College of Environmental Design Commencement Program

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

Dean's Message


Office of the Dean
College of Environmental Design

Are you more like a hedgehog -- or a fox?

dean michael wooWhen I was a graduate student, I read a famous essay entitled “The Hedgehog and the Fox” written by the British philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin. Based upon a line attributed to the ancient Greek poet Archilochus (“the fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing”), Berlin suggested that there are two different ways of proceeding through life. The path (embodied by the hedgehog metaphor) is defined by a single-minded focus on a central organizing goal, strategy, or idea. On the other hand, the alternative approach (manifested in the fox metaphor) is more improvisational, more opportunistic, more attuned to unexpected circumstances or conditions.

I’m sure that you can think of people you know whose career goals or life experiences have come closer to either the hedgehog path or the fox path. My graduate school professor who assigned the Berlin essay taught us that neither the hedgehog model nor the fox model was inherently superior to the other. Depending on the circumstances and on one’s personal inclinations, the hedgehog tendencies or the fox attributes might be more suitable. Also, some situations might require a combination of hedgehog and fox qualities. For environmental design professionals, that could mean putting together a team or a partnership co-led by someone who has a fixation on “one big thing” working with someone who can function well in an unstructured, unpredictable, unstable situation.

One big thing which we hope you will remember is that Cal Poly Pomona is part of the California State University system, which means that the taxpayers of the State of California have paid for an important part of your education. As you go out into the real world and become a voter, we hope that you will remember the human impact of state support for public higher education. Specifically, as a new graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, you are an example of the essential role of the CSU system, the Community Colleges, and the University of California in producing the educated workforce and the creative ideas which California’s economy depends upon. Also, on a more personal level, we hope that you will keep your alma mater in mind and will lend a helping hand to students or fellow alumni from the College of Environmental Design who may be asking you for advice or connections in the future. We all need to help each other.

Whether you are more of a hedgehog or a fox, remember that you’re also a Bronco. Congratulations on achieving this milestone in your academic career.

With best wishes for your future success,

Dean, College of Environmental Design


University Quad
8:00 p.m., Friday, June 8, 2012
Michael Woo, Dean, Presiding
Professor Gwen Urey, Mace Bearer

Musical Overture


University Administrators
The National Anthem Rita Yadegari

Welcome and Introduction of Platform Party

Dean Michael Woo
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Greetings from the CSU Board of Trustees Lou Monville
Presentation of Class Gift Jonathan Stalvey,
Class Representative
Recognition of Outstanding Scholar and Presentation of The Julian A. McPhee Honor Award: Carly McNeil Dean Woo
President Ortiz
Presentation of Candidates for the Master’s Degree Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Master’s Degrees President Ortiz
Master’s Hooding and Handshake President Ortiz
Provost Marten denBoer
Dean Woo
Associate Dean
Grad Faculty
Presentation of Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees Dean Woo
Conferral of Baccalaureate Degrees President Ortiz
Baccalaureate Presentation
and Handshake
President Ortiz
Dean Woo
Associate Dean
Recognition of the Class of 2012
and Families
Dean Woo
Closing Remarks Dean Woo
Recessional Dean Woo

Dean's Awards | 2012

Outstanding Architecture Student - Allyn Polancic

Allyn Polancic has earned considerable recognition in her five years in the B.Arch. program, as demonstrated by her numerous academic awards and research papers. She has also been active in service and leadership as a member of the American Institute of Architecture Students, as President of Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society, and as Vice-President of ENV Council. She has received annual design excellence awards from the Department of Architecture and has been a Keith & Jean Kellogg Honors College Scholar. She has co-authored several papers that have been presented at venues including the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems and the CSU Honors Consortium and she collaborated on a project which won 1st place in the EDUCATE International competition for implementation of sustainable principles. Allyn was also a key project leader and co-editor of “Urban Strategies in Historic Beijing,” which was given the 2012 EDRA Great Places Award from the Environmental Design Research Association, as well as awards for applied research from the American Institute of Certified Planners and the American Planning Association. Allyn’s global perspective and academic excellence make her among the best of our B.Arch. graduates.

