Cal Poly Pomona

Hands-on Activities

Students in the College of Science have a wealth of opportunities to learn in a curriculum that infuses hand-on actitivites with theory and application. Below are some of the hands-on activities available to students in the six departments of the College.

biology activities

Most classes in the department have laboratory sections that allow students to get experience in the practical aspects of the discipline while strengthening their understanding of the lecture material. This provides the basic techniques needed for students to enter into a variety of research & internship opportunities while still undergraduates.

Experimental Traditions Series: this lab-based series explores the rich history of the experimental sciences and its impact on contemporary efforts. By combining classic and state-of-the-art techniques to the solution of contemporary questions, students learn new techniques, connect with research-active faculty in the department, gain a sense of history, and an appreciation for their place in the continuum of scientific experimentation. Courses developed with support from HHMI include: Neurosciences, medical genetics, plant architecture, forensic science and plant-microbe interactions.

Links to Internships

Research Facilities & Opportunities in the Department

Chemistry activities

Chemistry students gain experience in a variety of laboratory techniques to safely conduct chemical experiments and procedures while will learning the fundamental principles governing the chemical world and developing problem-solving skills. All majors are encouraged to participate in Co-op options and internships and all must do a senior research project.
  • A Chemistry Course for Teachers of the 21st Century: Project Nova

activities in computer science

The Computer Science curricula is based on an interdisciplinary blend of mathematics, chemistry and physics and provides real-life learning situations and project-oriented coursework that transfers seemlessly to industry environments. Co-op education and internship opportunities from major industry partners along with a active faculty allow for highly competitive graduates.

activities in geology

The Geological Sciences Department provides a strong balance between classroom theory, laboratory application, and field experience, resulting in a well-rounded curricula designed to prepare students for careers as professional geologists or to succeed in post-graduate education. All students are required to complete a Senior Thesis.

activity in math

  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a comprehensive program that may be adapted to serve a variety of interests. Students have 3 options: secondary teacher preparation/pure math, applied mathematics, and a statistics option. Each student is urged to develop an elective pattern and internship options which will also be preparatory for graduate study either in mathematics or in some quantitative discipline in the sciences, engineering, economics or business.
    • MaSTER2: to develop strong math and science teachers

activities in Physics

Physics majors at Cal Poly Pomona may look forward to relatively small upper division classes that encompass the experimental and theoretical aspects of both classical and modern physics. Each student will complete a senior project under faculty supervision, as well as receiving encouragement to participate in group study and research activities that are sponsored by individual faculty members.