Cal Poly Pomona


Programs to Support Student Learning

Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) program: promotes diversity among students
majoring in one of the College of Science departments. The SEES program offers advising, a study center, workshops, an orientation course, Bioquest, mentoring programs and research opportunities. SEES has recently recieved an NSF scholarship award.

Student Learning Support: the MaSH center provides drop-in tutoring in introductory Math and Statistics and is expanding the current workshops in Chemistry, Biology and Physics to include drop-in tutoring by trained undergraduates.

HHMI Faculty-Student Mentor Program: Inter-generational networking is central to the success of this program in which three research-active faculty each three upper-division protégés who in turn each mentor three freshmen. Using this pyramid approach, as many as 3 faculty, 9 upper-division students, and 27 lower-division students are active participants in the program each year. By connecting freshmen with those "in the know", lower-division students begin to learn the pathway to a successful academic career at Cal Poly Pomona and ultimately, to careers in the research sciences. Freshmen students are also encouraged to enroll in the Success in Science course (SCI 110). Here they acquire practical knowledge and skills important to their success at Cal Poly including effective study strategies, exam preparation, note-taking, and dealing with curriculum issues.

HHMI Research-Apprentice Program: The HHMI Research-Apprentice Program is designed to support up to two years of original research by undergraduate students at the junior/senior level. Students accepted to this competitive program, and who demonstrate quarterly progress in meeting goals set by the student and research advisor, will receive stipends of $1,350 per quarter during the academic year and $3,600 for full-time work during the summer.