Outstanding Art Department Student - Jessica Baluyot

Jessica Baluyot is the outstanding art student recipient with a Bachelors in Fine Art in Graphic Design. She is an intrinsically motivated student and exhibits initiative, talent, and a strong work ethic. Her work is regionally recognized through exhibitions and competitions such as the 2011 Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Competition where she received the third place honor. In both 2011 and 2012, her work was accepted into the annual juried 2D/3D exhibition, as well as the regional American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Emerge Show. The AIGA Emerge Show is a highly selective, juried exhibition of the best student work from member institutions throughout Southern California. For this, she was recognized by the CPP Faculty Center for her work on the design of materials for the 2012 CSU Teaching Symposium conference. The Art Department faculty is confident that Jessica Baluyot will continue to flourish in her discipline as a proud alumnus of Cal Poly Pomona and all future endeavors.

Outstanding Landscape Architecture Student - Jana Perser

Jana Perser is a strong and inspiring student with diverse interests who is an example of the best of landscape architecture: committed to social and environmental justice, creative and innovative in design, and thoughtful and critical of issues and approaches in need of challenge. She inspires her classmates to higher levels of performance, questioning the status quo, and investing her own time and effort in addressing inequities, lacunae, and conflicts within the professional, academic, and public sectors. She will be an exemplary landscape architect.

Outstanding Regenerative Studies Student - Andre Catalano

The interdisciplinary faculty at the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies are pleased to recommend Mr. Andrew Catalano for the Dean’s Outstanding Student Award. Since his enrollment in the Master of Science program, Andrew has consistently demonstrated academic excellence, achieving outstanding grades in coursework as well as excelling in field research related to his Master’s thesis. For his thesis, Andrew modeled the city-wide potential for rooftop solar energy production in Pasadena, California. His model suggests that a comprehensive solar program for the City could meet over 45% of its annual electricity demand through rooftop photovoltaic systems. The faculty, staff and students of the Lyle Center congratulate Andrew on his receipt of this award, and thank him for his contributions to the life of the Center.

Outstanding Urban & Regional Planning Students

Marina Swain
In addition to her excellent GPA, Marina was a class project leader for the Ontario Historical Core Project which won the Inland Empire APA academic award. Marina coordinated class activities and work product and assured an award winning studio.

Cassandra Van der Zweep
Cassandra also achieved an excellent GPA excelling at all types of courses across the curriculum. During her Cal Poly years she perfected her Spanish and spent a year studying in Barcelona. She shared her experiences in her classes and developed a truly innovative senior project

Other Awards by Department


Henry Adams Medal and Certificate

Undergraduate: Delaram Peykar
Graduate: Hannah Lee

AIA Certificate of Merit

Undergraduate: Flavia Merlino
Graduate: Garrett Wehan

Alpha Ro Chi Bronze Medal

Bryan Walker

Landscape Architecture

Howard O. Boltz Award for Outstanding Senior

Jonathan Stalvey

Senior Design Student Award

Matthew Geldin

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Meagan Yellot

Urban and Regional Planning

American Institute of Certified Planners Award

Undergraduate: Amanda Locke
Graduate: Serineh Baboomian

California Planners Foundation Award

Undergraduate: Marina Swain
Graduate: Alma Acosta

Outstanding Faculty Award

Dr. Chari Pradel

Dr. Chari Pradel is a distinguished Associate Professor of Art History with specialization in Japanese and Indian art from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru, (BA) and the University of California, Los Angeles (MA, PhD). As a woman of Japanese ancestry and Peruvian birth and upbringing, Chari Pradel adds a subtlety of contextual understanding to her courses that is unmatched. For this unique perspective and academic endeavors, she is a sought after scholarly lecturer who was invited to present at the University of Maryland and the San Francisco Asian Art Museum. In addition, she has presented her research to the Association for Asian Studies and the University of Heidelberg (Germany). Dr. Pradel has published numerous articles and has been the recipient of many grants for her work, including the Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) and Japan-US Friendship Commission (JUSFC) grant for research in Japan and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Institute “Bharata Darshan – Past and present in the Study of India’s History and Culture,” in Shimla, Delhi and Agra, India. Inspired by her scholarship, Dr. Pradel’s students continually seek internships through the Getty and participate in opportunities to present research, such as the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research. Dr. Pradel is a valued member of the Art Department and College whose passion to educate and inform inspires both students and faculty.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Assistant Professor Melissa Flicker, Art Departmentl

In the words of the students who nominated her, “Melissa Flicker . . . is friendly, easy to approach, enthusiastic and outgoing. . . . Although Professor Flicker, like any other professor, has a busy schedule, she manages to find the time to help out students when an issue arises.

