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2015 Student Research Conference Awards

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3rd Annual CPP Student Research Conference

The ten oral presentation winners will represent CPP at the CSU system-wide Student Research Competition on May 1-2, 2015 at CSU San Bernardino.

3rd Annual Student Research Conference Winners

Oral and Poster Presentation Winners

Oral Presentation Awards

Tabitha Lindsay
Session 1: Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Graduate
Project: North Pacific Opisthobranchs
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ángel Valdés

Jonathan Tringali
Session 2: Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Graduate
Project: Cross Protection of a Synthetic MPL (SMPL) Adjuvant Incoporated into a Liposomal M2E Influenza A Virus Vaccine in BALB/C Mide infected with H1N1 or pN2
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jill Adler-Moore and Dr. Nancy Buckley

Haley Smolinski, Megan Telebrico, Jaynie Tao, Lisa Mai, Spencer Jones, Ali Hasan, Giselle Hernandez, and Ashley Stowells
Session 3: Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Undergraduate
Project: Development of a fortified rice product using edible insect flours for developing countries
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Yao Olive Li and Dr. Shuhong Ye

David Vega
Session 4: Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Project: Computational Microscopy on a Cellphone
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ertan Salik

Sofia Pedroza
Session 5: Behavioral and Social Sciences
Project: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Olympics and the IOC
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Faye Wachs

Parmeet Kohli
Session 6: Business, Economics, and Public Administration: Interdisciplinary
Project: Application of Lean Six Sigma in Business Funcations
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kamran Abedini

Daniel Jesus Grajeda
Session 7: Humanities and Letters; Education
Project: What are internal and external factors that contribute to Chican/o EOPS student persistence in transferrring to a four year university?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jose Aguilar-Hernandez

Lindsay Hetric
Session 8: Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Undergraduate
Project: Investigation of Bmi1 phosphorylation in breast cancer cells
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Junjun Liu

Brian Martin, Andrew Blancarte, Ketton James, Abraham Paucar, and Ben Saletta
Session 9: Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Engineering and Computer Science
Project: Design of an innovative, Highly Maneuverable, Stealthy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle with ISR Capabilities
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Todd Coburn

Natalie La, Michael Lepore, Yao Bourdon, Tiffany Lai, Wesley Harijanto, Terrence Gaines, Deana Lestina, Chrstine Zheng, Lucas Townsend, Michael Kim, and Kalvin Lam
Session 10: Engineering and Computer Science
Project: Renewable Energy Desalination: Development of Photvoltaic Electrodialysis Desalination System
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ali Sharbat

Poster Presentation Awards

Conor Roland and Martin Sanchez
Interdisciplinary; Behavioral and Social Sciences Poster
Project: Highlty Sensitive Label-Free Biosensors based on Biconically Tapered Fibers
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ertan Salik

Yee Teng Moo, Stephanie Romero, and Michelle Ecarma
Biology and Agricultural Sciences Poster
Project: Effects of pH and Temperature on the Vibrance of Red Cabbage Anthocyanin
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Harmit Singh

Marvin Paredes, Dorian Martinez, Evgeny Melman, Shelby Schneider, Bryan Lemaster, Ramelya Amirkhanian, and Armen Boghozian
Engineering and Computer Science Poster
Project: Simultaneous Milling and Coating and Characterization of Pharmaceutical Powders
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laila Jallo

1st Annual Distinguished Research Staff Award

Victoria Pantoja, Institutional Review Board staff member

Victoria Pantoja, Institutional Review Board staff member

From Left to Right: Bruce Kennedy ( Instutional Review Board - IRB), Victoria Pantoja ( IRB), President Soraya Coley, and Dr. Yao Olive Li ( URFAC Co-Chair)