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2014 Conferences

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2014 CSU Student Research Competition Winners

CSU East Bay 2014

Congratulations to the CPP Student Research Delegation! On May 2nd and 3rd, 19 students presented their research at CSU East Bay. CPP had one 1st Place winner and two 2nd Place winners in their respective divisions:

First Place

  • Cole Frazier
    Biology, Undergraduate
    Mentor: Dr. Adler-Moore (College of Science)

Second Place

  • Heather Acuff
    Animal Nutrition, Graduate
    Mentor: Dr. Pettey (College of Agriculture)
  • Blin Richards, Mathew Gan, John Payton, Jordan Quintana, James Liu, and Miguel Enriquez
    Aerospace Engineering, Undergraduate
    Mentor: Dr. Bhandari (College of Engineering)
2014 SRC

2014 Cal Poly Pomona Student Research Conference Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Student Research Conference, who will be advancing to the CSU-wide competition on May 2nd and 3rd at CSU East Bay.

Heather Acuff

Effects of Adding Dried Fruit Waste Product To The Diets of Finishing Pigs on Growth, Feed Intake, and Nutrient Digestibility.

Major in Animal Nutrition, Graduate

Mentor: Dr. Lee A. Pettey

Brian Bulaya

Exploring the Common Core State Standards at Westmont Elementary School (Pomona, CA).

Major in Urban and Regional Planning, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Kyle Brown

Cole Frazier

Establishing Lower Urinary Tract Candidaiasis in Swiss Webster Mice.

Major in Biology - Emphasis Microbiology, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Jill Adler-Moore

Zach Gentry, Andrew Sakamoto, Matthew Corey, Norton Thongchua, and Kishan Patel

Corrosion of Nickel Chromium Alloys in Molten Sodium Sulfate at 900 C.

Major in Chemical Engineering, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Vilupanur Ravi

Erin Mascho

An Investigation of Manegerial Compensation in the Restaurant Industry.

Major in Hospitality Management, Graduate

Mentor: Dr. Zhenxing Mao

Blin Richards, Mathew Gan, John Payton, Jordan Quintana, James Liu, and Miguel Enriquez

Obtacle Avoidance System for UAVs Using Computer Vision.

Major in Aerospace Engineering, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Subodh Bhandari

Maria Servin

Framing Spces of Illegality: Undocumented College Graduates and Deferred Action.

Major in Ethnic and Women's Studies, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Anita Jain

Patrick Shushereba

The Swing Vote and the Attitudinal Model of the Supreme Court.

Major in Political Science, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Mario Guerrero

Samantha Willford

Thermodynamic Measurements May Reveal a New Ion/Substrate Stoichiometry for the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Transporter 1.

Major in Biological Sciences, Graduate

Mentor: Dr. Sepehr Eskandari

Samayyah Williams, Blanca Calderon, Connie Tsui, Han Yang, Daniel Espinoza, Nathan Dominquez, Kenneth Kosovich, Amir Kashifi, and Raffi Dermendijan.

Removal of Nitrate and Percholorate from RO Concentrate Stream.

Major in Civin Engineering, Undergraduate

Mentor: Dr. Ali Sharbat