Download CPSA Membership Application

As Stated in CPSA bylaws:


    • A. Member
      1. Fill out a membership application
      2. Pay membership dues
        • Yearly Fee: $55 per school year regardless of which quarter you join, T-Shirt Included
        • Quarterly Fee: $25 per quarter, T-Shirt Not Included ($15 for a T-Shirt)
      3. Submit a Resume

    • B. Membership Privileges
      1. Each member will have 1 vote during CPSA elections
      2. Members are eligible to attend all CPSA events and CPSA co-hosted events
      3. Members will have all professional contacts made available to them upon request
      4. Certification
        • Senior and Distinguished Members will recieve a hard-copy certificate at the end of the academic year will be able to purchase a CPSA stole for Commencement Ceremony at a reduced cost.

  • II. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Active members must be members of the Associated Students, Inc. at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

    • A. Senior Member
      1. Be a Member
      2. Involvement
        • Accumulate a total of 100 or greater points from events, which include:
          • 2 Points - CPSA Meeting
          • 5 Points - CPSA Social and Volunteer Events
          • 10 Points - CPSA Professional Events
          • 4 Points - Beta Alpha Psi - Specific Events

    • B. Distinguished Member
      1. Accumulate a total of 150 or greater points* from events.
      2. OR
      3. Be a Senior Member with proof of a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

    *For members graduating prior to spring quarter, the point thresholds will be adjusted accordingly in increments of one third for each quarter the student remains as such prior to graduating.