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What is an Amateur?

The word “amateur” comes from old French and it means to love, as one who loves some activity; e.g. amateur painter, amateur golfer, amateur musician, amateur radio operator.

Amateur - French, from Latin amator, lover, from amare, to love.

Amateur radio operators are passionate about technology. Many are engineers and scientists by vocation. They are driven by curiosity and a desire to learn as they push the limits of technology.  As a university club we strive to support your classroom learning experience with hands-on experiences that allow you to explore cutting edge technologies.  

Amateur radio is not amateurish. The amateur radio community has created a wide variety of resources that are free or low cost, including global voice and data systems, telemetry systems, digital signal processing platforms, software defined radio platforms and much more.   

Amateur radio has something to offer to any student of technology. Some items are available to everyone but to take full advantage of the service requires the completion of a 35-question exam which earns a Technician’s Class Amateur Radio license.  

Contact us if you are interested in computer networking, WiFi, electronics, remote control, telemetry, software development and satellite communications.  

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