Cal Poly Pomona

Career-Preparation in the College of Science

The university's tradition of "learn by doing" has been infused in a science curricula that includes research, field experiences, and laboratory work. By their many opportunities to apply knowledge in hands-on projects, collaborate with the faculty and industry partners and participate in internships and service learning programs, our graduates have gone into the workforce well prepared to solve real world problems in a rapidly changing, highly technical world.

What can I do with my major?

Resources for College of Science Students: Links to careers for students with Bachelors degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math & Statistics, Geology and Computer Science.

Career Center

The Career Center provides students and alumni with services that enhance their career, educational and life decision-making processes. From career advising, intership assistance, help with finding part-time jobs, to on Campus Recruiting, the Career Center is an essential stop for entering freshman.