College of Science

California State Polytechnic University Pomona 2012 Fifty-sixth Annual Commencement

Dean's Message


Office of the Dean
College of Science

Dr. Mandayam A. SrinivasOn behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Science, I offer you my sincere congratulations. The degree you have earned today is the result of many years of hard work and determination. Mathematics and science degree programs are very demanding fields of study that require integrating a wide range of knowledge and skills into an understanding of your particular area of specialization. You have mastered very difficult subjects and developed a deep and insightful appreciation of the world around you.

You are now ready to take the next step in your career. Whether you enter the workforce or continue your studies, you will find that what you learned at Cal Poly Pomona is both valuable and relevant. I have heard from many employers and supervisors of our graduates that our alumni are very well prepared to begin work in their chosen fields. You can optimistically look forward to successful and rewarding careers.

As your time at Cal Poly Pomona reaches an end, please take a moment to think about the many people who have helped you get to this point. Lab partners, project team members, advisors, faculty and friends have offered support and guidance during your studies. Your family and close friends have been particularly important in the financial and emotional support that is needed to complete a college degree program. They will be very proud of your accomplishment when you receive your degree today.

When you graduate, you become a permanent part of the Cal Poly Pomona family. You will always be a CPP alumnus and what you accomplish will contribute to the living tradition of our university. Please stay in touch with your faculty and department. They have been part of the beginning of your career and will want to be just as involved with the next phase. Like the Broncos who have gone before you, I know you will accomplish much and impact the lives of many. Good luck!


Dr. Mandayam A. Srinivas
Dean, College of Sciences


University Quad
4 p.m., Sunday, June 10, 2012
Dr. Mandayam A. Srinivas, Dean, Presiding
Dr. Craig A. Rich, Associate Dean
Dr. Kristine B. Hartney, Associate Dean
Dr. Leonard Troncale, Mace Bearer

Musical Overture Processional

Pomp and Circumstance
The National Anthem Scott Robinson

Welcome and Introduction of Platform Party

Mandayam A. Srinivas, Dean
Welcome and Introductory Remarks President J. Michael Ortiz
Presentation of Class Gift Pulkit Jain
Recognition of Valedictorian Catherine Y. Fisher
Recognition of Outstanding Scholar and
Presentation of The Julian A. McPhee Award: Marissa Anne Caringella
Dean Srinivas
President Ortiz

Recognition of Other Outstanding Accomplishments

Dean Srinivas
Dr. Marten denBoer, Provost
Science Council President Audrey Wang
Presentation of Candidates for Masters' Degree Dr. Marten denBoer
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Master’s Degrees President Ortiz
Master’s Hooding Dean Srinivas
Department Chairs
Provost denBoer
President Ortiz
Presentation of Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees Dean Srinivas
Baccalaureate Presentation Dean Srinivas
Department Chairs
President Ortiz
Recognition of Students’ Families Dean Srinivas
Closing Remarks Dean Srinivas

2012 Julian A. McPhee Honor Award for Student Excellence

Ms. Marissa Anne Caringella

Ms. Marissa Anne Caringella attended Citrus Community College from 2008 to 2010 where she received a perfect 4.0 GPA and won numerous awards such as the Wildlife Resources and Forestry Student of the Year, the Language Arts Student of the Year, and the Citrus College Woman of the Year. At Cal Poly Pomona, she continued her outstanding academic career with a 3.9732 GPA in Environmental Biology as she was awarded scholarships from the Prete Foundation and from the National Science Foundation. She has worked as a volunteer tour guide at the LA Arboretum. She also served as a biology and chemistry tutor and she has worked as a field assistant to study and protect endangered species. At Cal Poly Pomona, Marissa has done excellent original research on the nighttime physiology of native walnut and oak trees, which she has found to use substantial amounts of water, both day and night, and throughout the year, related to the nighttime temperature and relative humidity. In addition, she has done original research on the biomechanics of the California redbud tree, which helps us to elucidate exactly which direction their branches
will bend in the wind, and why. Recently, Marissa was awarded a multi-year fellowship to enter the doctoral program in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA in the fall, where she will pursue a career in plant physiological ecology and conservation biology.

