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In 2007, President Ortiz convened the Climate Commitment Task Force, charged with fulfilling the obligations of the President’s Climate Commitment. The task force was instrumental in developing the first greenhouse gas inventory, and the development of the Climate Action Plan, adopted in 2009. In 2010 resources were reallocated to create the Office of Sustainability to support the campus climate commitment and the implementation of the Climate Action Plan and charged with submitting regularly to the ACUPCC. This reporting included the biannual greenhouse gas inventory and milestone progress reports.  However since 2010 additional issues of sustainability have pushed the University to consider issues previously outside of the scope of the climate commitment, including purchasing, food, water, and other forms of resource consumption and human resources.  Given this change in scope, the President has re-envisioned the work of the task force to more formally address these broader aspects of environmental sustainability creating the Environmental Sustainability Task Force in winter 2013.  

To lend logistical support to the Environmental Sustainability Task Force, the Lyle Center has established a new sustainability working group, charged with assisting campus entities in the development of programs which support Task Force goals, as well as analyzing, reporting, and publicizing sustainability progress.

Lyle Center Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group was established with the vision of cementing Cal Poly Pomona’s reputation as a leader in environmental awareness, action and advocacy. We envision a future where our innovations become the standards of practice for colleges and universities; where our campus exudes sustainability through its operations, its academic offerings, its campus life, and its community engagement; and where our student assistants engage in high-impact co-curricular experiences that place them in high demand for employment and post-graduate education.

The mission of the Lyle Center Sustainability Working Group is to provide direct support for the University’s Environmental Sustainability Task Force, as it seeks to:

  1. Reduce the University’s direct environmental impact
  2. Cultivate awareness of environmental sustainability and pro-environmental action among its students, faculty and staff
  3. Serve as a leader and model of environmental sustainability for the broader community.

The Working Group is led by Lyle Center Director, Dr. Kyle D. Brown, who is also Chair of the University’s Environmental Sustainability Task Force. Lyle Center Project Coordinator, Ms. Deborah Scheider serves as primary staff support and day-to-day lead for student staff. Student staff are granted Sustainability Assistantships for a period of 1-2 years, which provide living wages in exchange for an average of 10 hours per week of work.