The Art Department faculty members also whole-heartedly supported her nomination, noting that the two Art Department student clubs (ASA and AIGA) have grown under her advisement both in student membership and in professional recognition for students via events such as the AIGA LA Emerge Show, as well as through professional portfolio reviews. Professor Flicker also is a leader in the use of social media and technology to broaden advisement support to students. Thus there are many reasons why she was chosen as the winner of the College of Environmental Design’s 2011-12 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award!

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Architecture

Florence M Arafiles
Ryan Patrick Barnacastle
Parinaz Behbahani
Marilyn Pearl Brookins
Neil Thomas Buttermore
Christopher L Carlton
Erica M Christie
Matthew D Conrad
Mark Ames Erler
Marilyn Grace Gallegos
Bhavna Handa
Kazunomiya Hongo
Michelle Julianne Houser
Candice Lynne Jordan
James Thomas Kyle
Laura J Lehman
Christa Lynn Lewis
Ioanna Magiati
Alan Daniel Modlin
Jonathan M Orr
David Allen Phan
Jonathan E Richert
Dimitrios Anastasios Tolios
John Michael Linsangan Yao

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Interior Architecture

Aileen Paek Ahn
Mitra Akhavan
Seda Alpat
Cem Ariman
Nil Atrek
Kyoungmi Julia Bae
Binita Bharat Barai
Lauren Danielle Bialek
Darra Anne Bishop
Carol Lynn Borowski
Hayley Rose Louise Bridges
Genelle M Brooks
Elizabeth Ann Burns
Francesca Cavallin
Jana Ranjana Priya Dadant
Melissa Jane Daniel
Stephanie Brianne Davis
Tara Mary Donnelly
Michel L. Dory
Mary Elizabeth Erigero
Ryan Andrew Garton
Darren Shockey Hand
Sarah Finn Haskell
Annel Hernandez
Thuy T Ho
Mei Ling Tiffany Hubbard
Lisa Mercedes Hughes Brennan
Lin Yu Jang
Yulia Karyazhkina
Young-A Claire Kim
Jacqueline Kleinberg
Katherine Jean Knutson
Olga Krokos
Cynthia Louise Lambakis
Eun Jin Lee
Sharon Haehan Lee
Ut Iong Lei
Maria Patricia Livas
Kristin Nicole Lucovsky
Rana Maheri Desar
Savanna Jo Maniscalco
Francesca Diane Martin
Melissa Ann Mayes
Dorsai Minovi
Margaret Campbell Moore
Mary Helen Moorefield
Lauren H Myers
Ekaterina Sergeevna Nazarova
Loretta Nguyen
Lyubov Melanie Nicholls
Rommel Rey Ordoyo
Lilan Pan
Agnes Song Yee Park
Ariyan Parvaresh
Jenae Pash
Payal A Patel
Gregory Marc Pettigrew
Chittilada Phyakul
Shalina Karitsa Pickering
Praluck Praditsaph
Sara Lauren Pumber-Mortson
Jhonalyn Jhoiey Ramirez
Sara Rosman
Kalunyu Ruamsook
Karen Kaoru Saeki
Marta Scerbo
Katlain Christine Schultz
Michelle Alexandra Seaman
Katherine Marie Sims
Mandarin Kar Ling So
Sabrina Soewatdy
Gina Mah Soohoo
Dalit Spector
Kyle P Sweeney
Cathryn Mary Taylor
Patrick Klingerman Tennant
Michelle Elizabeth Weiss
Samantha Rohn Werley
Renee Elizabeth Wolf
Elaine Ngah teng Yip
Beatriz Yuan
Marcin Zugaj
Brittany Morgan Zwickl