Provost's Award for Scholarship and Creative Activity

Jill Adler-Moore, Biological Sciences

dr. jill adler-mooreProfessor Faye Wachs joined Cal Poly Pomona in 2002 after completing her doctoral program at USC. She has served on the Academic Senate, Faculty Affairs Committee of the Senate, and the CLASS Curriculum Committee. She helped to improve the climate on campus through the Advance Grant, the Kellogg Minorities Group project, and the Faculty Center for Professional Development. In 2004, she received a three-year grant from the Department of Education to provide physical education resources, staff and training for children in Pomona. Wachs is the current president of the North American Society for Sport Sociology.

Provost's Award for Teaching

Ed Walton, Chemistry

dr. ed waltonProfessor Ed Walton received his doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry at the University of Maryland, College Park. He was a Navy officer and taught chemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy. Walton has gained a national reputation for his innovative teaching methods, especially evident in the chemistry course he developed for pre-service K-8 teachers. He has partnered with school districts to improve K-12 science teaching. In addition, he was instrumental in establishing the Diversity Ambassador Program, in which students visit historical sites in the South to gain first-hand knowledge about the civil rights movement.

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Biological Sciences

Meng Wei Chou
Michael Joseph DeSalvio
Jacob John Drainville
David Duarte
Dieta R Hanson ✦
Youssef Georges Harfouche
Kalimba A Harris
Shuk Man Ho
Antony Huang
Nousha Khosh
Maryam Kiani
Wynnford Kong
Un Teng Lei
Yvonne Miranda
Monica Michelle Montes
Virginia Ng
Michael Nguyen
Elysse Ranette Ornelas
Arya Parsa
Gregory J Pec
Lindsay N Peltz
Esperanza Sandoval
Amber D Schooley
Raha Shirkhani
Eric John Smith
Omar Snoussi
Ryan Christopher Stanfield
Cassandra T Stepp-Bolling
Brandon Jiann Hann Tan
Yuan Han Teh
Himani Thakkar
Sean C Wilcox
K Khine Win

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Chemistry

Freida Mary Dallal
Kelly My Ngan Ly
Nemone Friderike Muster
Jessica Fallon Schramm

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Computer Science

Mahabubul Alam
Abdulaziz Abdullah Alsenan
Kevan Alan Carstensen
Fu-Yuan Cheng
Jose Leopoldo Godinez
Jefferson Hirk
Jerry Ercolesea Ho
Tu Anh Hoang
Muhammad Ali Khan
Nikunj Bhupendra Parikh
Munjal Sunilbhai Shah
Rushikesh Yogendra Shah
Himadri Govindbhai Sheladia
Fahad Farrukh Siddiqi
Alexander James Vondrak
Yu Yang
Alan Qiyun Zhao

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Kinesiology

Eric Estuardo Gonzalez
Christina Marie Norris
Jinisha Bipinchandra Patel
Alexandra Elizabeth Taylor

Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science in Mathematics

Leonard Geoffrey Benson
Lilit Chemenyan
Steve Z Chow
Mark Daniel Dela
Nicholas Eugene Drake
Talena Constance Garman
Gene Davis Munar
Tuyettrinh Thi Nguyen
Monica Aide Prado
Claudia C Ramirez
Pamela Robles
Randy Adam Sierra
Sean Steven Smith
Kevin Yueh Tsai
Sarah Joy Underwood
Theresa Ann Vail
Rong Kun You

Abbreviations of Majors

  • BIO Biology
  • BT Biotechnology
  • BOT Botany
  • CHM Chemistry
  • CS Computer Science
  • EB Environmental Biology
  • ES Earth Sciences
  • GSC Geological Sciences
  • IES Integrated Earth Studies
  • KIN Kinesiology
  • MAT Mathematics
  • MIC Microbiology
  • PHY Physics
  • ZOO Zoology

Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

Nur Syahadatain Abdul Razak, BT
Ritz-Albert Espenilla Ablaza, KIN
Yacoub Rajaei Abuata, EB
Jacqueline Christian Aguayo, KIN
Nicholas Alberto Aguilera, PHY
Courtney Marie Alberi, BIO
Michael Donald Albertson Jr., CS
Ara N Alexandrian, PHY
Nuur Zahiah Ali, BT
Andrea Marie Allmond, KIN
Isaiah Huy Almond, MAT
John Kenneth C Altamirano, BIO
John Gabriel Alvarado, BIO
Ruth Maribel Alvarez, CHM
Salvador Alvarez, CS
Karen Louise Amagrande, MAT § ✥
Ruben Yuryevich Amiragov, CHM
Nicole Lauren Anderson, KIN †
Angela Lena Antounian, BIO
David Cedric Archer, KIN
Melissa Arroyo-Mendoza, BIO
Luis Manuel Arteaga, CS
Shanthini Arumugam, BT
Christina S Asai, KIN
Wendy Avila, BIO
Christina Azatyan, BIO
Astkhik Bagdasaryan, BIO
Jessica Lynn Bailey, BIO
Dominic Constantin Baiocco, KIN
Peter Gerralld Banda, MAT
Bryan Keith Banes, KIN
Atanasia Barabas, KIN
Andrew Victor Barajas, BIO, EE
Roberto Barajas, KIN
Emily Barnhold, MAT
Nursyairah Basri, BT
Christine Elizabeth Bassett, KIN ¶
Michael Kirk Batterson, MIC
Rosslyn Kamille Beard, KIN
Jessica Becerra, BIO
Brian Vincent Bell, CS
Nicholas John Berezny, CS

Brittny Catherine Betts, BIO
Kaustubh Dilip Bhalerao, BT
Kaitlin Beth Biczo, EB
Michael W Bigelow, BIO
Matthew Robert Biggs, MIC
Kathleen Nannette Birulin, ZOO
Amanda Ileen Borgquist, BIO
Candice Leigh Braun, MAT
Jessica Joanna Bruns, GSC
Robert Charles Bryson, MAT
Joshua Paul Buckingham, BIO †
Yasmine F Buenaseda, CS
Andrea Nicole Buhain, KIN
Molly Burdick-Whipp, EB ¶
Amber JaNae' Butcher, GSC ✩
Julee Ann Button, KIN
Francisca Valeska Cabrera, MIC
Denise Taylor Caceres, BIO
Kim Thien Cai, BIO
Brittany Caitlin Camp, MAT
Stacy Summer Carino Cantero, KIN
Joseph Endre Capone, BT
Tobias Emanuel Cardenas, CS †
Priscilla Desiree Carey, KIN
Joseph Henry Leonor Cariaga, EB
Marissa Anne Caringella, EB §
Aldo Carlos, BT
Hilda Carmona, BIO
Denise Carranco, KIN
Scott Michael Carri, KIN †
Charles Albert Castelo, CS
Cynthia Castillo, BIO
Andrew John Castro, PHY
Israel Castro Jr., MAT
Richia Christine Castro-larsen, KIN
Jacob Mitchell Cecala, BIO § ✥
Anthony Abraham Cerna-Vasquez, KIN
Mayra Aracely Cervantes, MAT ¶
Michael Alexander Cervantes, BIO
Rosa Chang, CS
Andrew Duey Chareunsouk, BT
Jonathan Korey Chase, CS
Tiffany Chau, BIO
Joanna Mary Chavez, BIO
Julian Chavez, CHM †
Amy Yu-Hsuan Chen, BIO
Ching Chen, BIO
Constantine Shiang Chen, CS ¶
David Tan Chen, CS
Joyce Chia Chen, BIO
Lee Chen Yuen, BT †
Daryl Edward Chesonis, MAT
Cong Co Chiem, MIC
Chi Lung Chiu, CS †
Yong Jun Cho, CS
Brian Choo, MAT
Kah-Hung Chow, BT
Michael Khai Chung, BIO
Paul Naehyun Chung, BIO ¶
Robert M Chung, BIO ¶
Michael Blake Church, BIO
Jessica Nicole Clark, BT §
Valerie Nicole Coba, BIO
Jacquelyn Signe Coello, BT, MHR
John Michael Collins, BIO
Timothy Daniel Collins, BIO †
Neil Tugade Consuelo, KIN
Jason Andrew Corella, MAT
Jason Miguel Corona, PHY
Lening Antonio Cortez, MIC
Michael Lewis Costello, CS ¶
Brandon Hector Coya, MAT †
Helke Criado, BIO
David John Cummings, KIN
Sarah Hart Cunningham, BIO
Ashley Simone Curry, BIO
Sarah Lillian Davenport, ZOO
Dwayne Davidson, BOT
Derrick Edgar Davis, BT
Melissa M De La Cruz, ZOO
David Orlando De la Rosa, CS
Rolando De Santiago, MAT
Maricris Dela Rosa, EB
Alex JiaHui Deng, CS †
Sara Caroline Denise, GSC
Andrew George Der, KIN
Ellen Tamiko Dickinson, ZOO
Claudia E Divas, KIN
Alejandro Martin Dominguez, MAT
Nereyda S Donoso, BIO
Kevin Michael Dooling, CHM
Brian Timothy Droncheff, CS
Danielle Marie Duenas, KIN
Bryce Alex Dupriest, KIN

