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Student Learning Activities in the Sciences

Students in the College of Science are afforded many opportunities to "learn-how-to-learn" and apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, collaborate with faculty members on research, and participate in valuable internships and service-learning programs. Here we highlight our learning centered activities and resources for student success.

What are we doing in the Departments?

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College-based Student Learning Activities

SEES: The Science Educational Enhancement Services program promotes diversity among students majoring in science. The SEES program offers advising, a study center, workshops, an orientation course, Bioquest, mentoring programs and research opportunities.

Student Learning Support Center: provides academic enhancement for all students enrolled in introductory service courses offered by the departments of the College of Science. The MaSH center provides free tutoring and workshops for all students enrolled in introductory service courses offered by the departments of Math & Statistics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

CEEMaST: The Center for Education and Equity in Mathematics, Science and Technology is the vehicle through which the College of Science serves the educational community. CEEMaST is committed to improving mathematics, science and technology education for all learners. The program connects area teachers and administrators with university faculty so they can work together to improve teaching and learning. The program also assists area schools and districts in identifying and solving context specific problems related to the curricula, and teaching and evaluation of science, mathematics and technology. Through workshops, seminars, conferences and funded projects, CEEMaST is working to provide teachers and their districts with the knowledge, support and tools to implement change.

CO-OP: The Cooperative Education Program is designed for students who want to obtain paid practical experience while pursuing a degree. Co-op prepares for entry into the workforce by offering opportunities for practical hands-on work prior to graduation. This on-the-job training gives a competitive edge and many have found themselves several steps ahead of their peers when starting their careers.

Biotechnology: As one of the few polytechnic universities nationwide, Cal Poly Pomona was the first university nationwide to establish an undergraduate program in Biotechnology. The university's tradition of "learn by doing" in all of its programs has been infused in a curricula that includes research, field experiences, and laboratory work. By their many opportunities to apply knowledge in hands on projects, collaborate with the faculty and industry partners and participate in internships and service learning programs, our graduates have gone into the workforce well prepared to solve real world problems in a changing highly technical world.

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