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Landscape Architecture

Lindsay Acheson
Timothy David Barrett
Suhaim Mahmood Bawany
Nathaniel Bradford Brown
Paul Yueh-Ping Dillingham
Vrej Ghazar Haroutounian
Scott Hayes
Elizabeth Hurst
Scott Eric Kleinrock
Kristen Colleen Koehrn
John Charles Kosta
Clint David Kruger
Ronak Massoudi
Emily McKay
Eytan Miller
John A Musser
Jana Marie Perser
Toni Louise Pogue
Anna-Lisa Sharar
Ashanti L Smalls
Meagan J Yellot

Candidates for the Degree of Master in Regenerative Studies

James Carroll Bellis
Rachel L Boldt
Cody Lee Briggs
Andrew Ashe Catalano
Lesley Elektra Grant
Enrique Huerta
Andrew Mark Kanzler
Allison Naoe Okihiro
Christopher Randall Peers
Kimberly Yia-Chih Perry
Tyler Wilson Rundel
Laurin Nicole Scully

Candidates for the Degree of Master in Urban & Regional Planning

Matthew L Abbott
Alma Noemi Acosta Garcia
Amanjeet Ahdi
Selena Renee Alanis
Niti Anand
Carlos S Arevalo
Serineh Baboomian
Manikandaprabhu Bagavathsingh
Arthur Clifton Black III
Jeffrey David Borchardt
Silvia Margarita Casas
Ryan Adam Duff
Jose Luis Elias
Roland Salvador Escalona
Andrew Joe Flores
Silva Hagopian
Leila N Ibrahim
Fayma Ishaq
David Emile Jacot
Nicholas A Love
Brenna Wynne Lyons
Roberto Machuca
Ronald Vance Neumond
Matthew Brooks Ottoson
Jackson Elliot Piper
Marie A Powell
Thomas R Retchless
Julio Rodriguez
Louise Merhej Shammas
Vincent Tam
Sophia Ortiz Tatlyan
Hyon-Chu J Tsang
Melissa Lydiette Viramontes
Peter J Voorhees

Abbreviations of Majors

  • ART: Art
  • ARC: Bachelor of Architecture
  • GD: Graphic Design
  • LA: Landscape Architecture
  • URP: Urban and Regional Planning

Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Joshua Acosta, GD
Rezvan Agahi, ARC †
Gamaliel Ramsey Aguilar, ARC
Gerardo Aguirre, URP
Jonathan Alarcon, LA
Chevail Latione Alexander, GD
Christina Villamar Alvarado, ARC
Ruben David Alvarado, URP
Araceli Alvarez, GD
Crystal R Alvarez, ART
Liliana Marisela Alvarez, ARC
Nicole Anderson, GD
Jorge Andrade, GD
Jorge Alberto Arredondo, LA
Gil Arreola, ART
Arturo Arroyo, LA
Edson Arroyo, LA
Maro Maria Asipyan, ARC †
Eric Christopher Au, GD
Yessica Monserrat Avila, GD
Ryan Arias Azurin, GD
Diane Ann Ramos Balagot, GD
Jessica Marie Baluyot, GD
Alvin Young Ban, ARC
Maritza Barajas, ARC
Gabriela Barajas Garcia, ARC
Suzanne Marie Beaudoin, GD
LeAnne Janese Bell, LA ¶
Karla Lizeth Benitez, LA
Mitchell Lee Benoit, GD
Jeffrey Joel Benson, LA †
Kathryn Margaret Blaine, ART,GD