Marissa Frances Dykes, BIO ¶ ✥
Tara Tutor Elsey, CS
Sahan Emmanuel, BIO ¶
Xiomara Christina Escalante, MAT
Adrian Rafael Escalera, MAT § ✦
Josue Daniel Estrada, CS
Allen Dale Eubank, CS
Ryan Joseph Falcis, MIC
Carol Lee Fekete, KIN
Kai Xuan Feng, BIO
Spencer Frank Fernandes, KIN
Jason Francis Fernandez, KIN
Zareen Circe Moso Fernandez, MIC
Michael Keith Festejo, KIN
Anthony Thomas Filkins, MAT
Adrian L Fisher II, ZOO
Catherine Y Fisher, EB § ✥
Darci Erika Flores, KIN
Manuel Flores Jr., BIO
Alan K Fong, CS
Christopher Wesley Fong, CS
Ivan Poung Fong, CS
Stephanie Leticia Fonseca, BIO
Christopher Alan Franklin, CS
Saul David Frausto, CS
Leah Ruth Fritter, MAT §
Melissa Elizabeth Fumo, BIO
Bullus Moses Gago, BIO
Eleanor Mae Galit, KIN
Elizabeth Marie Gallardo, BIO
Jose de Jesus Gallegos, CS
Karina Gamboa Soto, ZOO
Bariso Namara Garbaba, BT
Sarah Cristin Garcia, PHY
Mykel Vincent Gaspar, CHM
Lili Gevorkian, BIO
Kamaljit Singh Gill, BIO
Jocelyn Chaumiere Gleasonganther, KIN
Ryan Richard Goetz, CS †
Luis Raul Gomez, MAT
Matthew Stephan Gomez, BIO
Scion Celso Gomez, KIN
Cristian Alexis Gonzalez, MAT
Daniel Gonzalez, CS
Catrina Calla Good, ZOO
Douglas James Gordonblackwood, BOT
Ryan Gaston Goyette, CS
Sarah Ellen Graham, KIN
Hillary Grez, ZOO
Dro Simony Grigorian, CS
Amber Paige Groenke, BIO
Alexandra Michelle Guild, BT
Talar Gullapyan, BIO
Alexander Vinh Gutierrez, CS § ✩ ✥
Ilya Gutkin, CHM
Dalton Guzman, CS
Mario Alberto Guzman, CS
Harutyun Gyuznalyan, BT
Munazza Hakim, BIO
Nektar Nikki Hakopian, BIO
David Joshua Hall, BIO §
Melissa Marie Hall, MIC
April Jonay Hankins, PHY
Patricia Joann Harding, BIO †
Elizabeth Helena Hardman, MAT
Sergo Hasasyan, CHM
Stephanie Haslim, MIC
Michael Lamar Hatfield, PHY
Clinton S Hawkins, PHY
Loren Racquel Hayes, BIO
Tya Jonell Haylock, MAT
Bruce Park Hector, BIO
Aaron Nel Martin Hermosura, BT
Silvia Jaqueline Hernandez, BIO
Tyler Matthew Hernandez, PHY
Timothy Paul Hight, CS
James Alexander Higuera, KIN
Joshua Adam Hill, BIO †
William Alexander Hill, KIN
Cary Tomio Hirota, KIN
Siti Hajar Hj Mohd Zamani, BT
Phuoc Thien Hoang, CS
Dannelle Rene Hollinshead, ZOO
Sukmin Hong, MAT
Jonathan Charles Hooker, PHY
Cynthia Maricela Horta, MAT
Natalie Ann Houseberg, BT †
Matthew James Houston, BIO
Terry Huang, CHM
Carly LeeNette Hulstein, CHM
Triet Le Huynh, BIO
Melanie Grace Jaegers, BIO
Pulkit Jain, BT
Ani Janszyan, BIO

