2012 Commencement Programs

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

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President's Message

Office of the President


Dr. J. Michael OrtizDear Graduates, Parents and Friends:

Greetings and Congratulations!

Cal Poly Pomona takes great pride in your achievement and this significant milestone. It
is a credit to you, to the support of your family and friends, and to the hard work of the
faculty and staff of an institution that prides itself on offering the best education possible
for its students.

At Cal Poly Pomona, we provide our students with the finest educational experience
and learning environment that is available. The success of our efforts, however, will
only be known years from now. I am certain that, like the many thousands of students
who have attended Cal Poly Pomona, our graduates will enjoy great success. Our
alumni are serving as business and community leaders throughout the country. As you
establish yourselves in your chosen careers, it is my hope that you remain involved in
university life through our alumni organizations. During times when state resources are
diminishing, we must work together to ensure that educational opportunities will be
available for future generations.

Along with best wishes to the graduates, I also extend my appreciation to their parents,
families and friends. Your support has played a significant role in the success of your
student. Through you, the critical cycle of advancing knowledge from one generation to
the next continues.

When we reflect back on the significant events of our lives, graduations stand out as
defining moments, when we begin a new transition, both personally and professionally.
To see the faces of students and families as they reach the culmination of a dream is both
inspirational and heartwarming.

Once again, on behalf of the entire campus community, I congratulate you on your
outstanding accomplishment!


J. Michael Ortiz, Ph.D.

University Administration

President Dr. J. Michael Ortiz
Provost and
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Marten L. denBoer
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Douglas R. Freer
Vice President for University Advancement
Mr. Scott C. Warrington
Vice President for Administrative Affairs Dr. Edwin A. Barnes III
Chief Information Officer for
Instructional & Information Technology
Mr. John W. McGuthry

Dean, College of Agriculture Dr. Lester C. Young
Dean, College of Business Administration Dr. Richard S. Lapidus
Dean, College of Education and Integrative Studies Dr. M.G. (Peggy) Kelly
Dean, College of Engineering Dr. Mahyar Amouzegar
Dean, College of Environmental Design Mr. Michael Woo
Dean, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Dr. Sharon Hilles
Dean, College of Science Dr. Mandayam Srinivas
Dean, The Collins College of Hospitality Management Dr. Andy Feinstein
Dean, University Library
Dr. Ray Wang

Chair, Academic Senate
Dr. Lisa Alex
President, Associated Students, Inc.
Mr. Johnathan C. Jianu

The Julian A. McPhee Award

Julian A. McPhee Seal

The Julian A. McPhee Award recognizes the “founding president” of Cal Poly Pomona. For more than 35 years, McPhee provided dedicated service and enlightened leadership to the people of California through his commitment to higher education. While President of Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, McPhee established a southern branch of the college in 1938, on donated Voorhis School for Boys property in San Dimas. This branch ultimately attracted the attention of cereal magnate W.K. Kellogg. In 1949 Kellogg generously donated his famous Kellogg Arabian Horse Ranch, leading to the eventual expansion of what we know today as Cal Poly Pomona. McPhee was the president of both campuses from 1938 until his retirement in 1965. He helped set the learn-by-doing educational foundation upon which the current institution continues to build.

The McPhee Award includes a certificate and medallion and is presented to one student from each college in recognition of their outstanding contributions. The Award is made possible by an anonymous donor who worked alongside McPhee during the rapid post-World War II growth of Cal Poly Pomona.

Academic Honors

A gold cord indicates graduation with academic honors. Cal Poly Pomona grants honors upon baccalaureate graduation to students who have demonstrated academic excellence throughout their higher education careers. Honors are designated by symbols below for those who graduated Summer 2011, Fall 2011, and Winter 2012. Spring 2012 honors are contingent upon final grades. Honors are not identified for students joining in commencement as early participants. Other recognized campus organizations may issue cords or a sash to honor their graduates, with their own criteria for recognition.

Academic Dress

According to the American Council on Education, the origins of academic dress date back to the 12th century, when universities were taking form. It wasn’t until the late 19th century that American institutions agreed on a standard form of dress. A code was adopted in 1895 and is followed today by most institutions in the United States.

GOWNS The bachelor’s gown has long, pointed sleeves while the master’s gown has an oblong sleeve open at the wrists. The doctor’s gown has an oblong sleeve and is adorned with velvet panels on the front and with cross bars on the sleeves. Gowns are always black, with a few exceptions for doctoral robes and for students receiving special honors, such as the green robes worn by those receiving the Julian A. McPhee Award.

HOODS signify the subject and the institution awarding the degree. They are worn by those with an advanced degree. According to tradition, the length of the hood worn for the master’s degree is three and one-half feet and for the doctor’s degree, four feet. The hoods are lined with the official color or colors of the institution conferring the degree. The binding or edging of the hood is velvet or velveteen, and the color identifies the subject to which the degree pertains.

CAPS In the United States, a black mortarboard is most commonly used, with the tassel on the right prior to awarding the bachelor’s degree. The tassel is in a color representing the discipline in which the degree is awarded.

Tassel Colors

  • Agriculture: Maize
  • Business Administration: Drab
  • Hospitality Management: Lemon
  • Education & Integrative Studies: Light Blue
  • Engineering: Orange
  • Environmental Design: Lilac
  • Science: Gold
  • Letters, Arts & Social Sciences: White
    Anthropology, Behavioral Science, Communication, English & Foreign Language, Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology and Theater
    • Music: Pink
    • Philosophy: Yale Blue
    • Political Science: Peacock
    • Economics: Copper
    • Social Sciences: Cream

University Seal and Mace

university seal

The seal is used for all official acts of the university. It appears on official documents and represents a verification of the university’s approval of actions and events. The figure in the seal’s center is a representation of the head of the university’s ceremonial mace which represents through its five branches the major disciplines of learning, basic to the curricula of the university: the arts, commerce, the humanities, the sciences, and technology. Surrounding the seal is a black band which circles the designation “California State Polytechnic University, Pomona” and the founding date, 1938. Above the stylized mace is the motto: INSTRUMENTUM DISCIPLINAE.

Commencement Committee

We would like to personally thank everyone who has assisted us in the planning and production of the 56th commencement ceremonies. Utilizing the Polytechnic way, this year’s planning process has been a learn-by-doing effort and a collaboration between the President’s Office, Student Affairs, Instructional & Information Technology, Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, and University Advancement divisions. This year, our committee consists of more than 60 members who have devoted much of their time outside of their normal job duties to assist us in providing a successful and memorable ceremony for our students.

With great appreciation,
Diane Carter and Theresa Navar-Rodriguez
Commencement Coordinators

Friends and family members unable to attend today’s ceremony are invited to view live video streaming on their computers at home.

In addition, each ceremony will be archived at this site for future viewing.

TO SEE THE VIDEO STREAMING, VISIT video.csupomona.edu/ and follow the links to today’s ceremony.

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