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The Lyle Center serves as the convening organization for faculty, staff and students engaged in sustainability research at Cal Poly Pomona University. The Center, in partnership with the University's Environmental Sustainability Task Force, is responsible for tracking sustainabiity research on behalf of the institution.

Definition of Sustainability Research

In March, 2014 a faculty sub-committee of the University's Environmental Sustainability Task Force, consisting of 7 faculty representing 6 different disciplines, adopted a definition of sustainability research for the institution:

Cal Poly Pomona University supports a simple, comprehensive, and commonly endorsed definition of sustainability - meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability research consists of any research, scholarly, or creative activity that supports this definition by advancing the equitable endurance of social, economic, and environmental systems.  Such research furthers our understanding of the integration of these systems, our understanding of the forces that challenge their sustainability, or our understanding of ways to promote community action toward positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Faculty Members Engaged in Sustainability Research

Faculty members engaged in sustainability research as defined above, represent divers discplines within the University, and 15 academic departments.

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Academic Department Affiliated Center/Initiative
Kevin Anderson Mechanical Engineering  
Ed Bobich Biological Sciences Lyle Center; Water Initiative
Kyle D. Brown Landscape Architecture Lyle Center; Water Initiative
Kristen Conway-Gomez Geography & Anthropology Lyle Center; Water Initiative
Julianna Delgado Urban & Regional Planning Water Initiative; CA Center for Land & Water Stewardship
Michael Fox Architecture  
Gerald Herder Engineering Technology  
Jae Min Jung Business Administration  
Sandy Kapoor Hospitality Management  
Do Kim Urban & Regional Planning  
Pablo La Roche Architecture Lyle Center
Kenneth Lamb Civil Engineering Water Initiative
Denise Lawrence Architecture Lyle Center
Yam Lee Chemical & Materials Engineering Lyle Center
Barry Lehrman Landscape Architecture  
Weimin Li Landscape Architecture  
Jeff Marshall Geological Sciences  
Valerie Mellano Plant Sciences  
Lee-Anne Milburn Landscape Architecture  
Shokoufeh Mirzaei Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  
Jerry Mitchell Urban & Regional Planning Lyle Center
Susan Mulley Landscape Architecture CA Center for Land & Water Stewardship
Stephen Osborn Geological Sciences Water Initiative
Michael Page Chemistry  
Monica Palomo Civil Engineering  
L. Allen Pettey Animal & Veterinary Science  
Mike Reibel Geography & Anthropology  
Peter Ross Philosophy  
Maryam Shafahi Mechanical Engineering  
Seema Shah-Fairbank Civil Engineering  
Gwen Urey Urban & Regional Planning  
D.D. Wills Geography & Anthropology  
Richard Willson Urban & Regional Planning  
Lin Wu Geography & Anthropology Lyle Center
Henry Xue Mechanical Engineering  
Terry Young Geography & Anthropology