Nur hamizah Jasni, BT
Steven Anthony Jasso, PHY, ME
Vera Marie Javier, BIO, CHE
Hoo Jia Yan, BT
Jarerat Jinawanit, BIO
Aaron James Johnson, MAT
Rhandel Nicholas Johnson, CS
Vanessa Katalina-Baez Johnson, BIO
Ian Scott Johnston, BIO §
Natalie Christine Jones, ZOO †
Christin WinYee Jow, MAT
Michael James Joyce, CS ¶
William Juan, BIO
Jason Afsheen Kajbaf, BIO §
George Gevork Kaladjian, BIO
Aaron Jun Kamimura, BIO
Siti Aqilah Kasim, BT
Hera Lerna Kasparian, BIO
Jasmeen Kaur, BIO
Nancy Alicia Kedzierski, CHM
Harry Kemandjian, KIN
Kylie Rachelle Kenner, BIO
Eric Neal Ketchum, MAT
Armond Khodagulyan, PHY
Patrice N Kiiru, CHM †
Brian Jin Kim, CS
Daehyun Kim, CHM
Andrew Ray King, CS
Deandre Alvin King, KIN
Haykuhi Kirakosyan, BIO
Ashley E Knoblach, MIC, MHR
Perry Daniel Knox Jr., MAT
Claire Evelyn Koeneman, KIN
Joseph Montre Koh, PHY
Rylynn Soleil Koshimizu, BT
Colin B Koziol, MIC
Jon M Kuhl, MAT
Steven Kung, BT
Ryan Takashi Kunihiro, KIN
Jennifer Kiyoko Kurashige, GSC
Gina Marie Labriola, PHY
Alecander E LaCuran, CHM
Dennis P Lai, BIO
Linda Laim, BT
Christopher Kevin Lam, BT ¶
Koon Zee Lam, BT
Carley Dean Lancaster, EB
Norman Vincent Hiquiana Lapitan, KIN
Kurtis Ronleigh Larson, MAT, ME
Blake Andrew Latin, KIN
Sandy Law, CS §
Bradley Alan Lawry, GSC
Andy Thien Le, CS
Helen Tam Le, BIO
Yogarajan Lechemene, BT
Alexander Van Lee, BT, CHM
David Alan Lee, MAT
Diana Lee, BIO
Hyounjae Lee, MIC
Jennifer Oi Wah Lee, MAT
Kevin Sun Lee, MAT
Stella Young Lee, MIC
Susan Soon Lee, KIN
Jay Lei, CS
Brett Charles LeMaster, PHY
Courtney Anna Lemon, PHY
Lorenzo Antonio Leon, BIO †
Jeng Shiang Liang, CHM
David Liman, CS †
Brian C Lin, CS
Yu-Huey Lin, BT ¶
Susana Ivonne Lino, GSC
Chieh Liu, CS
Jordan Erik Lo, BT
Alessandra Inez Lopez, BIO
Adam Shergo Loukeh, BT, CHM
Leisl Mae Love, ZOO
Ervin B Lozano, KIN
Tony Au Lu, KIN
Benjamin John Lucas, BIO §
Jessica Patricia Lukito, KIN
Danny Luong, CS ¶
Jason Hoa Luong, MAT
Kevin Luu, CS
Binh Thai Ly, BIO
Brian Ly, CS
Van Duy Ly, BIO
Heather Michelle Maceyko, BIO
Natalia Devi Makmura, BIO
Julio Cesar Maldonado Jr., BIO
Thomas Anthony Marino, ZOO
Francisco Marquez, CS
Nicole Marie Marshall, BIO
Melanie ElizabethWallace Martel, BIO §