Mireya Botello-Santoyo, LA
Maria Bougioukos, LA
Alexander Patrick Brown, ART
Renee’ Marie Brown, LA ¶
Brian Andrew Bush, URP
Mordechay Buskila, LA ¶
Samantha Daniella Cabrera, GD
Ricardo Andres Caldera, GD
Kimberly Jane Calica, URP †
Alicen Betzaida Camacho, ARC
Anna Jane Carbonel, GD ¶
Milagro Jassmine Carpio, ARC
Dania Gandara Castro, LA
Robby James Cavanaugh, GD
Ivan S Chan, ARC
Andy Chang, ARC
Linda Chang, GD
Stephen Y Chang, LA
Michelle Nicole Charley, GD
Fane Chen, LA
Gustavo Y Chen, GD
Jenny Chen, GD
Sizheng Chen, ARC ¶
Ivy Bic-Shan Cheng, GD †
Joseph Tommy Cheng, GD
Andrew K Chiang, LA
Debra Chiu, GD §
Sang-ik Cho, LA
Rukta Chopra, GD
Kathleen Michelle Clark, LA
James Earl Coats, GD,MKT
Julie Ann Coleman, ARC
Adilene Contreras, ARC
Anthony Agustin Corbin, ARC †
Joshua Christopher Cortez, URP
Alfonso Cota II, LA
Travis Jacob Couch, URP
Victor Daniel Crosetti, ART
Edna B Cruz Martinez, URP
Henry Antonio Cuellar, GD
Trinkel Cruz Dela Paz, GD
Richard Feliciano Delarosa, ARC✥
Marie Christine Delwiche, ARC
Maisam Ali Dewji, URP
Jose E Diaz, ARC
Eduardo Dominguez, GD
Michael Vincent English, URP
Albert Escobar, ARC
Joel Ojeda Espinoza, URP ¶
Kelly Ariana Espinoza, LA
Elyssa Bartolome Estrada, ARC
Eugene Michael Estrada IV, ART
Dana M Falk, ARC
Louisa Marie Feletto, LA †
Jose Luis Fierros, URP
Ofelia Margarita Figueroa, LA
Valerie Leticia Flores, ART
Michelle Fong, ARC
Misty Bo-young Fong, GD
Peter Douglas Fox, ARC
Sarah A Freed, URP
Shane Jameson French, LA †
Lindsey Nichole Gabel, ART✥
Eduardo Gallegos, URP
Sandra Maria Gamez, URP †
Philip Matthew Garabedian, GD
David Andrew Garcia, URP
Javier R Garcia, GD
Joseph Paul Garcia, LA
Katrina C Garcia, URP
Victoria Nicole Garcia, ART
Edgar Garcia DeAlba, GD
Matthew Samuel Geldin, LA †
Thanh D Giang, LA
Matthew Joseph Goble, LA
Heather Godfrey, LA
Jon M Godown, LA
Luis Alberto Gomez, LA
George Gonzales, GD
Raquel Anne Gonzales, GD
Rodrigo Gonzalez, ARC
Nicole Irene Graciano, ARC
Christopher Alan Gregory, LA
Carlos Cipriano Guerra, LA
Jennifer Guerra, ARC
Jennifer Dawn Guido, URP

Mayra Gutierrez, GD
Tracy Gutierrez, GD
Maryam Haj Mohammad Taghi, URP
Tadeh Hakopian, ARC †
Philip Han, GD
Sul Ram Han, ARC
Oren Harris, ARC
Justin J N Hebenstreit, ARC ¶
Celina Andrea Hernandez, ART
Lynda-Jo Hernandez, GD
Maira Alejandra Hernandez, ART ¶
Andrew Edward Hipp, GD
Justin Lee Hirose, ARC
Jason Ho, URP
Jessica Lynn Holcomb, ART,GD
Ngoc Bao Hong, URP
Nathan T Houck, ARC
WenHsuan Hsu, GD
Thang Gia Hua, URP
Calvin Linn Huang, ARC
Yu-Ting Huang, GD
Desiree Yanelli Hung, GD
Anacany Hurtado, LA
Victoria Huynh, ARC
Sho Ikuta, ARC
Kari Christine Ivan, ART
Jason R Jacquot, LA
Jeffrey Jamawat, URP †
Karina Jaramillo, GD
Ryan Viado Jasmin, LA
Kara Lynne Johnson, GD †
Bradley KishiroYamane Joo, GD
Esau Joya, URP
Jeffrey Michael Juetten, LA
Erin Eunji Jung, ARC †
Kellene Maria Kaas, ARC
Holly Kan, ARC
Biruke Eyob Kebede, URP
John Harold Keys, GD
Michael Hoon Kim, GD
Min Koo Sean Kim, LA
Correy Nigel Kitchens, URP
James Gregory Knox, URP
David Nam Koo, URP
Melissa Ann Koons, ART
Pavel Yevgenyevich Kouznetsov, ARC
Kathleen Marie Kranz, LA
Justin Ryan Kruger, LA
Tara Faye Kubota, GD
Timo Henning Kuechle, LA
Diana Tracy Kwan, URP †
Ron Tak-Shing Kwok, ARC
Melissa Jean Lam, ARC
Michael Lam, URP
Jenna Marina Leathers, URP
Marlene Lechuga, ARC
Ellen Grace Ledbetter, ARC
Kevin Lee, ARC
Soo Young Lee, GD
Yeanwoo Lee, GD
Edward Haw-Tong Li, ART
Daniel Hon-kai Liang, LA
Christina Lin, GD
Ting-chun Lin, GD
Yiserina YinYin Lin, GD
Amanda Ray Locke, URP ¶
Guilbert Romain Locquiao, GD
Geovanna G Loeza, ART
Nicholas Moore Lombardo, GD
Diego Armando Lopez, LA
Alyssa Taryn Lozano, LA
Jessica Ly, GD †
Noah Michael Ly, URP
Jade Azucena Manabat, ARC
Scott Robert Manly, LA
Patrick Pei Yi Mao, ART,GD
Gerardo Merced Marquez, URP
Marc Espanola Marquez, GD
Alexis Guy Martin, URP
Ashi K Martin, ARC
Delana Danielle Martin, URP
Travis Daniel Martin, URP
Cindy Nallely Martinez, GD
Tyler Allan Masters, URP
Sean Thomas Mayo, GD †✥
Roxanne U Mayor, GD

