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The beautiful mosaic at the Lyle Center was made possible through the support of donors like you.Cal Poly Pomona is a recognized leader in hands-on education. Our students become tomorrow's experts, benefiting the organizations that eagerly recruit them. Our polytechnic educational model requires smaller class sizes and deeper faculty involvement. Supporting our initiatives is your opportunity to leave your mark. By helping us reach our campaign goals, you will ensure the legacy of this unique university and region. GIVE NOW

Opportunities for support include:

Support for Outreach and Collaboration. As a leader in developing sustainable communities, the Lyle Center and ENV's design and planning programs play a vital role in outreach to communities, addressing specific environmental and urban challenges in specific places, at specific points in time. The potential for local, regional and international outreach is outstanding, however funding is essential to support for student/faculty/staff/community ideas that can be developed into concepts capable of generating self-sustaining funds. Minimum endowment required: $800,000. GIVE NOW

Green Campus Incubation. As a leader on green issues within higher education and the Cal Poly Pomona campus community, there is an ongoing need for resources to support innovative research and demonstration of green technology and practices. Typically developed by the Lyle Center at the pilot scale, these technologies can be transferred and scaled-up to serve the broader mission of the climate commitment adopted by Cal Poly Pomona, as well as other institutions. Funding is essential as seed support for student/faculty/staff ideas that can be developed into concepts capable of generating self-sustaining funds. Minimum endowment required: $600,000. GIVE NOW

Habitat 21 Initiative. Long term support for this initiative would enable the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies to develop, implement, and evaluate sustainable settlement strategies for disenfranchised communities in lesser-developed nations. This mission would be achieved by mobilizing academic and professional expertise, and partnering with non-governmental organizations and others actively working in such communities. The program would advance the development of sustainable applications in the areas of Affordable Housing and Shelter Design, Renewable Energy Technology, GIS Support & Modeling, Community Development, Water Resource Management, Landscape Hazard Avoidance & Mitigation, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecological Planning and Restoration, International Education. Minimum endowment required: $500,000. GIVE NOW

Scholarships in Regenerative Studies. The opportunities for top graduate students interested in environmental careers continue to expand. In order to remain competitive in recruiting top students, the Center needs to bolster its support for incoming students. Scholarships that would offset the cost of tuition would allow LCRS to compete with programs at institutions offering tuition waivers for graduate assistants. Minimum endowment required: $300,000. GIVE NOW


How to Donate

Lyle Center Supporter Program (outreach and collaboration)

Lyle Center - Green Campus Incubation

Lyle Center - Habitat 21 Initiative

Scholarships for Lyle Center

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