Parrisha Laurence Martelly, BIO †
Kailah Nicole Martin, BIO
Alexandro Martinez, BIO
Lauren Amanda Martinez, KIN
Alyssa Nicole Martinez Finkle, CHM
Douglas Mata, CS
Teresa Shiori Matsumiya, MAT
Farah Amira Md Paudzai, BT
Nur Diyana Md Zamri, BT
Kenneth Me, MAT
Michael Santino Medina, BIO †
Michael Arthur Medrano, PHY
Hannah Potter Mejia, GSC †
Dillon Paige Melendez, EB
Anthony Luis Mendez, CS
Omar Mendez, MAT ¶
Sandya Menon, BT
Irene Mercado, BIO
Zobeida Margarita Merlos, BOT
Gabriela Meza, BIO
Julie Mathilde Miessi, BIO
Jennifer Mary Miller, CS
Janet Miranda, MAT
Amber Janay Mitchell, BIO
Allen Kent Mok, CHM
Timothy L Monh, CS
Jeff Moo, KIN
Kristen Nicole Moon, MIC
Leonard Andrew Morales, KIN
Rafael Alfonso Morales Jr., MAT
Francisco Moran Jr., ZOO
Salvador Moreno Jr., PHY, EE
Kathryn E Moscal, BIO
Shabnam Roxanne Movahed, BIO
Laura Genevieve Muhlhauser, EB
Gregory John Murdock, CS
Timothy Ryan Murphy, CS
Anthony Ray Myrick, MIC
Nurul Nadiah, BT
Greg Nadjarian, CS
Wan Ahmad Nadzim, BT †
Ashwini Naganthran, BT
Kenny John Navalta, KIN
Karina H Navarro, BIO
Christian Abraham Nelson, CS
Amelia Joyce Newlin, KIN
Sheree Poyin Ng, BIO
Tony Ng, KIN
Angie Thi Ngo, CS
Natasha A Ngo, BIO ¶
Amanda Hanh Nguyen, BIO
Duy LyPhuong Nguyen, CS
Duy Thien Phuong Nguyen, CS
Hieu P Nguyen, BT
Hoang Nhu Nguyen, CS
Katelin Nguyen, CHM
Kim Nguyen, CS
Kristina Nguyen, CS
Minhngoc Mickey Nguyen-Tran, MIC
Pat Nimmanant, ZOO
Neda Fathemh Noori Nassr, BT
Hannah Norazharuddin, BT
Muhammad Abid Nordin, BT
Jose Manual Noriega Jr., KIN
Rachel Marie Nunez, BIO
Micah John Nyhoff, CS
Justin Hisakichi Ogawa, KIN
Shant Ohanis, CS
Michael Victor Olague, CHM
Sheila Marie Olazo, KIN
Zaira Olivares, CS
Ana Gabriela Orozco, CS
Danielle Elise Osbon, KIN
Sandra Melissa Oseguera, BIO
Mae Sugito Osias, BIO ¶
Justin Pineda Padiernos, BIO
Nithya Palaniyandi, BT
Isabel Pan Zhang, CHM
Vasty Paokhomai, BIO
Helen Hyunhwa Park, BIO
Karolynn Joy Parker, BIO
Michael Wade Parker, KIN
Stephen Lovell Parker, BIO
Matthew Henry Pasos, BT
Anish Dilip Patel, MIC
Gopi N Patel, BIO
Nattapong Pengphol, CHM
Bryan Rey Garcia Peralta, KIN
Tiffany Ann Peterson, KIN
Candice Collette Pitts, KIN
Kritiya Pokawatana, BIO
Cassandra Nicole Pollock, MAT
Jena Portanova, BOT ¶
Keith Alexander Powers, MAT