Candace Lauren McIntire, LA †
Elizabeth Justine Mckinney, GD
Carly Alexandra McNeill, LA §
Lorenzo Medina, ARC
Flavia Heloisa Merlino, ARC ¶
Kevin Andrew Meyers, GD
Kirsten Ashley Meza, ARC
Sarah Michelle Mindham, ART,GD ¶✥
Casey Jenkins Mirau, LA
Kim Hoeun Mok, LA
Cesar Eduardo Molina Jr, LA
Nydya Mora, URP
Paulina Morales, URP
Jaime Moreno, ARC
Yorvin Ricardo Moreno, LA
Fariba Khadijeh Mostajer, ARC
Juliet Nalwadda Mukasa, URP
Kelly Marie Mullen, ART
Daina Gail Munar, ART
Anakaren Munoz, ART
Candice Leeann Myers, ARC
Caroline Najarian, LA †
Caasi Fumiko Nakasone, LA
Pornrawee Nayangcharoen, LA
Kenny Van Ngo-Ton, ARC
Dustin C Nguyen, ARC
Long Hoang Nguyen, ARC
Kanayochukwu Donatus Nworji Sr, GD
Michelle Judith O’Donnell, GD
Maya Chiharu Okada, LA
Erin Alanna Oloughlin, ARC
Ijeoma Bernice Onuoha, LA
Harold Rene Ornelas, ARC
Rene Orta Jr, LA
Juan Manuel Ortega, LA
Rebecca Ann Otis, ART †
James Laurence Owen, URP ¶
Anita Dikranouhi Papazian, GD
Sandra Parra, LA †
Braden Lee Patterson, LA
Jamie Michele Peltier, URP
Beatriz Perez, LA
Michael B Petrovitch, ART
Delaram Peykar, ARC §
Julie Pham, GD
Angela Melody Phan, LA
Phuc-Yen Thi Phan, GD
Alex Phung, ARC
Kimberly Rachel Pilmer, URP
Olivia Pina, ART,GD
Veronica Tamara Pineda, URP
Andrew Phillip Pirrone, LA § ✥
Allyn Elizabeth Polancic, ARC ¶ ✥
Tamara Elise Popel, LA †
Omar Andres Pulido, URP
Krzysztof Andrzej Pyter, ARC
Gerardo Ramirez, ARC
Ryan Gnusti Raskop, ARC
Rey Anam Rebolledo, LA
Johnny Recinos, GD
Leticia Isabel Recinos, ARC
James Michael Reed, URP
Garrett Joseph Reger, LA
Alexis Sarno Reyes, GD
Lizbeth Anabelle Rigg, ARC †
Julian D Robinson, GD
Marissa Leigh Rodrigues, ARC
Arturo Rodriguez, LA
Ricardo Rodriguez, LA
Carlos Ernesto Rojas, URP
Jonathan David Rolf, ARC
Robert Sok Ros, LA
Fabian Rosales, ARC
Chutiman Rungseriruch, ART
Hector Ruvalcaba, ARC
Hugo Salazar, LA
Irving Saldana Anaya, URP
Allyssa Bungay Salvador, GD †
Fransiscus Robin Samara, ARC
Nicole Leslie Sanchez, URP
Octavio Sanchez, ARC
Stephanie Noel Santos, LA
Jeremy Joseph Schmit, ARC
Daniel Frederick Schnizler, ARC
Jessica Chantel Scott, ARC
Fabian Andres Segura, GD

