Cal Poly Pomona

Improving-Our Programs

All departments in the College are active in designing and implementing effective assessment programs to identify areas problematic to student learning and "best practices" models that can be transplanted and used in other programs.

What have we learned?

  • The SEES program provides a good model for student learning success. A freshman course to guide students in their transition to university-level science curriculum, intensive supplemental instruction and workshops to ensure sound preparation in the core science courses, and career development activities to keep students on track and motivated, have all led to impressive student success.
  • Peer Tutoring through MaSH for service Math and Statistics courses has improved student performance in these gateway courses.
  • What are we doing from what have we learned?

  • The College's Student Learning Support unit has begun working with instructors to design supplemental instruction and peer tutoring through MaSH for service courses in Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology to supplement current student support activities. See the MaSH Advisory Committee.
  • The College has hired a coordinator for Student advising to enhance current practices and encourage internships and other pre-professional activites.
  • Student Research and Broadening Access To Science: With support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Cal Poly Pomona has created additional opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research.