Matthew Anthony Prentice, KIN §
Erica Elaine Puhawan, MAT
Jessamine A Quijano, MIC
Lauren Danielle Quiros, BIO
Nurruzana Rahim, BT
Edwin Ramirez, MAT
Jose Cruz Ramirez, MAT
Cecilia Yesenia Ramos, MAT
Veronica Nicole Ramos, ZOO
Jared Paul Rathbun, CS
Elizabeth Rayo, BIO
Monica Razo, MIC
William R Realyvasquez, BIO
Alexandra Jose Reginaldo, BIO
Tyler Magnus Reinhart, KIN
Erik Mitchell Theodore Riedel, KIN
Brent Tyler Ritzinger, GSC
Carlo Niko Lim Rivera, MIC ¶
Andrew Vincent Rives, BIO
Paul B Rizardo, CS
Lindsey Ann Robertson, MAT
Ryan Darrell Robertson, CS
Natalie Marie Robles, MIC
Edgar Rodriguez, BT
Bryant Edwin Rojas, CS
Elvis Alexander Romero, KIN
Salvador Romero, MAT
Alejandro Rosales, KIN
Jessie Rosales, KIN
Josh E Ross, KIN
Benjamin Chris Roth, MAT †
Joelle Marie Rowley, BIO †
Kristi Lynn Ruckel, KIN
Jaime Ruiz, KIN
Juan Ruiz, BIO
Jon Russell Sacro, BIO
Jacques Said, CHM
Hector Salas Jr., BIO
Tiffany Salazar, KIN
Daisy Salcedo, MAT
Dale Allen Salcedo, CS
Sarah Tayeba Saleemi, ZOO § ✩
Fady Magdy Samaan, CHM
Cesar Sanchez, CS
Cristian Daniel Sanchez, CS †
Jason Pedro Sanchez, BIO
Michael Andrew Sanchez, KIN
Christopher Charles Sanders, BIO
Stephanie Marie Sandino, KIN ¶
Alicia Sandoval, BIO
Arturo Sandoval, MAT
Octavio H Sanpedro, MAT
Kayverne Santhanasamy, BT
Amalia Afzan Saperi, BT †
Arrio Auryando Saputra, BT
Kambiz Tim Saremi, CS
Christina Grace Sargent, MAT §
Joshua Glenn Sargent, GSC
Nardine Refaat Saweris, KIN
Christopher Wesley Saylor, BIO
Megan Rebecca Schmitz, MIC
George Edward Schreyer, BIO
Eren James Scott, MAT
Raimund Christian Sevilla, MIC
Albert H Shih, CS
Grant Tatsuo Shinmei, KIN
Diana Simon, CHM
Heather Mae Simon, KIN
Jean Pierre Simons, CS
Manpreet Kaur Singh, BIO
Edsel Lawrence Noche Sinson, BT¶
Ryan Paul Smith, CS †
Stephen A Smith Jr., PHY
Jeramiah Andrew Solven, KIN
John Steinkamp Sorlie, PHY
MItchell Kyle Sortillon, CS
Alberto D Soto, MAT †
Aaron David Springer, BT § ✥
Jessica Monique St Jules, KIN
Kevin James Stanonik, CS
Ryan Richard Stanton, BIO
Rebecca Ann Starr, MAT †
Randolph Scott Stevens, KIN
Hannah E Suh, CHM
Akina Jennifer N Sukegawa, BIO
Gianni Cassidy Sutaniman, BIO
Casandra Lynn Swiger, BIO
Rowena Rose Del Mundo Tacusalme, MIC
Louis Chi Lai Tam, BT
Hui Man Tan I, BT
Aileen Tang, KIN
Allan Tang, CS
Michael Tang, BT
Rola Milan Tannous, BIO