Veronica Luna Segura, URP
Chrissie Constance Seilie, ARC
Dafne Serdio, ARC
Michael Joshua Sheets, GD
Kristopher Dalton Shogren, GD
Paul Shyy, ARC
Miguel Angel Simental, ARC
Jasjit Singh, URP
Jon Erik Skovseth, LA
Adrianna Marie Smet, ARC
Gayle M Smith, ARC
Crystal G So, GD
Fernando Solis, URP
Eunhye Song, GD †
Jammie Rose Sosa, ART
Eylyana Soto, ARC
Matthew William Stafford, URP ¶
Jonathan M Stalvey, LA
Christopher Robert Stanford, ARC
Michelle Akemi Stock, GD
Brett Owen Straub, LA
Dana Eun Koo Seul Suh, LA
Marina Lee Swain, URP ¶
Jennifer Yukie Takeshi, ARC
Amanda My Tan, ART,GD
Kevin Willie Tang, GD
William C Taw, GD
Ileana Tejada, ART,KIN
Ivan Alejandro Tellez, URP
Paulo Cesar Temblador, GD
Nolan Jacob Temple, LA
Matthew Christopher Terry, ARC
Blake Alexander Thompson, ARC †
Erwin Bigornia Tigno, URP
Cristiane De Magalhaes Tonn, ARC
Robert Edward Torres, GD
Bin Tran, GD
Johnny Michael Tran, ARC
Teng T Tran, LA
Tiffany Tran, GD
Vi Dieu Tran, URP
Mitch Phillip Triska, GD
Matthew Jaydean Trujillo, ARC ¶
Linda Tieu Truong, GD
Raymond Truong, GD
Sarah Yuon-Quan Tse, GD
Henry L Tseng, ARC
Jeffrey Mark Tsumura, URP
Kyle James Turner, LA †
Linda Y Tweini, GD
Rebecca Elizabeth Unitt, URP †
Andreas Hendra Utama, URP †
Jason Daniel Valdivia, GD
Cassandra Marieke Van Der Zweep, URP ¶
Alyssa Ann Vargas, GD
Jorge Vasquez, LA
Mariana Veronica Ventura, ART
Michele Lee Vernotico, URP
Juan Manuel Villagomez, GD
Tommy Say Vong, GD
Derrick Takashi Wada, LA
Bryan Alan Walker, ARC †
Erin Violet Walker, URP
Hongyuan Wang, LA
Jessica Ting-Jen Wang, LA ¶
Yuying Wang, GD
Garrett Douglass Wehan, ARC ¶
Alex David Weldy, GD
Arturo G Wibawa, GD,MKT
Bryal Nichole Wirth, LA
Coral Rose Withsosky, LA
Bernice Martha Wong, GD
Kinson Wong, URP
Nicky Liklam Wong, GD
Amanda Naville Woo, ARC
Adam Joseph Wright, GD
Andrew Paul Wright, ARC
ChungLin Wu, GD
Lillian C Wu, GD
Zhenshu Yan, LA †
Benny Yeh, ARC
Nereyda Yepez, LA
Christopher Alan Young, ARC
Leandro Yuan, ARC
Adrian Zaitooni, LA
Eduardo Zermeno, ART

§ Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00 (GPA)
¶ Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79
† Cum Laude 3.50-3.64
 President’s Council Scholar
 Ronald E. McNair Scholar
 Keith and Jean Kellogg Honors College


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