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2008 Self-Study  

Questionnaire for Review  

Complete 2008 Self-Study  

Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction  
Part I - Objectives and Assessments  
Part II - Student Support  
Part III - Faculty  
Part IV - Curriculum  
Part V - Laboratories and Computing Facilities  
Part VI - Institutional Support and Financial Resources  
Part VII - Institutional Facilities  

Appendix I - Information Relative to the Entire Institution  
Appendix II - Information on the Unit Responsible for Computer Science Program  
Appendix III - Finances  
Appendix IV - Computer Science Program Personnel  
Appendix V - Computer Science Program Enrollment and Degree Data  
Appendix VI - Admission Requirements  

Faculty Vitae  
Course Descriptions  
2007-08 Computer Science Department RTP Criteria

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