Daniella Pia Tarankow, ZOO †
Vartan Chris Khatchig Tashjian, BT †
Mina Magdy Tawadrous, BIO
Ileana Tejada, KIN, ART
Eric Tello, CS
Lee Aik Tharachai, CHM
Travis James Theimer, KIN
Mark Edward Thompson, BIO
Sean Tieu, CS
Dileshni Akila Leone Tilakawardane, BT
Cara Anne Tillgren, ZOO
Jason Rozario Tjan, KIN
Hoang That Ton, CS
Azizah Amirah Touhid Ahmad, BT
Andrew Hoang Tran, BIO †
Steven L Tran, KIN
Thanh Cong Tran, BIO
Kaitlin Marie Traver, EB
Julianne M Tres, KIN
Minh Thuan Trinh, CHM
Nickolas Robert Triska, BIO
Jecone Jacob Trobel Jr., BT
Son Minh Truong, MIC
Luke Shin Chwan Tsai, CS
Win Udompruge, MIC
Jolina Baluyut Ugto, EB
Daniel B Ulrich, KIN
Malakai A Unland, MAT
Frank Valdez Jr., MIC, BHS †
Luis Valencia, CS
Gabriel Steven Vargas, BIO
Daisy Esmeralda Vasquez, MAT †
Jenny Elizabeth Vasquez, BIO
Lenin Erick Vega, EB
Miriam Ariana Velazquez, ZOO †
Jessica Guadalupe Villa, BIO
Ly Hai Vo, CHM
Myha Thi Vo, BIO
Alan Tong Voong, CS
Huynh Vu, BT
Minh Quang Vu, BT
Paul Duy Vu, CS
Quang H Vu, CS
Andy Sam Vuong, BIO
Farshad Wahidi, CHM
Laura Elizabeth Wakefield, MAT †
Stephisha Garnae Walton, KIN
Monika Stephanie Wan, BT
Audrey Rou Wang, BIO
Betty Chi Hwa Wang, BIO
Marqueeda L Watson, BT
Richard C Webster Jr, MAT
Jenny Wei, BT
Allen Max Weintraub, BT
Stephanie Anne Weldon, KIN
Kacie Lynn Wellington, GSC
Lilibeth Adiova Wenceslao, GSC
Claire Whiting, CS †
Lindsey Laurelyn Williamson, BIO †
Andrew Stephen Wilson, MIC †
Lana Eva Wolter, KIN
Haulson Wong, CS
Jeffrey Wong, KIN
Lauren Wong, CHM
Remi C Wong, BIO
Stephen Hs Wong, CS
Katie Ann Woolery, EB
Aaron Nathaniel Wright, MAT †
Diana E Wu, BT
Saro Christopher Yakinian, CS
Alvin Chuen-Yin Yan, BIO
Joel Yan, CS
Jason Yang, BIO
Jonathan Edward Yee, CS
Edward Sunghoon Yi, CS
Jae Eun Yoon, BIO
Janet Jung Yoon, BIO
Sarineh Zadorian, MIC
Martha P Zamora, BT
Luke Htoogay Zan, MAT
Joshua Alan Zeeman, PHY
Xiao Xia Zhang, MAT
Pengcheng Zhao, KIN
Jeffrey Chonghae Zheng, BIO
Shanen Zhi, BIO †
Syaizul Abdullah Syamil Zulkaffly, BT
§ Summa Cum Laude 3.80-4.00 (GPA)
¶ Magna Cum Laude 3.65-3.79
† Cum Laude 3.50-3.64
 President’s Council Scholar
 Ronald E. McNair Scholar
 Keith and Jean Kellogg Honors College


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