuki, ME
Daniel Yuan-Long Sze, CPE
Kevin Tam Ta, CET
Edward Junior Tacason, ECET
Arthur Decierdo Taclas Jr., CET
Andrew Kamel Tadrous, ME
Ahou Tajmaher, ARO
Vereker J Tam, ME
Francis Tan, CE
Charles Tang, ME
Kheang Hang Tang, CE
Kazuki Tatsumi, ARO
Sarah Moneer Tawadrous, CE
Matthew Thomas Taylor, CPE

George Wesley Teats III, ARO
Krittavit Tejapijetvanij, CE
Jeffrey A Thomas, EE
Joshua Ben Thompson, ARO
Adam Taylor Thorpe, CET
Tyler John Thrane, EE §
Christopher A Thys, ME
Peter Edward Tierney, ME ¶
Joseph Feria Tirona, ME ¶
Stephen John Tolan, CPE
Alex Khanh Tran, CE
Andy Hau Tran, ME
Andy Nguyen Tran, CE
Louis Duy Tran, CHE
Minh Chi Tran, CE
Minh Tran, ME
Quoc T Tran, EE
Robert Nguyen Tran, ME
Tan Duy Tran, CE
Trevor Tran, ET
Tung Thanh Tran, EE
David Joseph Trigg Jr., IE
Brandon Luong Trinh, CE
Joe T Trinh, ET
Ivan Troitsky, ME
James Edward Trost Jr., ME
Marcus J Truong, EE
David Tu, EE
Michael Manzano Turcato, CPE
Jeffrey Robert Turner, ME
Joel David Turner, EE ¶ ✥
Brandon Christian Tyler, ME
Steven R Urcino, CE
Richard Urena, EE
Saam Vahdati, IE
Tamara M Vail, IE
Eduardo Valarezo, ECET
Rene Valdez, EE
Raymond J Valencia, IE
Rebecca Audrey Valentine, CE †
Pedro Valera, CE
Steffi Bogdan Valkov, ARO
Adrian Valverde, CET
Brian Michael Vandermeulen, CE
Philip Michael Vega, CHE
Kristopher James Veizaga, ME
Mark Gilbert Velasquez, ME †
Hugo Andres Velasquez Ospina, CE
Nancy Velgara, CE
Robert C Veloz, CE
Ronald Driz Ver, CE
Jerusalem Vasken Verano, CE
Maria Guadalupe Verastegui, ME
Derren Ugalde Versoza, ECET
Nowele Ugalde Versoza, ECET
George Joseph Viglio, CE
Erik Villa, CE
Loc Tan Vo, EE
Anthony Vong, CPE
Gia-Hoa Ngoc Vu, EE †
Huong Tuyet Vu, CE
Thomas Ezekiel Walder, ME
Ryan Preston Walery, MFE
Steven Zhiyu Wang, CE
Emma Clare Ward-Mcnally, CE
Cory Edward Waterbury, CET
John Lowell Weaver, EE
Matthew Charles Webster, EE †
Michael David Wells, ET
Trent Spencer Wells, ME
Chasen Chapman Wendt, ME
Raven Zuking Weng, ME
Erika White, CE
Scott Evan Widholm, ME
Neal Joseph Wiener, ARO
Adi Wijaya, IE
Bryan Lee Wilfley, CE
Cory M Williams, CE ¶
Joshua Savas Wilson, CHE §✩
Brent Karse Wiltzen, CE
Daniel Ryan Wise, MFE
Aaron Matthew Wolf, ME
Justin Robert Wolfe, ME §
Christopher Lew Wong, ME
Jun Yong Wong, CPE
Michael Chia Wong, EE
Stephen Yikkan Wong, ARO
Andrew Carneal Woodard, CE
Darryl Allen Workman, CET
Brian M Wozniak, CHE
Sheldon Ashton Wray, ECET
Charles Jacques Wright, ME
Allen Wu, CE
Jeffrey S Wu, EE
Johnsen Wu, IE
Tzujui Charlotte Wu, CE
Robin Aiko Yamada, CHE
Yahra Yanez, CE
Paohueseng Yang, CPE
Valerie Eden Ycong, CE
Anthony Roma Yoohanna, IE
Stephen Thomas Young, CE
Mariam Meina Youssef, CE
Jeffrey C Yu, CE ,IB
Fidel Zabalza, CE
Alborz Khorashadi Zadeh, CE
Emely Catherine Zamora, CHE
Antonio Zamudio, CE
Jake Ethan Zander, ME
Matthew Zellmer, CPE
Emebet Zewdie, ET
Jie Zhang, MFE
Terence Zhao, CE
David Jonathan Zuniga, CHE

§ Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00 (GPA)
¶ Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79
† Cum Laude 3.50-3.64
 President’s Council Scholar
 Ronald E. McNair Scholar
 Keith and Jean Kellogg Honors College


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