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American Semester Program

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The American Semester Program (ASP) at Cal Poly Pomona provides the opportunity for visiting international students to take Cal Poly Pomona university courses without applying to the university. Qualified international students can enroll in up to 12 units of study per term by the permission of the course professors. American Semester Program (ASP) staff provide advising and help in selecting and enrolling in courses. Credits earned for courses taken at Cal Poly Pomona are transferable and will appear on the student’s official transcript.

Who should apply for the American Semester Program?

  • Students visiting from another country who want to take Cal Poly Pomona credit courses
  • Prospective graduate students who have prerequisite courses to complete before applying to a specific graduate program at Cal Poly Pomona
  • Eligible Intensive English Program students who:
    • Have completed CPELI Level 5 or shown a TOEFL score sufficient for Cal Poly Pomona, or
    • Are attending a foundation year program in CPELI, or
    • Are attending CPELI from an international partner university

Admission Requirements

  • For students for whom English is not the first language, the CPELI Placement Test and Language Proficiency Scores will determine how many university courses may be taken in the ASP program
    • The required scores for taking the maximum 12 university credits are: iBT TOEFL 71 or IELTS 6.0
    • Students with scores of iBT TOEFL 65 and above are permitted to take 8 or fewer academic credit units in combination with intensive English language courses to equal to a full course of study for the F-1 student visa
  • International students who have completed their high school studies in English are exempt from providing a Language Proficiency Score


Program Dates

Term Year New Student Placement Test First Day of Classes Last Day of Term
Spring 2018 03/20/18 03/26/18 06/08/18
Summer 2018 06/07/18 06/18/18 07/24/18
Fall 2018 08/13/18 08/23/18 12/14/18
Spring 2019 01/09/19 01/14/19 05/10/19
Summer 2019 05/28/19 05/29/19 08/06/19


*Please note: Beginning in Fall 2018, Cal Poly Pomona will operate on a semester system. Dates for ASP from Fall 2018 onwards are in accordance with CPP semester dates.


Tuition and Fees

ASP Tuition: 

  • Spring 2018: $3,900
  • Summer 2018: $2,960 (8 quarter/lecture credit hours)
  • Starting Fall 2018: $5,800 (12 semester/lecture credit hours)

*Note: Additional fees may apply for labs or activities.


Application Fee: $175 (does not include shipping cost)

Health Insurance

Students are required to have mandatory health insurance through AETNA Student Insurance for each term they attend ASP. ALL ASP students are required to have the pre-approved insurance plan, and no other insurance will be accepted. Failure to enroll in the pre-approved insurance plan will result in the canceling of the I-20 form. Students who are provided insurance through an approved scholarship organization are exempt from this requirement.